Kigo Netflix Video Downloader Review: Is It the Best?

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When Netflix set limitations to download Netflix movies and shows for playback offline freely, for example, the downloaded videos can only be played within Netflix app, and not all the provided resources are supported to save offline. To overcome this limitation, there are many tools developed to remove help unlock the DRM protection and let people have the ability to download for enjoying free Netflix video streaming without a network.
Among many of the choices, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader has been a popular tool to help download Netflix videos offline. Today, let's learn more about this downloader with the full review below. Also, you will get an alternative to Kigo Netflix Video Downloader that can bring you a more excellent Netflix video download experience.

1. Is Kigo Netflix Video Downloader Free?

Unfortunately, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader is not a free software that provides completely free services to let people download videos from Netflix offline. Everyone will need to subscribe to its full version to download full Netflix videos to common files for playback without a network outside the Netflix platform.
But still, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader will provide a free trial to let people try the download function before making sure to purchase the full version - it is allowed to download the first 5 minutes of each Netflix video under the free period before paying for the subscription fee and process the software upgrading.
If people feel satisfied with Kigo Netflix Video Downloader's services and want to purchase it full version to download the full Netflix videos, there are 3 plans allowing them to select:
  • USD 16.95 for 1 month (the subscription will be automatically renewed every month)
  • USD 59.95 for 1 year (the subscription will be automatically renewed every month)
  • USD 129.9 for full life license (complete one purchase to access the services forever without other costs needed)

2. A Detailed Review on Kigo Netflix Video Downloader

Although Kigo Netflix Video Downloader is not a free software to use at no cost, it still provides the features that would be worth that price. So in this part, the detailed introduction to Kigo Netflix Video Downloader's functions and advantages will all be included to help people decide whether to get started with it or not. In general, the review will mainly describe the software from its searching, subtitle selection, audio selection, selections, and also video quality, and download efficiency. Now, have a look.

Searching (3.5/5)

Kigo Netflix Video Downloader attracts many users because of its smart search function, which can allow people to accurately find the Netflix videos they want to download offline by entering the video URLs. Also, if you are tired of carrying the URLs between Netflix and Kigo Netflix Video Downloader, directly enter the name or any keywords of the video, then the software can bring the results to you for processing the video download. Although sometimes the results would be less accurate, in most cases it works to help, and this also brings great convenience to people.
Kigo Netflix Video Downloader

Subtitle Selection (4/5)

The way people save subtitles would lead to different playback and video saving experience offline. As a result, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader has provided three different modes to download Netflix videos' subtitles as internal subtitles, external subtitles, and hardcode subtitles as people want. People just need to select the option they like before starting saving Netflix videos offline. Also, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader will detect all the languages available in the original video and allow people to select the one they need to play with the downloaded Netflix video together offline.

Audio Selection (4/5)

Netflix has provided the video resources for over 190 countries, so they will often provide different languages for people from different countries to enjoy without language barriers. So Kigo Netflix Video Downloader also provides such function to detect all the audio languages for people to select downloading freely. What's more, it will also support the 5.1 surround audio and keep the audio quality in good condition without affecting people's Netflix video playback experience after downloading the resources offline.

Video Quality (4.5/5)

When Netflix has provided the videos in high quality such as HD, SD, and UHD for people to enjoy within the platform, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader also has the ability to keep them in the original high quality with up to 1080p quality selections to let people download videos offline. Based on device storage, people can freely select the quality option to download Netflix videos as they want, so they can select to keep the high-quality Netflix videos in the best size by choosing the best quality option for themselves.
Kigo Netflix Video Downloader Quality Selection

Download Efficiency (3/5)

Compared with many Netflix video recorder, Kigo Netflix Video Downloader can help download a batch of Netflix videos offline with quick speed at the same time, which helps to save much time when people have multiple long Netflix videos needed to be downloaded at the same time.

3. Is There an Alternative to Download Netflix Videos to MP4?

When Kigo Netflix Video Downloader offers a reliable service to download Netflix videos on Windows/Mac, it still has some disadvantages that people may care about. Here are some of them listed for your reference:
  1. The search results brought by the in-built search engine would be less accurate when you type in keywords to search.
  1. It would be more expensive to for the long-term subscription, especially for its yearly and lifetime plan.
  1. Although the software works faster to save Netflix videos offline compared with those recorders, its efficiency in batch downloading long Netflix movies or all TV episodes would be slow sometimes.
As a result, if people still consider finding a cheaper option with the same or even better than Kigo Netflix Video Downloader, consider MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader as an alternative. The software is also supported on both Windows and Mac computers. Through comparison among the above sides, you will find it a good choice as it performs in an excellent way as Kigo Netflix Video Downloader can do (even better than it).
 Kigo Netflix Video DownloaderMovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
PricingUSD 16.95/month
USD 59.95/year
USD 129.9/lifetime
USD 45.95/month (more expensive)
USD 55.95/year (cheaper)
USD 85.95/lifetime (cheaper)
SearchingURL, keywordsURL, keywords (more accurate)
Subtitle/Audio SelectionAll detected languagesAll detected languages
Audio Quality5.1 surround audio5.1 surround audio
Subtitle TypesInternal subtitles, external subtitles, and hardcode subtitlesSoft subtitles, external subtitles, and hardcode subtitles
Video Quality1080p1080p
Downloading SpeedBatch download
(but would be slow sometimes)
Batch download
(stable performance with fast speed)

3-Steps to Use MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 1. Sign in MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader and Search Videos

When you have installed MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader and opened it on your computer, sign in it using your Netflix account. Then you will open the home screen of the downloader and you can enter the URL or keywords to search for the Netflix videos you want to download offline.
Log in to Netflix on MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 2. Select Format and Subtitle type to Download Videos

By hitting the setting icon provided on the top-right corner, then you can choose the "Video Format", language for audio, subtitle, and also the subtitle type as you need to download all videos at once.
Settings of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 3. Start Download Netflix Videos Offline

When the settings are also finished, just press the provided download icon behind the video to start downloading it offline.
Search for Netflix Video
You will need to enter the video list and select those you want to download if the video result contains more than 1 video.
Select Season or Episodes


Kigo Netflix Video Downloader offers reliable functions to download Netflix videos, but if you are still wanting another cheaper and more efficient downloading tool, consider MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader as it can bring even better services to you but at a lower price in a long term. You can try both of them freely before deciding which one to use.
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