How to Download Netflix Movies to iPad/iPhone [2023]

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When Netflix offers high resolutions to process the video playback, sometimes you would get annoyed when your network condition is not reliable at all, because it would lead to movie streaming errors easily. Hence, instead of watching Netflix movies online, some of you also desire a way to download them offline and stream them without any interruption.
For iPad and iPhone users, you are in the right place here! In this blog, two efficient ways are going to be introduced with details on how to download movies from Netflix to iPad/iPhone for enjoying the content with high-quality display effects. Now, let’s just grasp a look!

1. How to Download Netflix Movies on iPad or iPhone [Available for Download]

Thankfully, Netflix has already launched the download functionality in its application, enabling mobile users, including iPhone and iPad users to download Netflix movies/shows with up to 4K resolution for viewing offline when the network is not accessible in some situations. However, even though Netflix has made Netflix movies and shows download simple for iPhone and iPad users, it still employs multiple limitations on the feature that you should pay attention to:
  • To install the Netflix app and access the download functionality, you are required to use the iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 14.0 or later;
  • Not all content is available to be downloaded - only those provided in the "Available for Download" section enable users to watch offline;
  • The downloaded Netflix movies and shows are only able to be streamed within the Netflix app;
  • The offline Netflix movies and shows will expire after 48 hours or 7 days once you download;
  • Each account only allows to preserve up to 100 downloads in the offline library in total.
But, it's still very convient to download videos on Netflix for offline watching. Just complete the Netflix app installed on your iPad/iPhone, then follow the brief guide here to try downloading movies/shows for offline viewing on the devices without hassle:
STEP 1. Launch the well-installed Netflix app on iPad/iPhone. Then, log in via your Netflix account.
STEP 2. Hit the Hamburger-like icon in the upper-left corner. From the menu, select the "Available for Download" section.
STEP 3. Browse the Netflix movie to show you want to download for viewing offline. Click it to open the information page.
STEP 4. Now, just hit the provided "Download" icon, and the Netflix movie or show episodes will be downloaded to your offline library in the Netflix app right away.
Download Netflix Video on Phone

2. How to Download Videos from Netflix to iPad or iPhone [Any Video]

Despite the provided resources in "Available for Downloads", you probably desire to download more Netflix movies and shows to have a more enjoyable offline viewing experience on iPad/iPhone with the best resolutions. Hence, here I recommend you a hassle-free way to download all Netflix movies on iPad or iPhone with original quality preserved, which is by using MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader.
MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader offers the highest HD 1080p to download Netflix movies and TV show episodes for permanent preservation offline without expiration at all. It would remove the encryption on Netflix videos, and convert them to mainstream video formats like MP4 and MKV, so that the video files are compatible with more devices, including iPad and iPhones to stream offline without hassle.
Meanwhile, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader will save the original audio tracks as well as subtitles while processing the Netflix videos download. Thus, it is a reliable option to help you grasp the enjoyable Netflix movies and shows playback offline with an absolutely original experience.

Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

  • Permanently preserve Netflix movies and shows without amount limitation or expiration;
  • Mainstream formats MP4 and MKV are supported to output Netflix videos;
  • Maintain best HD 1080p to keep downloaded Netflix movies and shows for having a nice offline watching experience;
  • Original audio tracks and subtitles are available to be preserved;
  • Save subtitles as soft subtitles, hard subtitles or external subtitles;
  • Accelerated speed to process the fast Netflix resources download in batch.
Here's a simple guide you are able to follow and download Netflix movies or shows to iPad/iPhone without hassle.

STEP 1. Log in Netflix Account

Once the MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader installation completes, launch the software and log in via your Netflix account. You are able to select remembering your account without repeatedly logging in each time you open it.
Log in to Netflix on MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

STEP 2. Search Netflix Movie

On the main interface of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, you are available to enter the keywords and search for the Netflix movie you desire to access and download directly. Or it is possible to directly paste the URL to the frame bar for quickly accessing as well.
Search for Netflix Video

Option Settings: Customize Output Format and Select Audio/Subtitle Language

Before processing the Netflix movies/TV shows download, to efficiently complete the output settings at once, you are available to hit the gear icon provided in the upper-right corner to enter the "Settings" page. Here, you are available to adjust the parameters such as format and codec to encode the video files. In addition, the audio track/subtitle language and subtitle type are also available to be adjusted here. Once apply, all the video files will be outputted with the same settings quickly.
Select Output Format for HBO Video


To customize separately, just click the setting icon behind each video result to enter the customization window as you desire.
Select Subtitle for Netflix Movie

STEP 3. Select Netflix Movie or TV Show Episodes to Download

When MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader provides the search results to you, you are able to hit the download icon to process the Netflix movie download directly. If you are processing to download TV shows, by clicking the download icon, a window will pop up and avails you to select the episodes to download. Just select them and click the "Download" icon to continue the downloading process. You are able to check the downloading status at any time by clicking the progress icon in the top-right corner.
Select Season or Episodes

STEP 4. Transfer Downloaded Netflix Movies to iPad/iPhone

Once MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader has completed the Netflix movies/shows download process, hit the "open folder" icon on the "History" tab to access the video files and you can use iTunes to sync them to iPad/iPhone directly. Then, you are able to enjoy the Netflix movies/shows playback on the devices with any media player you have installed without any limitation.
Download History
Here's how to transfer them to your iPhone/iPad:
  1. Connect your iPhone with your computer with a USB cable.
  1. Launch iTunes and drag the videos you wish to watch on your iPhone or iPad to it.
  1. Navigate to "Movies" and select the ones you wish to transfer and hit "Apply" at the bottom.

3. FAQs About Downloading Netflix Movies to iDevices

Encounter with any confusion on downloading Netflix movies/shows to iDevices? Grasp these FAQs to solve your concern!

Q: Where Do Netflix Downloads Go on iPhone?

A: If you use the official Netflix app to download movies and shows for offline viewing on iPad/iPhone, once the download completes, you are able to access the downloaded content under "Menu" > "My Downloads". All offline resources will be preserved in this section.

Q: How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last?

A: In most cases, Netflix downloads are only valid for 48 hours, or longer to 7 days at once. Once exceeding this period, they will expire and you have to re-download them once again. In addition, for some resources that are off-sale from Netflix, they will also show expiration and you would even fail to access and download them once more.


Although the Netflix app has provided the official download method for iPad/iPhone users to download Netflix movies/shows for offline viewing, you would still discover lots of resources fail to be preserved offline as they are not included in the “Available for Download” section. Under such a situation, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is absolutely the best way to help. With this software, you are able to enjoy Netflix resources playback offline in a hassle-free way without limitations at all. Now, freely install the software and try out its amazing features!
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