As one of the most popular video streaming platforms worldwide, Amazon Prime allows you to purchase various genres of movies and TV shows it offers, even if you only have a free Amazon account. If you are planning a long trip, you can also download purchased Amazon movies to watch offline, which can bring you lots of fun and save your mobile data.

So, how to download purchased movies from Amazon to your smart devices for offline playback? Here are two practical ways to make things happen using its app and a recommended Amazon video downloader.

Part 1. Download Purchased Amazon Videos via Amazon App

Downloading purchased Amazon videos via the Amazon Prime Video app is a simple and direct way to get high-quality downloads for playback, and it's compatible with both mobile phones and computers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to save videos from Amazon App on both PC and phone.

On Windows PC/Mac

As you can't download Amazon videos with the web player, ensure that the model of your computer is compatible with the Amazon Prime Video app first. Windows 10, macOS X 11.4, or any newer version should work.

  1. Install Amazon Prime on your PC, and launch it.
  2. Select the region and sign in with your account, then go to the movies or TV shows you have purchased.
  3. Select the titles you want and click the download icon. Wait till the program completes downloading, then you can check the playbacks in the Download list.
Download Video via Amazon Prime App on Computer

On iOS/Android Devices

Don't want to travel with a heavy computer? You can access purchased Amazon video playbacks on your mobile phone. This method requires an operating system of iOS 9.3, Android 4.1, or higher.

  1. Download and install Amazon Prime Video on your device, and navigate to "Download" at the bottom of the interface.
  2. Click Find Something to Download, and enter the detailed page of the movie or show you want on the Downloadable list.
  3. Tap Download to start downloading the video. Once it's finished, you can check the files in Download.

Part 2. Download Purchased Movies from Amazon via MovPilot

Amazon Prime app is easy to use, but it does have a few download limits. First of all, not all videos are allowed to be downloaded. Next, on a PC, you can only save them in the C: drive by default, reducing the free storage space on your hard drive. Last but not least, you can only play the downloads via the official App, not on any other media players.

If you wish to alter its storage location or bypass the download restrictions, MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader can be helpful. Compatible with Windows and macOS, it is a professional program optimized to batch-download Amazon videos to full HD 1080P MP4/MKV local files. Once finished, you can transfer them effortlessly to any device you want to enjoy Amazon Prime movies offline without limits.

👍 Key Features of MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader:

● An inbuilt browser to help you access all Amazon Prime videos.

Purchasing Amazon Prime videos is not required.

● Extract videos from Amazon Prime in bulk at a 5X faster speed.

● Preserve multilingual audio and subtitles for better watching experiences.

● Keep Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound for ripped videos.

Step 1. Sign in with Your Amazon Account

Install and launch MovPilot on your computer, and sign in with your Amazon account on which you purchased the videos to download. The program will automatically read your account data and sync any downloadable records.

Log into Amazon Account on MovPilot

Step 2. Search to Download Amazon Prime Video

Once you complete the setup, navigate to the home page. Enter the title or the URL of the movie or TV show you want to download on the search bar, and you can click the blue "Download" icon on its right to start ripping them without payment.

Search for Amazon Movies to Download

Before bulk downloading an entire series on the search results page, you can go to the detailed video page to select specific episodes to back up.

Select Episodes to Download on MovPilot

Step 3. Check Amazon Prime Downloads in History

After saving them to your Windows/Mac computer, go to History and click the "folder" icon to locate the video playbacks. Then, you can transfer to all models of mobile phones or save them on a USB flash drive.

Finish Downloading Amazon Prime Movies

FAQs About Downloading Free Disney Movies

How Do I Find Where Amazon Movies Download to?

If you download Amazon videos via the Amazon Prime Video app, you can find the downloads list on the Download menu inside the App, or locate the downloaded videos in the default folder. If you use MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader to download Amazon movies, you can customize any preferred output location on your device.

Can I Keep Purchased Amazon Videos Forever?

No, you can't keep purchased Amazon Videos forever. By purchasing a title from Amazon Prime Video, you get a license to watch videos offline on its official App, but you are not authorized to keep the downloads forever. Moreover, when a video is no longer available for purchase or Amazon alternates/terminates its video streaming service, your license to watch it offline or access to your purchased videos might expire as well.

Therefore, to get rid of all these limits and keep Amazon Prime downloads forever, you can consider using third-party Amazon Prime downloaders to download purchased Amazon videos as local files, to make it unrestricted for you to watch them offline on any device like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


You've learned 2 practical ways to download purchased videos from Amazon, including the way to use the Amazon Prime official app and the way to use MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader. Due to Amazon's download limits, the latter one will be suggested, since it allows you to save videos from Amazon Prime as MP4/MKV files, and you can easily transfer them to most devices you like for free offline watching.

MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Download Amazon Prime Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!