How to Screen Record Hulu Videos (Ultimate Guide)

You can use Cloud DVR to record Hulu Live TV content. Hit the download button below and you can get the downloader that can download Hulu movies or shows to MP4 in 720P easily.

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Hulu, the top streaming video platform, offers not only high-quality movies and TV shows, but also Live TV services. You can enjoy a lot of great live games, sports, and news programs, but you’re likely to miss your favorite live content if Hulu does not provide a replay.
Thankfully, Hulu officially offers Live TV subscribers Cloud DVR to record and store their favorite shows in the cloud drive of Hulu. So in this article, you will learn to use Hulu's official Cloud DVR to record Live TV content. Besides, you will learn to download Hulu streaming content instead of recording.

1. Record Hulu Videos via Hulu+ Live TV Subscription

Cloud DVR is a helpful feature for Live TV subscribers to record live shows, sports games, breaking news and so on. It comes with unlimited cloud storage to store recordings for up to 9 months at no extra payments. But the total hours of recordings you store is capped at 50 hours. If you need to store more videos, you can pay $9.99 per month to raise the limit to 200 hours or just delete some watched shows.
Here comes a detailed tutorial on how to use Cloud DVR to record various types of shows.

How to Record a Certain show

If you want to record a certain show, whether a current show you are watching, a future show to be broadcast, or an on-demand show, just go to the detail page and follow the steps:
Step 1. Click or tap Record and again after prompted.
Step 2. Click or tap Save.
The future show will be recorded at the proper time and saved automatically.
Recording a Current show

How to Record an Entire TV Series

Step 1. An options panel pops up after you click or tap the Record button.
Step 2. Select New Episodes Only to record only new episodes. Select New & Reruns to record all episodes.
Step 3. Click or tap Save.
Choose Episodes to Record

How to Record Lives & Sports

You may not want to miss some live or sporting events. Just select the corresponding tabs from the main interface and record them according to the following steps:
Step 1. Browse the channels guide until you find a show you want to record. Click it.
Hulu Live Channels Guide
Step 2. Click the record icon at the pop-up page. The record icon changes to red to indicate that the show is being recorded.
Step 3. Click the red icon to stop recording

How to Record Contents in Streaming Library

Live TV subscribers can also use Cloud DVR to record contents in the streaming library. The steps are pretty similar to recording a certain TV show.
Step 1. View the Detail page of the movie or TV show you want to record.
Step 2. Click or tap Record and again after prompted.
Step 3. Click or tap Save.

Tips about Using Cloud DVR

Stay subscribing

You should keep your account in a Live TV subscription to use Cloud DVR. If you unsubscribe or your account is on-hold, all your recordings will be removed.

Expiration date

During the nine-month validity period, you can view your recordings by accessing Hulu from any internet-enabled device such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Risk of recordings disappearing

If Hulu no longer offers certain shows you have recorded, even if your recordings are still valid, they will be removed by Hulu directly.

2. Download Videos from Hulu Instead of Recording

To be honest, recording movies and TV shows through Cloud DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that comes with Hulu + Live TV subscription is pretty expensive. And after you have paid such an expense, your recordings will still expire and there's no way to play them when you are offline.
Fortunately, we found MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader, which helps you to download Hulu movies and TV shows to 720P (same as MP4/MKV that are compatible with almost all your devices. Plus, Videos downloaded through MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader are permanently saved locally for thousands of times' playback, requiring no internet connection.

Key Features

  • Download Hulu videos to HD MP4/MKV with the best compatibility
  • Batch-download more than one video quickly to save time
  • Multi-lingual interface for users from different regions
  • User-friendly: totally ad-free & clear interface
Here is a detailed tutorial for using MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader to download Hulu videos:
Step 1. Download, install, and run MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC.
Step 2. Log in to at the pop-up page.
Log in to Hulu
Step 3. Search for Hulu movies you want
MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader supports keyword search or directly pasting URL to get the video you want.
You will not be able to download some Hulu movies or TV shows due to the subscription plan restrictions or regional restrictions of your own Hulu account.
Search for Hulu Movie
Step 4. Press the download button to start downloading
Downloading Hulu Video
Step 5. View the downloaded movies in your system file explorer

3. FAQs About Using Hulu Cloud DVR Recording Feature

How to Let Hulu Automatically Record Videos with Hulu Cloud DVR?

You can use Hulu Cloud DVR to automatically record future shows.
Step 1. Search the show and display its Detail page.
Step 2. Click or tap Record.
Then Cloud DVR will automatically record the show when it starts.

Why is Your Screen Black When Screen Recording Hulu Videos?

Hulu uses Digital Rights Management technology, primarily to prevent unauthorized use of digital content like Hulu movies and TV shows. Therefore, if you try to record Hulu movies, you will usually see a black screen unless you are using the official Cloud DVR provided by Hulu.

Can You Screen Record Hulu Without a Live TV Subscription?

Theoretically not, but there's one way available. You can visit Hulu via Firefox browser and then record Hulu with your commonly used recorders. If you want a full-featured screen recorder, you can try FonePaw Screen Recorder.
This tutorial is for educational purposes only. It’s strictly prohibited to copy and distribute the recorded Hulu files for commercial usage.

How to Delete Hulu Recorded Videos in Cloud DVR?

It's not really necessary, Hulu offers unlimited cloud storage space from 4/13/22. You can just wait for your videos to automatically expire after nine months. If you do want to delete some of your recordings, follow the steps: Click My Stuff > Manage DVR > Remove > Delete.

4. Conclusion

Hulu + Live TV subscription offers a wide range of premium content, including sports, news, TV series and so on. Following the tips in this article, you can fully make use of Hulu's official Cloud DVR to record shows for repeated viewing. And you don't have to worry about missing the upcoming shows by making an appointment to record them.
However, if you prefer to play Hulu steaming content offline, or you don't want to pay such an expense for Hulu + Live TV subscription, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader is a great alternative.
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