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The best way to download Netflix videos!

  • Download Netflix video to MP4/MKV in HD 1080P on your Mac or PC.
  • Process downloads at a 5X faster speed with advanced hardware acceleration.
  • No Netflix app needed to save you from annoying Netflix download limits.

6 Best Netflix Recorder to Record on Netflix in 2023

When Netflix downloads would disappear or expire after your subscription ends, it would be a nice idea to record the movies or TV series you like to facilitate restriction-free playback offline. However, to retain original visual as well as sound effects for Netflix recordings, a reliable screen recorder is needed.

Therefore, after trying a series of screen recording tools, there are 6 best Netflix recorders standing out from the competition. Please keep reading and see how to screen record Netflix with HD quality under their assistance.


Actually, using a Netflix recorder to rip Netflix videos would be interfaced by a poor network and be bothered by other Windows pop-ups. Instead of saving Netflix videos one by one through time-consuming recording, downloading them in batches with the powerful MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader increases productivity. Install it and get started with the trial without charge in no time.

Top 1. FonePaw Screen Recorder

When it comes to recording streaming videos, FonePaw Screen Recorder should stand on top with its lossless recording function provided. The program can be compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more on-demands video streaming platforms to screen record videos without a black screen.

More than the basic recording function with flexible recording modes provided, FonePaw Screen Recorder is also equipped with a series of advanced features to enable a more effortless Netflix screen recording experience. You can toggle on the scheduled recording mode or auto-stop function without manually controlling the recording by yourself.

If you wish for an efficient but quality-lossless Netflix recorder, FonePaw Screen Recorder can be your top 1 option.

Customize Recording Area


  • HD quality to record Netflix and other on-demand video platforms without a black screen
  • Lightweight program runs smoothly without lag
  • Flexible recording modes are provided to select
  • Advanced recording features equipped to deliver a more convenient Netflix videos record
  • Additional editing tools are provided to personalize recordings before exporting


  • Only 3 minutes to record using the trial
  • Further subscription is needed
Price: $19.56/month, $38.46/year, $79.77/lifetime

Top 2. VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Equipped with personalized screen recording features, VideoSolo Screen Recorder ensures you a highly-customized experience to record on Netflix. Certainly, as a reliable Netflix recorder, the program will guarantee HD quality to capture them for you. Furthermore, it adds more practical features to give you a unique recording experience.

For instance, you can freely determine the recording area, enhance better audio quality with customized volume, or apply more helpful features such as locked window, and auto-stop recording modes to screen record Netflix videos better. Your Netflix recording experience would be greatly enhanced with assistance from this brilliant Netflix recorder.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder


  • Customize recording area, volume, and quality settings free as you wish
  • 20+ recording modes provided for you to record Netflix videos in ways you need
  • Retain HD quality to ensure lossless Netflix recording outputs
  • Smart features can enhance your Netflix recording experience better
  • Equipped with a box of video managing toolkit to create perfect recordings


  • This Netflix recorder is not free at all

Price: $14.95/month, $49.95/year, $69.95/lifetime

Top 3. OBS

An open-source Netflix recorder for Windows, Mac, and Linux to facilitate a smooth and high-quality Netflix recording process can be OBS. This Netflix recorder is equipped with both powerful screen capturing and editing features, making it possible for you to create high-definition Netflix video outputs in a professional way.

Although some users have reported its complicated user interface, leading to high learning cost, its ability to retain great visual as well as sound effects for Netflix videos can be appreciated.



  • Entirely free of charge.
  • Professional recording toolkit to enhance better output effects
  • Built with a professional audio mixer to remove noise to facilitate better sound effects
  • Change sources flexibly while one fails to work


  • Have high requirements on the system configuration of your computers
  • No auto-saving feature is equipped
  • High learning curve for beginners
Price: Free

Top 4. Audials Movie

Distinguishing from the most Netflix recorders on the market, Audials Movie is oriented for streaming videos recording, including Netflix. It is free for you to select any on-demand platform provided on the main feed of the program to proceed with the recording with lossless quality in great definitions.

