StreamFab Video Downloader Review: Expensive for a Reason

StreamFab Video Downloader is good but expensive, MovPilot video downloaders are the best alternatives to it.

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StreamFab Video Downloader is a powerful tool available for users to download movies, shows, and more resources from popular on-demand video streaming platforms to watch offline. Compared with the other downloaders that have separated the services for different platforms, StreamFab Video Downloader combines all of them together inside one single software, enabling a more convenient user experience.
Hence, the cost to access the services provided by StreamFab Video Downloader is also comparatively higher. So, is it worth paying a such high price for using the software? Don't hurry! Read this comprehensive review to know more about StreamFab Video Downloader before getting started with it!
StreamFab Video Downloader

1. Overview Review: What's StreamFab Video Downloader?

StreamFab Video Downloader has embedded the download services for all popular on-demand video streaming platforms inside one software. Users are able to select Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, and more platforms in StreamFab Video Downloader, then access the online resources for processing the video download right away.
Additionally, the software is able to decryption encryption from the resources and convert them to common video files of mainstream formats, then users are available to play them back offline without accessing the official platforms online, but preserving them on any device and playback using any media player you have installed previously without limitations.

2. Detailed Features of StreamFab Video Downloader

When StreamFab Video Downloader enjoys a great reputation on the market, users would wonder if it deserves the trust, as it is more expensive than many of its competitors. Hence, this part will lead you to the details of the software from multiple aspects, helping you to grasp a comprehensive knowledge of StreamFab Video Downloader before getting started with it. Now, let's get started with its supported platforms.

Supported Platform

Unlike other brands that would separate the video download services for different platforms as independent software, StreamFab Video Downloader has combined them all in one software. From the main interface of StreamFab, users are able to select the video platform for accessing its resources to process the online video download.

According to the official, the software will support over 1,000 popular video streaming sites, including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and so on. That means users are only required to install StreamFab Video Downloader but realize the video download from all these platforms without hassle! For those who would enjoy movies or shows streaming on multiple platforms, StreamFab Video Downloader is the best pick to help process the video download for offline viewing.

Rating: 4.5/5

Popular Platforms Supported by StreamFab


As a way to improve video downloading efficiency, StreamFab Video Downloader has embedded the search engines of these platforms. Users are able to log in via their accounts to access the full library, then search for the video resources to process the download. In this way, users are not required to install multiple apps or navigate among different platforms to download online videos manually.

Instead, simply by typing in keywords, the related video results will directly be provided with the download icons, though sometimes the results are not 100% accurate. Simply by hitting the download button, then the videos can be downloaded right away.

Rating: 3.5/5

Audio Selection

While processing the video analysis, StreamFab Video Downloader is able to detect the full audio tracks, enabling users to select their desired languages for preserving the videos offline. Meanwhile, StreamFab Video Downloader can maintain the EAC3 5.1 audio to ensure good quality while playing the videos offline. Users don't need to worry about it as it won't cause any damage to the audio tracks or result in a poor listening experience.

Rating: 4.5/5

Subtitle Selection

Likewise, StreamFab Video Downloader is able to grasp the subtitles of all provided languages for users to select downloading via the online videos. For the subtitle types, the software enables users to select integrating the subtitle to the videos or download it as a separate SRT file for preserving independently. It's all up to your choice!

Rating: 4/5

Select Audio in Different Languages to Download

Video Quality

Among all the factors, output quality is an essential thing that most users would care about. To ensure a nice video viewing experience offline, StreamFab Video Downloader will preserve the best HD 1080p quality for users to download videos from these on-demand streaming platforms. Hence, no matter on what devices or using which media players, users are able to enjoy great video playback with high HD quality.

Rating: 4/5

Download Efficiency

When most videos would last an hour or even longer, StreamFab Video Downloader is also designed with built-in acceleration techs to realize batch download via high speed.

Users are available to download multiple tasks within the software simultaneously without processing them one by one. Meanwhile, by setting up the scheduled time, users are also able to auto-download the newly-released episodes once they are provided on the platforms, which helps boost efficiency greatly. Even though it fails to download some movies due to unknown reasons during my testing.

Rating: 4.5/5

StreamFab Hulu Video Downloader

3. Pricing and Plans: Is It Worth It?

As mentioned, users are required to subscribe to StreamFab Video Downloader for accessing its amazing features. Of course, it offers a free trial for users to experience the functionality in advance. But you would encounter with the largest limitation: only 3 videos for each platform can be downloaded for free.

If you consider accessing the full features, the software offers the following plans for users to subscribe:
1-month subscription: US$39.99
1-year subscription: US$69.99
Single lifetime license: US$89.99

4. Do You Use an Alternative to StreamFab Video Downloader?

However, when StreamFab Video Downloader has embedded all the download features within one software, it would be bulky and ends up taking high CPU while processing the video download. This would lead to slower performance of computers, and would easily result in software getting stuck unexpectedly.

Additionally, for users who only require the download service for one platform at a more affordable price but with the same great quality services as StreamFab Video Downloader could offer, the 5 video downloaders provided under MovPilot are able to help:

They are compatible with Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Disney+ videos downloaded with mainstream MP4/MKV formats, and also the original HD 1080p as well as 5.1 audio quality. Likewise, this series of software also works to preserve the full language options for audio tracks and subtitles, thus maintaining the same video streaming experience offline. By comparison, the prices would be more affordable than StreamFab Video Downloader.
All Video Downloaders for MovPilot


Although StreamFab Video Downloader offers comprehensive services to help download videos from all popular on-demand video streaming platforms, for users who desire a single downloader like Netflix video downloader, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader and the other software of MovPilot designed especially for different platforms would run more efficiently but with the same output quality as StreamFab. Hence, simply based on your personal requirements and select the most ideal pick!
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