On Amazon Prime, you can find all kinds of movies and TV shows to enjoy during weekends or after work at night. Also, as a way to bring you a better playback experience, Amazon Prime has prepared a download function that lets you download videos offline. Of course, there will be some download limits.

This article will mainly introduce those limits in advance before you start downloading Amazon Prime videos offline. Through reading, you will have a clearer understanding of all download limits of Amazon Prime and use the service better. Now, just have a look.

Limitation 1: Not All Video Content Is Available for Download

Firstly, you need to know the fact that not all videos provided on Amazon Prime are available to be downloaded even if you have purchased, rented, or subscribed to the Prime Video membership in advance.

Several different reasons are causing this download limit:

  • The publishers of the videos don’t allow others to download the videos so it doesn’t offer the download buttons at all.
  • The devices you are using are not compatible with the video download.
  • You are under an Amazon Prime subscription, but the videos can only be downloaded by purchasing or renting them.
  • The videos are not allowed in your country, so you will also fail to download them offline.

As a result, when you discover the Amazon Prime videos offering download buttons, it means that they can be downloaded offline for playback without a network. However, when there are no download options offered, it means that the videos are not allowed to be downloaded offline. You will need an extra tool to remove this limitation and download unavailable Amazon Prime videos to watch them offline.

Download Buttons on Amazon Prime

Limitation 2: Downloaded Amazon Videos Are Valid for 30 Days

Another download limit set for Amazon Prime videos should be the expiring date for them. The videos provided under different Amazon Prime plans would set different valid limits (except for those purchased videos). It means that only within this period can you access the video content and enjoy the playback offline. Once the video has expired, you need to rent it again or re-download it within the period of your Amazon Prime subscription.

Here are the detailed viewing periods for different Amazon Prime plans.

  • Purchased videos: You have indefinite time to keep the downloaded videos and access them at any time you want without limitations after the purchase.
  • Rental videos: Typically, you will get 48 hours to finish watching once you start the streaming. If you haven’t processed watching it, the video will be kept for 30 days only from the day you pay for your Prime video rentals.
  • Amazon Prime subscription: Like rental videos, the downloads will be kept for 30 days after saving them to the library and 48 hours to finish watching once you open them. But when you cancel the subscription, your Amazon Prime video downloads will disappear.

Limitation 3: Download a Maximum of 15-25 Videos Across Your Amazon Account

For the number of downloads, Amazon Prime also sets rules. Based on the regions you are in, Amazon will allow you to download different amounts of videos at once, ranging from 15 to 25. As a result, when you have kept downloading Amazon Prime videos up to this limit, you can't download anymore unless you delete some of the existing downloads at first.

Download Amount Limit

Limitation 4: Downloaded Amazon Videos Can Only be Watched on Amazon Prime

The final download limit of Amazon Prime should be the compatibility of the downloaded videos. Downloaded Amazon videos can only be watched on the Amazon Prime app. Amazon has limited users to play the content on limited devices.

  • You can only download the purchased videos and Prime video to 4 devices for offline playback.
  • Meanwhile, the same video can only be played instantly on no more than 2 devices.
  • With the same Amazon account, you can use it on 3 different devices to watch Amazon Prime videos at the same time.

So if you have more than 1 device or want to share your account with other users, you need to pay attention to these device limitations before doing so.

FAQs about Amazon Prime Download Limit

How to Fix Amazon Prime Download Limits Exceeded?

When Amazon Prime notifies you that you are reaching the download limit and asks you to delete some of the downloads before saving those new videos, you can check the "Manage Your Content" and devices page. Under the Devices tab, you will find a list of devices or apps connected to your account. You can decide where to delete them and how many to delete. After processing this, you can download new videos to save time to enjoy offline later.

How to Continue Watching It After Amazon Prime Download Expires?

When you discover your Amazon Prime videos are invalid for playback, you have to rent them or subscribe to an Amazon Prime membership to download them again. Instead, MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is recommended to help remove the download limit and let you rip all Amazon Prime videos offline to common video files.

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