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What Will MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader Brings to You

MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader is able to download any Hulu videos to MP4 on both Mac and Windows computers. No matter if you using the ad-free plan, ad-supported plan, or even a free trial account, you can use this tool easily. With this downloader, you can save Hulu videos on your USB or even play them on your Xbox. All videos will never expire like they do on the Hulu app.

Rip Hulu TV Shows, Movies, Live TV Sports to MP4/MKV

To let you flexibly watch Hulu videos offline, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader downloads Hulu videos to MP4 and MKV in HD 720P. Any Hulu content, such as an original TV show, a fantastic movie, or an exciting live sport on ESPN+ or FoxSport, can be downloaded instantly. After downloading, you can store them locally forever.

H264/H265 Video Codec Selection

You can select H264 or H265 as the video codec by default. While H265 will bring you videos in higher quality in a rather smaller size.

Dolby Atmos 5.1 Surround Sound

Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound option is provided. Check it and you can get Hulu videos downloaded with original sound effects.

Audio Description Preservation

Original audio descriptions can be well preserved for those who are with visual impairments or blindness to have a friendly experience..

Download Hulu Videos in Bulk at 5X Speed

Batch download is supported on MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader. You can easily add your favorite movie or all episodes from a TV show and download them at once.

Moreover, you can rip videos from Hulu at a fast speed. This tool lets you enable hardware acceleration that makes the most out of your GPU and boosts the download speed up to 5X faster than that on the Hulu app.

Supports Downloading Subtitles in 3 Types

Soft Subtitles

The default type of subtitles this downloader uses. You can hide them or switch the language of them if you've downloaded more than one version..

Hard Subtitles

This kind of subtitle will be on the videos in the language you selected and you can't hide them or change them.

External Subtitles

You can download the Hulu videos in MP4/MKV with an external subtitle file in SRT format.

High-Tech for Stable Video Download

In-Built Browser for Hulu

With an in-built Hulu browser, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader can get the Hulu library easily and smoothly and ensure you a high success rate of up to 98%.

Advanced Technology

With advanced decryption technology, MovPilot removes Hulu file encryption and rips movies and TV shows with a normal video encoder..

Reliable Technical Support

MovPilot provides helpful technical support for software problems and always improves and updates the software for a better experience.

More Advanced Features with Our Versatile Tool

Enjoy your Hulu video download more with the great advanced features below!

ID3 Preservation

Media information like the episode title, audio channel, and video dimension will be retained in the downloaded videos. Episodes from the same season can be output into the same folder.

Multilingual Soundtracks & Subtitles

Original soundtracks and subtitles in various languages can all be downloaded and embedded with MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader.

Resume Interrupted Download

Even if you quit the downloader before the download finishes, the next them you launch it, you can get the previous download task to continue.

Energy Saver

MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader supports putting your computer in sleep mode when the download finishes so that it won’t waste power with your screen on.

How to Download Videos on Hulu/Hulu JP

Step 1. Log in with Your Netflix Account
Launch the downloader and log in to Netflix with your account.
Step 2. Search for the Netflix Movie/TV Show
Copy the URL from the browser address bar or type the movie title on the MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader search bar and hit the search icon.
Step 3. Set Output Format, Audio, Subtitle Language
To select the output format, the audio and subtitle language and the subtitle type from the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
Step 4. Download Shows/Movies from Netflix
Hit the download icon to download Netflix shows or movies to MP4/MKV.
Step 1. Log in to Hulu
Launch MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader and log in to Hulu with your account. If you are using HULU JP, you should change the website from the settings first.
Step 2. Search for Shows/Movies
Paste the movie link or search for the show with its title.
Step 3. Set up for Hulu Video Download
Select output format, audio, and subtitle settings for your Hulu download.
Step 4. Download Hulu Movies/Shows
Click on the download button to download Hulu shows or movies to your comput

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System Requirements

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
Mac OS X 10.11 to macOS 12




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Frequently Asked Questions

You can only download the first 6-minute movie/TV show using the free trial.

Copy the registration code in the email from MovPilot after purchasing. Launch MovPilot Hulu  Video Downloader and hit the key icon on the upper right. Then paste the code and hit the register button.

For Windows: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
For Mac: macOS X 10.11 or higher
Hard subtitles: the subtitles are merged into the video and appear with the frames and can't be changed at all.
Embedded subtitles: the subtitle file is contained in the downloaded MP4/MKV. You can change the subtitle language if you've selected multi-languages to download.
External subtitles: the subtitles will be downloaded into a .srt file next to the MP4/MKV video file. If you want to show the subtitles on the video, you'll need to stream the video on a video player that can read the subtitle file.