How to Download Netflix Movies to Android Phone/Tablet [2 Ways]

You can learn how to download Netflix movies to your Android or tablet officially, 
and a way to download them as MP4 and watch them on your Android devices.
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The poor network connection can be the main reason leading to the bad Netflix video playback experience for most people. So instead of playing Netflix videos online, you may want a way to download them for offline watching without worrying about the network condition.
So is it possible to download Netflix movies on Android devices? Actually, both Netflix official and some third-party software have provided ways to do it easily. Just read this article and find out how to download Netflix videos to your phone or tablet and have enjoyable video playback offline!

1. Download Netflix Movies on Android Phone or Tablet [Use the Official Way]

When Netflix launched the Netflix app for Android users to have a more flexible video playback on their devices, it also adds the download feature as a bonus so that you can download some Netflix videos to stream offline without a network connection within the app. So first, you will need to install the latest version of the Netflix app on your Android tablet. Then just follow the steps below to save the Netflix videos you like to your offline video library for later playback offline.
Step 1. Open the Netflix app and sign in with your Netflix account.
Step 2. Click the menu icon on the top-left corner. Then from the menu, select the "Available for Download" option.
Step 3. Now you can browse in this section and open the information page of Netflix video you want to download offline for playback on your Android tablet.
Step 4. Click the "Download" button and the Netflix video will be saved to "Downloads" section in Netflix app directly. You can access the downloaded videos by tapping the "Downloads" tab in the bottom menu and watch them offline.
Download Netflix Video on Phone

2. Download Any Movie from Netflix to Android Devices [Use MP4 Downloader]

Although Netflix app has provided the offline mode available for Android users to download Netflix videos to enjoy offline, it also sets limitations on using this function:
  • Only the Netflix videos provided in the "Available for Download" section can be downloaded offline.
  • You can't keep these downloaded videos offline forever as they expire after 48 hours or 7 days in maximum.
  • The video playback can only be processed within the Netflix app itself on Android tablets.
  • You can only save up to 100 Netflix videos offline in the app for accessing and playing without network connection.
So to prevent these limitations and save more Netflix videos on Android tablets forever, you can find a reliable Netflix video downloader to help.
MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader brings stable Netflix videos download service for Windows and Mac users to save all Netflix videos offline easily, including the resources outside Netflix's "Available for Download" section. By offering both the high 1080p quality and the original audio tracks as well as subtitles to select, you can have the same enjoyable Netflix videos playback experience after downloading them to common MP4 files for streaming outside Netflix platform. Then simply by transferring them to your Android tablets, you can enjoy them at anytime you want without worrying the network connection.
Key Features:
  • Allows to download all Netflix movies/shows you can stream
  • Downloads videos from Netflix to MP4 or MKV
  • Supports the full HD 1080P quality to convert Netflix videos
  • Saves original audio tracks and subtitles in different languages
  • Preserve subtitles as embedded subtitles, hard subtitles or external subtitles
  • Batch downloads a whole series with episodes selectable
  • Keeps the downloaded Netflix videos offline forever without expiration
  • Works on both Mac and Windows operating systems
Here's how to download Netflix movies and transfer them to an Android phone or tablet

Step 1. Sign in Netflix Account and Search for Netflix Videos

When you have installed MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, open the software and sign in with your Netflix account. After this, you will access the search interface. By using the search bar and you can quickly search for the Netflix video you want to download to your phone or tablet.
Search for Netflix Video

Step 2. Select Format, Audio/Subtitle Language and Subtitle Type

Click the "Settings" icon on the top-right corner, you can freely change the "Output Format", language for both the "Audio", "Subtitle", then also the subtitle type based on the needs for all videos at once.
Settings of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 3. Download Netflix Videos Offline Directly

After finishing the settings, just click the download button and the Netflix video will directly be downloaded offline. If there is more than 1 video contained in the search result, you will need to open it and select those you want to download exactly.
Select Season or Episodes

Step 4. Transfer the Downloaded Netflix Videos to Android Device

When the Netflix videos are downloaded successfully, you can find them in "History". Then connect your phone or tablet to the computer, create a folder that you want to store the movie, and directly drag the downloaded Netflix video files to it. After that, you can watch them offline on the tablet freely without using Netflix app but in the best 1080p quality.
Download History

3. FAQs on Downloading Netflix Movies to Android

Where Do Netflix Downloads Go on Android?

Step 1. Open "Files" on the Android tablet and select to turn on the "Find Hidden Files" option.
Step 2. Now in "Files", paste the path "Internal Storage (or Phone) > Android > data > > files > Download > .of." for going to it.
Step 3. Open the folder, and you can find the Netflix downloads here.
Tip: Although you can find the Netflix downloads on Android tablet, you can't use other players to stream them because the videos are protected.
Find Netflix Video Downloads on Android

How to Download Movies to SD Card on Android?

Netflix saves the downloads in your Internal Storage. You can move the Netflix downloads to your Android SD card to free it up. Just follow these simple steps to do it:
Step 1. In the Netflix app, click "More" and select the "App Settings" option.
Step 2. Find "Downloads" from the menu and open it to select "Download Location".
Step 3. In the pop-up window, select "SD Card". Then your Netflix downloads will be saved to the SD card instead of using up the internal storage of your Android tablet.
Change Netflix Video Download Location to SD Card on Android

When Do Netflix Downloads Expire?

Most Netflix videos expire after 7 days or even shorter at 48 hours. So after they are expired, you need to find the resources and download them offline once again (if the videos are not provided on Netflix anymore, you will lose them forever).

4. In Conclusion

When Netflix app sets the limitations in downloading Netflix videos to Android tablets, it is recommended to try out MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader to save them with original 1080p quality with original audio and subtitles. In this way, you can enjoy more flexible Netflix video playback on Android tablets offline. Just have a try.
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