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How to Get Netflix Easily on PS4 & PS5

Have you ever imagined that your PS4 & PS5 game consoles can do more than you know? For Netflix users, it would be an advantage for you as you can entertain with Netflix video streaming on PS4 as well as PS5 as well!

Therefore, as a way to explore more entertaining means for you, this post steps out the first step with the full guidance provided on teaching you how to get Netflix on PS4 and PS5. Please scroll down to read now if you are also interested.

Part 1. How to Get Netflix on PS4 and PS5

First, let's get started with the Netflix installation on PS4 / PS5. Please sign in to the PlayStation Network to access TV & Video services.

How to Download Netflix on PS4

  1. On your PS4 controller, please open the TV & Video module and browse to find Netflix app.
  1. Tap on the Netflix application information page and select Download it on PS4.

Attention: You are possible to search for the Netflix app from PlayStation Store >> Search directly when fail to find it from the TV & Video application list.

Get Netflix on PS4

How to Download Netflix on PS5

  1. On the Home Screen of your PS5 console, please tap Media and turn to Video and Music Apps category.
  1. Select Netflix by tapping its icon provided on the list.
  1. Confirm Download to install the application on PS5.

Part 2. Watch Netflix on PS4 & PS5

Once getting Netflix well installed on PS4 / PS5, by connecting the console to PlayStation Network, then you can access the streaming service to enjoy Netflix video playback on the devices.

In the following, let's walk through the detailed manipulation to master how to use Netflix on PS4 and PS5 controllers step-by-step.

Sign in to Netflix on PS4 / PS5

Please run Netflix under the TV & Video module on PS4 / PS5 console and sign in with your Netflix account by entering both the email and password from the main feed.

It is noted that you will need to activate the Netflix subscription before getting started to utilize the streaming service on PS4 / PS5 controller.

Watch Netflix on PS4 / PS5

After the login, open Netflix in the TV & Video section on your PS4 or in the Video and Music apps on your PS5 and simply browse the movies and TV series within the Netflix app. You can enjoy the streaming on PS4 / PS5 with great definition freely!

Part 3. Netflix Quality on PS4 & PS5

How well can PS4 / PS5 deliver the Netflix streaming experience to you? PlayStation 4 supports TV series and movie streaming at the highest 1080p definition. When it comes to PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5, the definition can be raised to 4K Ultra HD.

Nevertheless, to guarantee high-definition Netflix streaming on PS4 / PS5, you need to pay attention to Internet connectivity. For instance, to support a smooth 4K video streaming on PS5, the network speed should be at least 32Mbps. Otherwise, you will still fall into lower quality to stream Netflix videos on your game console.

FAQs About Netflix on PS4 & PS5

Before ending the post, kindly check some tips about Netflix playback on PS4 & PS5 for gaining a better experience.

Does PS4 & PS5 Support Dolby Atmos on Netflix?

It should be noted that only PS4 is compatible with Dolby Atmos sound effects to deliver a nice Netflix streaming experience on the controllers. Here will guide you on how to set it up on its models respectively:

  1. On PS4, please go to Settings >> Sound and Screen >> Audio Output Settings.
  1. From the menu, you ought to select Primary Output Port as HDMI OUT.
  1. Subsequently, go to Audio Format (Priority) to customize the setting as Bitstream (Dolby).
  1. Then your Netflix video streaming quality will be set to Dolby Atmos output by default.
Set Dolby Atmos on PS4

Unfortunately, PS5 is not yet compatible with output Netflix or other video streaming in Dolby Atmos sound quality. But still, you can receive nice Netflix video playback as its image quality has been raised to the highest 4K compared with PS4's 1080p.

What if Netflix Doesn't Work on PS4 & PS5?

When you discover Netflix not working on your PS4 / PS5 console, please consider whether you are running into the following circumstances:

  • Your controller is connecting to a slow network, which is not able to support the video streaming in the Netflix app.
  • The installed Netflix app on your PS4 / PS5 is outdated, in which bugs are existed to stop it from running properly.
  • The PlayStation Network is not set up, so you fail to stream any online media on the game console successfully.

Can You Watch Netflix for Free on PS4 & PS5?

Not really. When Netflix has canceled the 1-month free trial for avoiding the abuse of this benefit, you are not allowed to watch Netflix free before subscribing to Netflix plans.

How to put Netflix on PS4 and PS5 Home Screen?

To access Netflix more conveniently on PS4 / PS5 by placing its icon on the Home Screen, here's the process for you:

  1. On the Home Screen of your controller, right-click the taskbar and tap Show the desktop.
  1. Subsequently, tap the Windows icon and browse to find Netflix.
  1. Simply drag it to the desktop. Then you can simply click on the icon from the Home Screen to launch the app on PS4 / PS5 quickly later on!


When Netflix is well compatible with PS4 and PS5, installing it to enjoy high-definition movies and TV series streaming on the console is a nice way to enrich your entertaining means with the devices. Now, please follow the guide to well set up Netflix on PS4 / PS5 to proceed with streaming Netflix as you like. Enjoy!

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