I want to download videos from Netflix onto my hard drive, that I can view *without the Netflix client*, preferably as mp4 or some other normal video format. I tried yt-dlp but it didn't work. Any ideas?

-- From a Reddit User

Just as this Reddit user said, the downloads on the Netflix app are in the protected NFV format and you can't move or play them on other players. But things would become much easier if you could convert Netflix to MP4. This passage is going to show you how to convert Netflix to MP4 with an intuitive Netflix to MP4 converter.

Convert Netflix to MP4

Download Netflix to MP4 in 1080P on Windows/Mac

To download Netflix to MP4, you'll need MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, which offers a downloading service for any Netflix user. No matter if you subscribe to Netflix's ad-tier plan or premium plan, this tool lets you keep Netflix downloads forever on Windows and Mac.

Besides, unlike the official download function, which only allows you to download content from the "Available for Download" section, MovPilot supports downloading any video you can stream on Netflix to MP4. Whenever you see a favorable Netflix movie or show, just launch this tool to convert it to MP4.

👍 Key Features of MovPilot:

  • Download Disney Plus movies or TV series to MP4/MKV
  • Downloads videos from Netflix to MP4 or MKV in 1080P
  • Preserves all the original multilingual audio tracks and subtitles
  • Batch mode to download a whole series with episodes selectable
  • Keeps the downloaded Netflix to MP4 forever without expiration

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Detailed guide on how to convert Netflix to MP4 with MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader:

Step 1. Get MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader Ready

Download and install the downloader. Then launch it. On the interface, you will need to sign in to Netflix with your account so that the tool can access the content from Netflix.

Log in to Netflix

Step 2. Set Up for the Downloads

By clicking the gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen, you can select the output format as MP4, audio track, and subtitle languages, subtitle type for all the Netflix videos you want to download offline at once.

Settings of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 3. Search for Netflix Videos You Want to Download to MP4

Directly type the keywords in the search bar or paste the URL here, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader will provide the search results for you. Select the one you need to download to MP4 from the list.

Search for Netflix Video

Step 4. Download Netflix to MP4

Click the download button to start downloading Netflix to MP4. The download will be completed within a short time. The downloaded MP4 Netflix videos will be permanently saved on your computer drive.

Downloading Netflix Video to MP4

Convert Netflix to MP4 Free with Online Tool

If you don't want to download desktop software, using the online tool to convert Netflix to mp4 is also a good choice. There are some online converters like SafeConverter that can help you download Netflix to MP4 in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1. Copy the Netflix video link and paste it into the search bar.

STEP 2. Wait a few minutes for the conversion of Netflix to MP4.

STEP 3. Click the download button to save the converted MP4 file.


Actually, this function doesn't 100% work during my testing. So, to safely convert Netflix to MP4, it is better to use MovPilot instead of other unstable online tools

FAQs on Converting Netflix to MP4

What is an NFV file? Can I convert NFV to MP4?

Netflix uses the NFV format to save downloaded videos. It is a protected format, which can only be read and streamed within the Netflix app. And this is also the reason why you can't directly convert Netflix downloads to MP4. MovPilot Netflix Video Downloaded can unlock this protection, which makes it possible to download Netflix to MP4.

Why can't I convert Netflix to MP4 by screen recording?

Netflix streaming and downloaded content are all encrypted with digital rights management (DRM), preventing people from copying or accessing them. So when you try to screen record Netflix videos, all you get is a black-screen video.

Is it possible to convert Netflix to MP4 on Android?

Honestly, there is no official method to download movies on Netflix to MP4 on Android. But you can try MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader. This Netflix to MP4 converter can convert Netflix to MP4 and transfer it to Android. Thus, you can permanently keep your favorite Netflix movies on your Android device.


As Netflix doesn't allow you to download Netflix to MP4 directly, the professional Netflix to MP4 converter MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is able to help. Now, freely install the software on your Windows/Mac computer and try to process the 1080P Netflix to MP4 conversion with very simple clicks. You will be impressed by the convenient and high-quality outputs of the software.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

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