Stranger Things is the hottest sci-fi thriller series produced exclusively for Netflix and now it has four concluded seasons. Though many fans are waiting for season 5, sadly this season is highly unlikely to come out this year, and even in 2024. Thus, as a fan, you may want to download Stranger Things and keep rewatching the first four seasons offline. Here in this post, 2 workable methods will be provided to help you with it. Read on to pick one and start your work!

Method 1. Download Stranger Things with the Netflix App

Since the first season of Stranger Things premiered, you may find that this series is only accessible on Netflix, which not only offers online streaming but also allows subscribers to download episodes for offline viewing. This means you can enjoy the thrilling content of "Stranger Things" without an internet connection, no matter where you are. So how can you download Stranger Things on Netflix? The following part will tell you the answer.

Step 1. Launch your Netflix app and log in to your account. Then you can open the "Settings" window to customize the quality of the downloads first.

Set Netflix Output Quality

Step 2. Search for "Stranger Things" using the search bar located at the top of the page.

Step 3. Choose the episode(s) you wish to download by clicking on the "Download" icon next to each available episode title.

Search for Stranger Things on Netflix

Step 4. Once the download process has finished, you can return to the menu and select the "My Downloads" option to view a list of all the content you've downloaded.

It is very easy to download content from Netflix, right? However, owing to some limits for download features set by Netflix, this method may still have some limitations.

  • You can't download any content on Netflix and downloaded videos always couldn't be played offline due to some bugs.
  • Not all episodes of Stranger Things are available for download.
  • Downloaded videos remain accessible within 7 days or 48 hours, after which they expire and require re-downloading.
  • Downloaded videos can only be viewed within the Netflix app.

Thus, if you want to watch Stranger Things offline, you can directly download it from Netflix. However, with these limitations, Netflix has lots of potential download problems, leading to a bad viewing experience. So for a better viewing experience, the following method is highly recommended.

Method 2. Download All Stranger Things Unlimitedly with MovPilot

Since Netflix download comes with such potential problems, how to avoid them and watch Stranger Things without Netflix? Don't worry, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader can be the best way to help you out. It is a versatile tool to help you download all Stranger Things from Netflix and save them as MP4 formats. After completing the downloads, you will be able to keep them as common local files like MP4 without expiration and transfer them to various devices. Now you can watch Stranger Things without Netflix for free.

In addition, there are more sparking features that set MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader apart:

Multi-Platform and Permanent Downloads

MovPilot enables users to download Netflix content on both MacBooks/iMacs and Windows PCs, regardless of official app limitations. After downloading, you can transfer them to various devices such as TV, PS4, Switch, Android, or iPhone and keep Netflix downloads forever.

High-Quality Video Downloads

MovPilot lets you download Netflix original videos in MP4 or MKV format, offering a crisp 1080P Full HD resolution. You won't have to worry about blurry videos caused by a poor internet connection. It perfectly preserves the original video and audio quality, providing you with an offline viewing experience similar to streaming on Netflix.

Batch Downloads and High-Speed

You can download entire seasons of Stranger Things in bulk with a single click. Also, with hardware acceleration, the videos can be downloaded at a speed up to 5 times faster.

Enhanced Audio Options

Users can select Dolby Atmos 5.1 for immersive audio, retain audio descriptions, and choose the H265 video codec for high quality and smaller file sizes.

Stable Netflix Video Downloads

MovPilot's built-in browser ensures easy access to the entire Netflix library with a high success rate, and it employs advanced decryption technology for seamless downloads.

Apart from the outstanding features, this downloader is also easy to use. The following steps will show you how to do it. Now let's see it.

Step 1. Install MovPilot and Sign in to Netflix Account

Download and install the MovPilot software on your computer. Then open it and log in to your Netflix account within the MovPilot application. This step ensures that you have access to your Netflix library.

Log in to Netflix on MP

Step 2. Search for Stranger Things

Enter "Stranger Things" into the search bar, or you can also copy and paste the show's URL from the Netflix web player. Once MovPilot displays the search results, click the "downward arrow" icon and choose the episode you wish to download.

Step 3. Set Download Options

Once you've chosen the season and episodes you wish to download in the previous step, click on the gear icon and then you are allowed to customize the output settings including video format, video codec subtitle language, etc.

Adjust Netflix Videos Output Setting on MP

Step 4. Start Downloading Stranger Things

Simply click the "Download" icon to initiate the downloading process for Stranger Things. Once the download is complete, head to the "History" tab, where you'll find the downloaded videos stored on your computer.

Finish Downloading Videos on MP

From there, you can transfer the downloaded series to various devices like your smart TV, USB flash drives, SD cards, hard drives, or other compatible devices to enjoy offline viewing with your family or friends.

FAQs About Downloading Stranger Things

Can I Download Stranger Things for Free?

Sadly, you can't download Stranger Things for free. Netflix has canceled the free trial, so you have to subscribe to its available plan monthly to download Stranger Things on Netflix. If you still want to get a free trial before subscribing or maximize what you can get from a free account, there are also several methods available to enjoy Netflix for free, such as purchasing these T-Mobile plans or getting a free Netflix gift code from Zouton for free subscription.

Are There Any Other Movies like Stranger Things Recommended?

Yes, of course! There are several must-see movies when you are waiting for Stranger Things season 5. These movies come pretty close to Stranger Things for small-town terror and adventure.

  • The Vast of Night
  • My Friend Dahmer
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Stand by Me
  • The Lost Boys
  • Silver Bullet

These movies are highly recommended to enjoy with your friends and families. So if you want to download and play these movies on your phone and TV offline, you can turn to a professional video downloader, such as MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, and download them for offline viewing.


As a fan of Stranger Things, you're just about ready to download Stranger Things seasons 1-4 free and rewatch them offline anywhere. Comparing the two methods provided, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader might be the best way to achieve that as it enables high-quality and batch downloads. Also, you can transfer them to other devices you prefer. So why not have a try now? I am sure you will be satisfied.

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