How to Download Movies from Netflix to USB on Mac or Windows

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The reason you want to download Netflix videos to USB on Mac is because you want to watch Netflix videos offline and save storage space. Unfortunately, Netflix does not support Mac users downloading the Netflix app, so you want to find an efficient way to download Netflix videos. At the same time, you want to seek a method to save Netflix videos to USB in order to avoid it taking up a lot of storage space.
So, for downloading Netflix videos to USB, MovPilot Netflix Downloader is a good choice that lets you download Netflix movies on Windows or Mac. It can save all videos on Netflix, and after you transfer the downloaded videos to USB, the downloaded videos will never expire.

How to Download Movies to USB from Netflix Easily?

As you can notice, videos from the Netflix app cannot be directly saved to USB drive. And even you’ve tried to gain the Netflix cache files and want to move them to USB for outside playback, things could not meet your expectations. This is because the downloaded video files from Netflix are encrypted and protected, and therefore, they can only be opened on those Netflix-compatible devices.
To solve this problem, MovPilot Netflix Downloader would be a good recommendation. MovPilot Netflix Downloader enables you to download as many Netflix movies and TV shows as possible in HD 1O80P. These downloads can be permanently valid and played offline an infinite number of times.
The highlight of Movpilot Netflix Downloader is as follows:
  • Fast download of Netflix videos in 1080P
  • Download as many times as you want without the time restriction
  • Save Netflix videos to MP4/MKV
  • Download all Netflix videos, episodes and TV shows (not just the "Available for Download" section)
  • Save the audio and subtitles of the video in different languages

Download Netflix Shows or Movies via Netflix Video Downloader

The steps for MovPilot Netflix Downloader to download Netflix videos to MP4 are roughly the same. The following is an example for Mac.

Step 1. Download the MovPilot Netflix Downloader app

After downloading the app, please open MovPilot Netflix Downloader and log in to your Netflix account.
Log in to Netflix on MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 2. Search for your Netflix video

You need enter the title of the video or paste the URL to find your favorite Netflix video.
Search Result of Netflix Movie

Step 3. Set the video's output format, language, and subtitle type consistently.

To efficiently set the video parameters at one time, you can click the gear button in the upper right corner for unified settings.
Settings of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
Tips for downloading:
There are two options for video encoding, H265 and H264.If you want to download the same videos with smaller storage space, you can choose video encoding as H265. H265 is an upgraded version of H264. H265's video size will be decreased through video encoding by around 39–44% when compared to H264 for the same video quality, saving storage space.
If you want to adjust the video's output format, subtitles, language, and other settings for a specific episode, click the parameter settings icon to the right of the video download button.

Step 4. Download the Netflix video

After waiting for the download to complete, please click the download button, and select the episode you want to save. Then you click the download button.
This is the interface when you're waiting for the download. Move the cursor to the video cover, the quality and language settings of the video will be displayed.
Downloading Netflix Video to MP4 on Mac

Step 5. Click the history screen and confirm the downloaded Netflix movies

Then, you can click the downloaded Netflix video in history to launch it.

Transfer Netflix Downloads from Your PC to USB

The videos you download on Netflix can only be watched on the Netflix app, and as the number of downloaded videos increases, your Mac/Windows storage space is running out. This is why you need to transfer videos downloaded on Netflix to USB. You can download Netflix videos using MovPilot Netflix Downloader and follow the steps below to transfer videos to USB.
Step 1. Insert the USB into Mac/Windows, and there will be a USB storage space.
Step 2. Click the folder icon next to the downloaded video on the history interface.
Step 3. After the window of the video download location pops up, copy and paste the downloaded file to the USB.
Step 4. Unplug the USB, and the Netflix video you downloaded has been saved to the USB.
After completing the above operations, the Netflix videos you downloaded from MovPilot Netflix Downloader have been permanently saved to the USB, and you can watch Netflix videos offline anytime.


You can properly solve this problem by using MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader to download Netflix videos to USB, if you want to play them offline on any USB supported device. And then videos saved on USB are always accessible for viewing. Hence, you will not encounter the inconvenience of watching downloaded videos solely on the Netflix app. More importantly, you can avoid Netflix videos taking up additional device capacity.
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