It's really a pity that Netflix has canceled the free trial. Now you are required to subscribe to Netflix plans on a monthly basis to access video resources. But actually, there are still ways available to watch Netflix for free to meet all entertainment needs without paying a penny in 2024! How? In this blog, we have summarized several tricks for you to watch Netflix for free. Just read on and get a free Netflix subscription to save money now!

How to Watch Netflix for Free

1. Get Netflix Free with T-Mobile

As T-Mobile provides the "Netflix on US" promotion, you are able to get a free Netflix subscription if you also consider purchasing these T-Mobile plans. There are two plans from T-Mobile that offer free Netflix Basic and Standard plans: Magenta or Magenta MAX.

For users who have purchased the T-Mobile Magenta plan with two or more lines, or the Magenta MAX plan with a single line, you are able to get the free Netflix Basic plan by default. If you are going to subscribe to Magenta MAX plan with two or more lines, the free Netflix subscription plan will be upgraded to Standard Plan instead.

Then, you are able to watch Netflix for free and enjoy HD streaming on Netflix without paying extra money to unlock the subscription feature anymore.

Get Netflix Free Through T-Mobile Plans

2. Get a Free Netflix Gift Code to Watch Netflix for Free

On some websites with free Netflix promo codes provided like Zouton, it is available to get Netflix subscription at a lower price or even for free. More importantly, you don't need to buy extra products or services to get these promo codes, as they are all provided for free.

By accessing such websites and getting the gift code within validity, you can redeem it while making the purchase for a Netflix subscription. Once you complete the subscription with the gift code applied, you can activate your Netflix subscription for free.

Zouton 2024

3. Get Netflix for Free Forever Without Credit Card

Another way to watch Netflix for free is using a virtual credit card to start a Netflix subscription without paying a penny. Simply by opening an account on websites like Wirex to create a virtual card, then you can apply for a Netflix account to get a Netflix free trial with it.

However, this method has potential danger as it requires certain info details to create the virtual card. Additionally, the free Netflix account may be suspended if the official has detected this action as malicious behavior.

4. Watch Netflix for Free in Kenya on Android

If you are a Kenyan Netflix user, it is possible for you to get a free Netflix subscription on Android devices, as Netflix has provided a free plan on Netflix app newer than version 8.

If you’re planning a visit to Kenya, you’ll be able to watch Netflix for free on your Android device. Just open the Netflix app, enter your email, and click "Start Free Plan".


It is unavailable for you to download movies and TV series for offline watching with a free Netflix subscription.

Bonus Tip: Watch Movies Offline with a Free Netflix Subscription

Now you must have gotten your free Netflix subscription. But some of the free subscription plans have no download feature. You may need a professional Netflix video downloader to help you download Netflix movies to MP4 with any subscription plan, thus you can watch Netflix for free offline.

Here we recommend MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, which helps you to download all Netflix videos as common 1080P MP4/MKV files. Thus, you are able to keep them offline permanently even if your free Netflix subscription expires. Plus, the software is able to preserve the 1:1 original quality, and also the multi-language subtitles, and audio tracks for you. Hence, you are able to grasp the same Netflix streaming experience after saving the videos offline.

Now, this brief guide will show you how to download Netflix videos via MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader:

Step 1. Launch MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader and log in to your Netflix free account.

Log in

STEP 2. Search for the Netflix video you desire to download by title or URL.

Search Movies

STEP 3. Tap the download icon provided after each video result to process the Netflix video download.


When the download is done, you are able to watch Netflix offline for free without any limitations!

Download Shows/Movies from Netflix

FAQs About Watching Netflix for Free

Read on to grasp more information about free Netflix subscription plans.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Free Trial?

Netflix used to offer a free 30-day trial. However, Netflix has canceled such a feature since October 2020, for the reason that many users would abuse applying for the free trial to access the free streaming service by using different emails, leading to a great loss for Netflix's strategy. Besides, Netflix has reached a place where they no longer need to use free trials to drive the growth of users.

How to Watch Netflix Free from Other Countries?

As Netflix doesn't set fixed pricing for users of all countries to get the subscription, you are able to reduce the subscription fee to pay the billing by VPN changing your IP address to the locations that would cost you less. For example, some countries like Argentina and Turkey would take much cheaper to subscribe to Netflix plans.


Overall, as Netflix has canceled the free trial subscription, it seems impossible to watch Netflix for free on the platform. Fortunately, this blog has collected several methods to help you get free Netflix subscription plans. Now, simply pick the option you like and get Netflix plans to watch Netflix for free! And you can also try MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader to help watch Netflix offline for free.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Download Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!