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How to Download Hulu Shows/Movies in 2023 [Any Hulu Plan]

If you want to enjoy Hulu videos offline when there is no internet connection, you may find only those who subscribe to an ad-free Hulu plan can download Hulu shows or movies on mobile Hulu apps. That's really a pity! But don't worry. This post aims to resolve your download issues and tell you how to bypass that and download any Hulu videos on Mac, Windows, or Mobile devices with a Hulu ad-free/ad-supported plan. Just read on!

Download Hulu Shows with Any Hulu Plan

1. Can You Download Hulu Shows/Movies? 

Yes. Officially, you can download Hulu shows in the official app on mobile devices if you have subscribed to Hulu ad-free plan. It provides tons of downloadable shows and movies from the Hulu streaming library. However, if you subscribe to the ad-supported plan, Hulu doesn't officially provide a download feature. You may need to turn to some third-party Hulu video downloaders to download Hulu shows and block Hulu ads.

In the following part, we will introduce how to watch Hulu movies offline on all devices. If you want to download Hulu videos on mobile devices, click here. To download Hulu shows on Windows/Mac, click here.

2. How to Download Hulu Shows on Mobile Devices Officially
[No Ads Plan Only]

The Hulu app for mobile devices provides a download feature. However, you should be a Hulu (No Ads) subscriber with a supported device if you want to download Hulu shows from the Hulu app directly.

If you have an active Hulu (No Ads) account logged in to a supported device, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Find Downloadable Hulu Content

Install and run the Hulu app on your device. Click the "Search" icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose the "Downloadable" section and swipe through the collections to find the show that you want to download.

Find Downloadable Videos on Hulu

Step 2. Customize Your Hulu Downloading

Tap the "Download" button under the introduction of the movie. Then, the movie will begin to download. You can choose video quality and episodes.

Download Hulu Shows on App

Step 3. Download Hulu Shows

When it's downloading, you can find it in the "Download" section. After downloading, you can watch Hulu shows offline here.

Download Video on Hulu

However, Hulu puts some restrictions on the download features:

  • Shows and movies from "Premium Add-ons" aren't downloadable due to the video rights.
  • Downloaded but unwatched videos will expire after 30 days and videos after starting playback will expire after 2 days.
  • You can only have up to 25 downloads on five supported mobile devices at one time.
  • You can't move Hulu downloads or play them on other players.
  • Windows and Mac computers can't access the download feature.

If you want to get rid of all these Hulu download limits, you can seek help from a third-party downloading tool that supports downloading any Hulu shows or movies with any Hulu plan. Moreover, you can do this on your Windows/Mac computers.

3. How to Download Hulu Shows/Movies in MP4? [Any Hulu Plan]

Typically, you can only download videos on the Hulu app. But there's a professional tool MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader, providing a download feature and helping you to do that on Mac or Windows computers.

This useful software even supports ad-supported accounts. With MovPilot, you can download Hulu shows that are even officially undownloadable. And you can bypass all the Hulu download limitations. All videos will be saved in high-definition, giving you the same viewing experience as on the Hulu website. Aside from that, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader also shows the following sparkling features:

  • Download Hulu shows to MP4/MKV in 1080P.
  • Up to 5X ultra-fast speed to download Hulu movies.
  • Preserve the original multilingual subtitles & audio tracks.
  • Videos will never expire even if you cancel the Hulu subscription.
  • You can enjoy offline viewing on any player and device without the Hulu app.

Now, follow the steps below and learn how to download Hulu shows/movies with MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader.

Step 1. Log in to your Hulu account

Install and launch MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader, and then select the Hulu website you are using. Log in to your Hulu account. No matter if you subscribe to Hulu (No ads), Hulu (No ads) +Live TV, or Hulu (ad-supported), you can download any video from Hulu with it.

Log in to Hulu

Step 2. Search for Hulu video

Enter the show/movie title that you want to download in the search box. Or you can also copy the video URL from the Hulu website and paste it here. Then, click the "Search" icon and you will see the result in the list.

Search for Hulu Movie

Step 3. Set Output Format/Audio/Subtitles

Hit the gear icon on the top right and you can select the output format as MP4/MKV. Also, you can choose language for audio tracks and subtitles.

Settings of MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader

Step 4. Download Hulu Shows

Click the "Download" icon at the bottom. The downloading begins.

Downloading Hulu Video

Step 5. Check and Watch Hulu Video Offline

After downloading, click the "History" icon. And click the "Folder" icon to locate the video files on your computer. Then you can start your offline viewing.

Finished Downloading Hulu Episode

4. FAQs on Downloading Movies/Shows from Hulu

Why can't I download Hulu shows/movies?

If you cannot download videos on Hulu, please check whether you meet the following requirements:

  • You should be a Hulu (No Ads) subscriber. If you subscribe to Hulu (Ad-supported) or any other plans, you don't have the option to download Hulu shows/movies. MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader is a good choice if you don't want to upgrade your subscription.
  • Your device is not on the supported list. Only iPhones, Ipads, android mobile devices, and Amazon Fire tablets can access the download function on Hulu.
  • Check whether the video you want is in the "Downloadable" category or not. Movies and shows on the "Add-ons" list cannot be downloaded.

Can you download Hulu shows with the ad-supported plan?

Yes. You can use MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader. It can help you download Hulu shows with any Hulu subscription plan. And the videos downloaded via MovPilot will never expire, even if your Hulu plan expires or is canceled.

Can you download Hulu shows to Windows/Mac?

Yes. Since there's no Hulu official desktop program, you can use MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader to download Hulu shows on your computers. It works well on both Windows laptop/PC and MacBook/iMac.

Can you download Hulu shows to iPhone/Android?

Yes. Hulu provides the official app for iPhone/Android. There's a download feature in it. But you need to subscribe to Hulu No ads plans to use the download feature.

5. Conclusion

Now, you've learned how to download Hulu shows on mobile devices/computers. If you have trouble with the Hulu download, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader is a wonderful option. This program helps you to download any high-definition show and movie from Hulu as MP4 and keep them as long as you like.

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10 days ago

I've been searching for a way to download Hulu shows for offline viewing without the hassles of ads and restrictions. Your article provided an excellent guide, especially the MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader. It's a game-changer! Now I can enjoy my favorite Hulu content without worrying about network connectivity. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights.

10 days ago

I appreciate the step-by-step instructions provided in this article on how to download Hulu shows and movies. It's very user-friendly and made the process seem much easier.

10 days ago

The explanation about Hulu's download limitations and how third-party tools like MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader can bypass those restrictions was enlightening. Now, I can enjoy Hulu content offline without worrying about expiration dates.

10 days ago

I was initially frustrated that I couldn't download Hulu shows with my ad-supported plan, but the article's mention of using MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader as a workaround was a game-changer. I'm excited to try it out!

10 days ago

Overall, this article offers a comprehensive guide to downloading Hulu shows and movies. The detailed steps, explanations, and alternatives provided make it a valuable resource for Hulu users looking to watch content offline.

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