How to Watch Hulu Offline with Any Hulu Plan?

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Compared with other movie and TV shows streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu provides some great advantages, including its in-time update to enable people to grasp the latest TV episodes only the day after they are aired. However, when your devices are not connecting to a reliable network, or as you don't have time to get online to stream, how to watch Hulu shows offline could be a question that many Hulu audiences would raise.
Luckily, this blog has prepared pretty easy access to help you watch Hulu shows or movies offline with the least effort on Windows, Mac, and also mobile devices. Meanwhile, you can even learn how to rip Hulu videos out of the app easily. If you also need the guide, get started to read now!

1. How to Watch Hulu Videos Offline as MP4 [Any Hulu Plan]

Hulu officially allows you to watch videos offline on mobile devices. But if you wish to bypass the limitations and watch them on your PC and even with an ad-supported account, you can try a Hulu downloader that makes Hulu movies or shows offline easily.
MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader is a considerable choice as this powerful video downloader for Hulu empowers outperforming function to download shows on Hulu in high HD resolutions, and save them as mainstream video formats MP4/MKV, thus increasing the video compatibility and enabling you to watch Hulu shows on all devices and media players without hassle.
Highlighted Features of MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader
  • Download Hulu shows on Windows and Mac without ads;
  • Help all users with a Hulu account watch Hulu videos offline;
  • Preserve the downloaded Hulu episodes in HD 720P resolution;
  • Provide choices of audio tracks and subtitles of different languages;
  • Let you watch Hulu videos offline without Hulu software;
  • Keep the downloads forever even after you cancel the Hulu subscription;
  • Enable you to watch Hulu content offline on Mac and Windows
Follow the instructions below and you can easily watch Hulu videos offline on Mac, Windows or your mobile devices.

STEP 1. Log in Hulu Account

Launch MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader. On the main interface, you are required to select the correct website according to your region and log in to your Hulu account to access the video resources saved on the Hulu platform.
Log in to Hulu

STEP 2. Search Hulu Show to Paste URL

After the account login, you are able to directly enter the keywords of the Hulu show you desire to download. Or it is available to directly paste the URL of the Hulu show to the frame bar. After hitting the search icon, you can access the content as MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader will show all the search results for you.
Search for Hulu Movie

STEP 3. Customize Audio and Subtitle Settings

In the search results, directly move your cursor to the Hulu show you desire to download offline. Now you should hit the download icon and select the season or detailed episodes to download. The default output format is MP4 and the subtitle type is embedded subtitle. If you wish to change them, hit the gear icon on the top right and you can change the settings for all videos.
Settings of MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader


Clicking on the parameter settings and you are able to customize the output settings for each episode such as choosing the audio and subtitle format, language, subtitle type (hard subtitle, soft subtitle and external subtitle), and so on.
Select Hulu Episode to Download

STEP 4. Download Hulu Shows Offline

Finally, when you have selected the episodes and also customize the output settings, you are only required to hit the "Download" icon and process downloading Hulu shows offline. You are able to check the downloading process by tapping the downloading icon shown up under the gear icon.
Downloading Hulu Video
When the downloading finishes, the videos can be found in the history tab. You can find them by clicking the icon and opening the output folder, after which you can watch them offline on your computer. If you wish to watch them offline on your Firestick, just move the MP4s.
Finished Downloading Hulu Episode

2. How to Watch Videos Offline on Hulu [Ad-Free Plan Users Only]

Hulu launched its download feature on the Hulu app in 2019. If you subscribe to Hulu (No ads) or Hulu (No ads) + Live TV, you can easily watch videos offline on its app offline after downloading the movies/shows. However, only movies/shows belonging to the "Downloadable" section can be downloaded.


You can still download videos that are not with a download button on Hulu. Just search for it on MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader, download them and watch them offline with MP4 files.

Who Can Watch Hulu Offline Officially?

Hulu only launched the download feature on mobile apps. In other words, only mobile users who have installed the Hulu app on mobile devices or tablets are allowed to download Hulu shows for watching offline.
Additionally, only users who subscribe to Hulu (No ads) or Hulu (No ads) + Live TV can download and watch Hulu shows/movies offline. The download feature on Hulu software is not available for those who subscribe to Hulu (ad-supported).

Limitations of the download feature

Even if you are allowed to use the download feature provided by Hulu, you will still encounter these limitations when watching videos offline:
  • The downloaded Hulu content will be expired after 30 days if you haven't started to play them;
  • Once you start watching the downloaded Hulu episode, it would be expired 48 hours after the moment you begin to play it;
  • Up to 25 videos can be downloaded (on 5 devices);
  • The downloads can only be streamed on the Hulu app.
Now, see how to watch Hulu offline directly within Hulu app on your mobile devices:
STEP 1. Launch the Hulu app on your mobile device, and directly access the Hulu show you desire to download.
STEP 2. When you enter the episode list of the Hulu show, you could find the download icon provided to download the whole season, or next to each episode for you to download separately.
STEP 3. Directly tap the download icon and Hulu will begin you process of downloading the Hulu show for you.
STEP 4. When it completes, the download icon would turn to white color with a check mark inside. Now you are able to navigate to your Hulu library and access the downloaded episode for streaming offline without going online.
Download Video on Hulu

Tip: How Do You Stop Shows from Expiring on Hulu?

As mentioned, Hulu won't keep the downloaded shows forever for you (the unwatchable videos will be removed after 30 days, while those watched ones would be expired after 48 hours). You have to renew them manually.
To get rid of such inconvenience and keep the Hulu shows downloaded offline forever, MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader can absolutely help. By converting the online Hulu shows to MP4 and preserve locally, the files won't be expired and are able to be streamed within any media player as you desire.


The highlight of MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader should be it's possible to get rid of the limitations brought by Hulu officials, which stop audiences from downloading Hulu shows to have a more enjoyable streaming experience offline. Hence, if you also desire to watch Hulu videos offline but the official way fails to support you to do it, turn to MovPilot Hulu Video Downloader to solve it.
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