Most popular video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, etc. require users to subscribe to access video content with many download restrictions. This is undoubtedly a burden for video lovers on a limited budget.

In response to video website restrictions, video downloaders have emerged as both software and online websites, which can break the restrictions of video websites and convert videos into MP4 to meet people's requirements for video downloads. And FlixGrab is one of them.

For those who are not familiar with FlixGrab but are interested in it, there must be a lot of questions. Is FlixGrab safe to use? Is FlixGrab free? How to use FlixGrab?

In this article, we will provide you with everything about FlixGrab in detail, including its features, its price, advantages, disadvantages and its alternatives, and more.

Overview of FlixGrab Video Downloader

FlixGrab is a powerful video download tool, which covers abundant video content from all video sites, including the most popular video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, etc.

With it, you can easily download your favorite movies, TV series, or shows no matter which video site they come from.

Currently, this software is only compatible with Windows computers, helping users who have Windows 7 and newer versions easily convert online videos to MP4 format and providing high-definition picture quality with Full HD 1080P video output quality supported.

Plus, with its Dolby surround sound, you can easily get a theater-like viewing experience at home. With the help of FlixGrab, you can freely binge on your favorite TV shows and movies after a few simple clicks, even without being connected to the internet.

Main Features of FlixGrab Video Downloader

There are various features of FlixGrab Video Downloader worth mentioning, including various output settings, batch video conversion and removal of DRM from streaming platforms, etc. Let's scroll down to go deep to learn the FlixGrab video downloader.

Support Any Online Video Site

FlixGrab can support you to download online videos from any video website, including the most popular video distribution platforms in the market, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, YouTube, and more.

Moreover, no matter whether it is a free video, as long as you can get the link of your favorite video and paste it into the software, FlixGrab can immediately analyze and obtain the video information to generate a download button.

FlixGrab Video Downloader

Download DRM-Protected Video

Nowadays, most movies and TV shows are protected by DRM(Digital Rights Management), with encrypted video formats, which are specially created by video sites. To access this content, you are required to subscribe to the video platform.

Then, FlixGrab is the one which can break all these restrictions, offering DRM-free videos for offline playback after converting online video to MP4.

Supports High Quality up to 1080P

The quality of its video output is also one of the reasons why it is popular among millions of users. It supports Full HD 1080P video output, ensuring a clear viewing experience.

Not only that, it also provides you with Dolby Surround Audio 5.1 audio quality output, letting you easily enjoy a theatre-like viewing experience at home.

Fully Control Download Process

Unlike many video downloaders on the market, FlixGrab users can fully control the video download process. You can freely click the pause, stop, or resume buttons according to the actual situation to control your downloading process when you are using FlixGrab Video Downloader to download videos.

FlixGrab Navigation Bar

How to Use FlixGrab Video Downloader

Fortunately, FlixGrab has equipped with a clean user interface, only requiring simple clicks to download a video from online video streaming sites. Next, let's see how it works.

  1. Download and install FlixGrab on its official site. Then, launch it on your Windows computer
  2. Access the video you want to download on a browser, and then, copy its URL.
  3. Move back to FlixGrab and paste the URL to the Paste section in the upper left corner. Or you can directly drag the video link to the Paste option. Then, the tool will start fetching the video information.

Copy and Paste Video Link

Click on the gear icon to select a suitable parameters setting for the output video, and then click the Download button to move on. After a while, the video will be saved in the local folder of your computer.

Download Video on FlixGrab

Advantages and Disadvantages of FlixGra

Based on the above parts, it seems that FlixGrab is undoubtedly one of the best tools for downloading online videos. However, it's not perfect.

Next, we will give an objective picture, showing the advantages and disadvantages of FlixGrab in this part, including what may attract you and what needs to be improved, so that you can fully understand whether it is suitable for you.

Advantages of FlixGrab

  • Capable of downloading online videos from all video streaming platforms
  • Offer simple and clean interface design to help new users get started quickly
  • Download HD videos to watch
  • Support downloading videos with subtitles

Disadvantages of FlixGrab

  • Compared to other video downloaders which only support one single video platform, its price is too high
  • Support Windows computers only
  • Only download one episode rather than the whole show based on reviews from other users
  • Quality loss by using its screen recording technology
  • Offer slow download speed
  • Too many restrictions on the free version, which makes it difficult for new users to figure out whether it is the right one

These are the advantages and disadvantages we came up with while testing FlixGrab. Although its advantages are outstanding, its disadvantages also can not be ignored.