The greatest highlight of Audials Movie should definitely be its acceleration technique adopted, which can speed up the Netflix videos recording much faster to just minutes without waiting hours to complete a movie capture. Audials Movie can compete with even a majority of Netflix downloaders with its amazing recording feature!

Audials Movie


  • Lightening speed to record Netflix videos within minutes
  • Lossless quality will retain for Netflix recording outputs
  • Create stereo or 5.1 sound effects for Netflix downloads
  • Keep original subtitles for you.
  • More on-demand video platforms are supported by the program


  • Risk in getting your account suspended
  • Not free at all
  • Recording failures would easily occur
Price: $39.90

Top 5. ShareX

Another free Netflix recorder you shall not miss is ShareX. Unlike OBS, ShareX delivers a lightweight body with simplified recording toolkit for you to capture Netflix videos in an easy process. After playing a Netflix movie in the window, select it and ShareX will start capturing for you. The program gives you free personalization of the recording area you prefer.

The workflow function provided by ShareX also brings great convenience to your recording manipulation. By adding Netflix video as one task to it, the program will follow the workflow and complete all recordings for you automatically, saving much time for you especially when there are more things to capture in a day.



  • Open-source Netflix recorder without subscription needed
  • Lightweight program and intuitive interface are provided
  • Nice quality to export Netflix recordings
  • Workflow setting to proceed with auto-recording tasks without manually controls on them


  • Lack of editing features
  • Some options can be quite confusing for beginners
Price: Free

Top 6. VMake Chrome Extension

If anyone of you don't want to install a third-party program to record Netflix videos on dekstops, VMake Chrome Extension is the best alternative for you. This is a Chrome extension, by installing it to your browser, you get a built-in Netflix recorder without installing other programs anymore.

It provides HD recording and sparkling features such as noise cancellation to determine the best Netflix recordings output quality. The streaming experience will surely be guaranteed.

VMake Chrome Extension


  • No need to install third-party Netflix recorder programs anymore
  • HD definitions will provide to export recordings
  • Noise cancellation feature to enhance better sound quality in capturing Netflix videos
  • Easy to control with the Netflix web player in your Chrome browser


  • Less personalized settings to determine Netflix recording outputs
  • Not for free
Price: $10/month, $84/year

FAQs of Netflix Recorders

Please read more FAQs about Netflix recorders to better know about how can such programs help.

Can Netflix Recorders Batch Recording Videos to Save My Time?

Unexpectedly, most Netflix recorders are not equipped with the batch recording function, and they will mostly proceed with the recording at only 1X speed, which can be time-consuming.

If you wish to save time and get multiple Netflix videos saved at once, instead of seeking a Netflix recorder, you will need a Netflix video downloader like MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader instead. Such a program works by downloading a list of Netflix videos to MP4 or other popular formats for you just by minutes but without sacrificing the quality.

Why It Turns Black Screen while Recording Netflix Videos?

You may find that sometimes when you wish to process a Netflix video recording, the video just turns to a black screen. This happens because Netflix has adopted DRM to protect videos from being recorded, so your screen recorder fails to bypass encryption and capture the content for you.

Despite of finding a professional Netflix recorder to process screen recording on Netflix, you need to turn off the hardware acceleration feature first (if you are using a web browser to stream Netflix videos) to avoid this error when screen recording on Netflix.

To toggle off the hardware acceleration function, taking Google Chrome as an example, simply go to Settings >> System >> Hardware Acceleration and turn it off.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Final Words

When the post introduces the 6 best Netflix recorders for you, compare them and select the best one to record Netflix videos without a black screen in no time!

If you unexpectedly find it’s waste of time and you can’t wait for watching your favorite Netflix videos, why not try a Netflix downloader, like MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, to immediately download Netflix to MP4 in 1080P even without Premium on your Windows or Mac.

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