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How to Download Amazon Prime Movies to My Computer/Laptop?

Sometimes poor network conditions will end the smooth movie or TV show playback when you are watching Amazon Prime videos on your Windows computer or Laptop. In fact, you can use the App's download feature to save an Amazon Prime movie for offline viewing.

However, a number of Reddit users have complained about Amazon's user interface (UI), saying that it is horrible and that the subtitles of the downloaded movies are often inaccurate or even out of sync with the screen.

This post introduces a very helpful third-party Amazon Prime Video Downloader, as well as the correct way to download Amazon videos via App to your computer, in the hopes that it will help you resolve the problems described.

Download Amazon Prime Videos on Computer

Method 1. Download Amazon Prime Videos on Computer with third-party downloader

To download Amazon Prime videos as normal digital files, MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader turns out to be the best helper. It provides outstanding performance to download Amazon Prime videos, retaining 1080P resolution in popular MP4 or MKV formats.

Features of MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

  • Save Amazon movies and TV shows to watch offline without any limit
  • Compatible with every laptop and desktop running Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 or macOS 10.11 and higher.
  • Offers multi-lingual subtitle & audio language selections
  • Supports hardware acceleration and adjustable download speed
  • Allows batch downloads and resumes interrupted downloads

Getting familiar with MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader now? Next, you will be guided through how to download Amazon Prime videos on a laptop utilizing this brilliant downloader. (If you wonder how to download Prime videos to Mac, just click here.) Please follow up.

Step 1. Open MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Please launch MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader if it is well installed on your computer. You ought to select the Amazon website you are using and log in utilizing the Amazon Prime account to grant full access to the built-in Amazon video library.

Log in to Amazon

Step 2. Search for Amazon Prime Video

Once the login is completed, you can directly utilize the search bar to search for the Amazon Prime video you wish to download. Typing in keywords or entering the full video URL are both supported. The search results will be generated once MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader accesses the resources from Amazon's video library.

Search for Amazon Prime Movie

Step 3. Adjust Audio and Subtitle Parameters

If you click on the "Setting" icon on the top-right of the screen, you can directly set the output format, audio and subtitle language, and more for all videos at once.

Amazon Prime Video Downloader Settings

If you wish to make some exceptions for some episodes, when you see the parameter setting button provided, you can click it to adjust the language, codec, or subtitle type for the video. When this icon is missing, it means that the result contains more than one episode. Tap the download icon to open it and you can choose one episode and preset parameters for it solely.

Select Amazon Prime Episodes

Step 4. Download Amazon Prime Videos on Laptop

When the settings are completed, eventually, one tap on the Download button to download Amazon Prime videos offline. You can continuously check the progress on the screen. Once it completes, the video will be saved to "History" for you to access.

Finished Downloading Amazon Prime Videos

Once you grab Amazon Prime videos to MP4 or MKV files offline, you can enjoy them on all devices, and keep the content as long as you need without worrying about the expiration anymore.

Method 2. Download Amazon Prime Movies on PC with Official App

By comparison, if you don't like third-party tools, you can turn to the official Prime Video app. In the official app, you can download and watch Amazon Prime videos offline as you have been a Prime Video subscriber or purchased/rented videos on it.

Plus, there are two things you should know before you start:

  1. The official Amazon Prime Video app is only available for Windows 10(17763.0) or later.
  2. Although the official Prime Video app offers a download feature, it was limited in multiple aspects:
    • Not all video content is available for download.
    • ou can only watch your downloaded videos with the Prime Video app.
    • Downloaded Prime videos are valid for 30 days, and they will expire within 48 hours after being played.
    • You are allowed to download a maximum of 15-25 videos across your Amazon account.
    • Your downloaded Amazon Prime videos will all be deleted once your subscription is canceled or expired.

If you wish to bypass these restrictions, you can turn to Movpilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader as mentioned before. If you can tolerate these restrictions and your laptop meets the system requirement, install the official app and follow the guidance below.

Step 1. Install the Prime Video app from Microsoft Store, launch it, and log in to your Prime Video account.

Step 2. Once signed in, please search for the Amazon Prime title you wish to download.

Step 3. Access the title and open it, there will be the Download button available. Tap it and you can download it with the highest definition Amazon Prime provides to you.

Download Amazon Prime Video on Windows

FAQs on Downloading Amazon Prime Videos on Computer/Laptop

Q1. How to Download Rented Amazon Movies on Laptop?

You can download rented Prime videos via the official Prime Video app (Windows 10/11 only) or use third-party tools like MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader (for any Windows system) to download them to MP4. The exact methods are described in detail above, and you can scroll up to read. Before you start to download, please check your rented movies are still valid.

Q2. Where are downloaded Amazon Prime Video stored on PC?

The download location is C: disk by default. You can't have any settings on the video quality and download location on the PC app. If you want to save the video to other disks, you should change the system storage manually in the "Settings" module on your computer.

If you didn't change it, you'll find the downloaded videos in the following folder:

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Packages\AmazonVideo.PrimeVideo_pwbj9vvecjh7j\ LocalState\Downloads


As Amazon Prime's download feature comes with certain regulations, it would be better if you prepared MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader as a backup to proceed with the download on your laptop. It can help you download any Amazon Prime videos to permanent local MP4/MKV files in high resolution.

Moreover, MovPilot is compatible with almost all Windows systems, even the old Windows 7. With MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader, you are sure to enjoy the great Amazon Prime content with a better experience!

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The software is incredibly user-friendly and highly efficient. It surpasses all expectations and has greatly enhanced my productivity. I cannot recommend it enough!

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