FlixGrab is Windows-only software. As for Mac and Linux users, FlixGrab unfortunately is not a perfect choice. You can find a better helper in the market. Also, its price is actually on the high side compared to the video downloader which only supports a single video platform. Therefore, for those who have a limited budget, it is not an economical solution either.

Moreover, one of the notable downsides is that, since FlixGrab is actually a screen video recording streaming platform. It takes a lot of time to download the videos with quality loss. If you care about video quality a lot, you move to the next part to obtain FlixGrab alternatives.

FlixGrab Price and Its Alternative

As for the price of FlixGrab, many people are very interested indeed. Currently, a one-year subscription to FlixGrab Video Downloader costs US$44.99. Compared with the monthly expenses for online video platforms, FlixGrab is still relatively cost-effective. The downloaded videos are also permanently valid and can be transferred to other devices for offline viewing.

Plus, FlixGrab also provides a free trial period for new users, but with limitations for advanced features. You can explore the video downloader during the free trial period before deciding whether to subscribe to the paid version or not.

However, if you only need to download videos from a certain video platform, then this is a tool with excess functions and a high price. And for those who cannot afford the price of FlixGrab, you can choose to use alternatives like MovPilot, which is relatively cheaper for supporting one platform, unlike FlixGrab.

Video Downloader Starting Price Supported Sites Free Trial
FlixGrab US$44.99 All video platforms
MovPilot US$15.95 Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Max(HBO)

The Best Alternative of FlixGrab Video Downloader: MovPilot Video Downloader

When it comes to the best alternative to FlixGrab Video Downloader, MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader is highly recommended.

Unlike FlixGrab, this highly integrated software has built-in browsers for multiple streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Max (HBO), etc. to directly access their movie library. It helps you to download videos from OTT services without having to access the video download feature for all platforms at expensive prices.

Also, it has embedded a powerful search engine, letting you directly reach the video library from the video site without launching an extra program to get the video link. Moreover, Full HD 1080P is guaranteed for sure with Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound to provide a theatre-like experience.

Main Features of MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader

  • Download online videos from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Max(HBO) to MP4, MP3, etc.
  • Offer Full HD 1080P video quality with Dolby audio quality
  • Provide a concise and clean user interface for new users to master quickly
  • Stable download performance at 10X or higher speed
  • Batch download video for saving time

Now, we take MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader as the best streaming content DRM removal tool to show you how to download online videos with MovPilot Video Downloader.

Step 1. Launch MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader after downloading and installing it from the official site. Then, you are required to log in with your account to access the program you choose from the main page.

Choose Streaming Platform to Login

Step 2. Directly enter the movie name or show title on the search bar to find your target video, or copy your liked streaming movie's URL on the address bar to paste the video link to MovPilot.

Search for Streaming Video

Step 3. Click on the download button next to the title to move on. A pop-up window will show up to ask you to select wanted episodes if you are about to download a TV show. Then, hit Download. Downloaded videos will be saved as MP4 files by default. Or you can click on the gear icon to get advanced settings.

Select Episodes to Download

FAQs About FlixGrab Video Downloader

Is FlixGrab Safe and Legal?

Yes, FlixGrab is safe to use. Based on our various tests, there is no malware, virus, or any malicious plugin installed to do harm to our computers when we use FlixGrab. Also, it does not have the ability to modify or alter the Netflix information as many people are concerned. Therefore, it's safe to use FlixGrab.

Additionally, downloaded videos are not allowed to use for commercial purposes. Otherwise, you will violate the copyright laws.

Is FlixGrab Really Downloading Video from Any Website?

To some degree, the answer is yes. Based on the official description, FlixGrab is a powerful video downloader that can download videos from any website, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO, and other popular video streaming platforms.

According to our test results and reviews from other users, it is indeed a useful helper for downloading movies and TV shows from Netflix, while it has an unstable performance and low success rate on downloading videos from other sites.

What Is Different Between FlixGrab and FlixGrab+?

The main difference between these two is that FlixGrab+ is designed to download videos from Netflix only, while FlixGrab supports more video sites to download. Also, the free versions of them are different.

When FlixGrab+ provides the full version for users to try out during the free trial, FlixGrab only offers a free trial with limited features. To download Netflix videos only, you can try FlixGrab+. Otherwise, FlixGrab is more suitable for you.


FlixGrab is a helpful and useful video downloader to save videos from video sites for offline playback. Although its compatibility and download speed is not satisfactory, it can be your first try on downloading online videos to MP4.

For a better user experience and more stable performance, its best alternative like MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader is what you need. It can help you freely download videos with 1080P from one of the popular platforms, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which is also affordable and reliable.

MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader

Download videos from streaming services to be played on any device without limits.