Previously, on Feb 1, Netflix unveiled its movies and series lineup for 2024. While you may feel disappointed that Stranger Things Season 5 was not included, the good news is that Season 5 has finally begun production, and will be on air in 2025. In that case, you may want to review and collect the previous 4 seasons of Stranger Things. Here this post is going to teach you how to download ALL episodes of Stranger Things Season 1-4 in 1080P resolution. Just continue reading to relive the thrills of Hawkins, Indiana!

Stranger Things Actors

Brief Introduction to Stranger Things:

"Stranger Things" follows a group of kids in 1980s Indiana as they encounter supernatural mysteries, government conspiracies, and a girl with psychokinetic abilities named Eleven. Across four seasons, they battle Upside Down, face personal struggles, and uncover secrets while navigating friendship, love, and growing up.

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What App Can I Download to Watch Stranger Things?

Generally, you can use the Netflix app to download Netflix movies (including Stranger Things) for offline viewing if you have subscribed to the ad-free plans. However, the app has officially posed plenty of Netflix download limits, making it impossible for you to keep your Netflix downloads forever.

But don't worry. There does exist a method to save Stranger Things downloads from Netflix forever - downloading Stranger Things episodes to common MP4 files. Here MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is recommended. This app helps download any Netflix video to MP4/MKV in 1080P resolution, and for sure, including all the episodes of Stranger Things Season 1-4. What's more! You can use MovPilot to download Stranger Things episodes with any Netflix plan, even the ad-tiers.

Check more highlighted features of MovPilot:

  • Remove DRM and keep Stranger Things downloads forever.
  • Batch mode to download multiple episodes of Stranger Things together.
  • Support downloading soft subtitles, hard subtitles, and external subtitles.
  • Provide multilingual subtitles in up to 6 kinds of languages.

With MovPilot, it will be easy to download all the episodes of Stranger Things for offline viewing. You can keep the downloads forever, transfer them to any device, and play them with any local player. Read on to get the tutorial for downloading Stranger Things with MovPilot.

How to Download Stranger Things Season 1-4 Permanently

Step 1. Download, install, and launch MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader on your PC/Mac. Log in with your Netflix account.

Log in to Netflix

Step 2. Search for Stranger Things in the search bar. Click the magnifying glass icon.

Search for Stranger Things

Step 3. Choose and tick the season and episodes you want to download. Click the download icon to download Stranger Things to your computer.

Select Seasons and Episodes

If you'd like to customize the output parameters of your downloads, click the settings icon on the top-right and make adjustments.

Output Settings

Step 4. After downloading, check the downloaded Stranger Things episodes in the History tab. Click the blue folder icon to locate the MP4 files on your computer. You can watch them with any player on your computer.

Downloading Stranger Things

FAQs about Downloading Stranger Things

How can I watch Stranger Things without Netflix?

You can only stream Stranger Things through Netflix. But if you mean watch Stranger Things without disturbing Netflix official download limits, you can try to use third-party Netflix video downloaders to download Stranger Things to common MP4 files and watch them offline whenever you want.

Can I Download Stranger Things for Free?

Sadly, you can't download Stranger Things for free. Netflix has canceled the free trial, so you have to subscribe to its available plan monthly to download Stranger Things on Netflix. If you still want to get a free trial before subscribing or maximize what you can get from a free account, there are also several methods available to enjoy Netflix for free, such as purchasing these T-Mobile plans or getting a free Netflix gift code from Zouton for free subscription.

Are There Any Other Movies like Stranger Things Recommended?

Yes, of course! There are several must-see movies when you are waiting for Stranger Things season 5. These movies come pretty close to Stranger Things for small-town terror and adventure.

  • The Vast of Night
  • My Friend Dahmer
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Stand by Me
  • The Lost Boys
  • Silver Bullet

Final Words

As a fan of Stranger Things, you're just about ready to download Stranger Things seasons 1-4 free and rewatch them offline anywhere. MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader might be the best solution to achieve that as it enables high-quality and batch downloads. Also, you can transfer them to other devices you prefer. So why not have a try now? I am sure you will be satisfied.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

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