How to Download Netflix Movies on Laptop [2 Practical Ways]

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It's a great idea to download Netflix movies on your laptop beforehand to make Netflix playback more fluent or make watching Netflix offline possible. However, movies downloaded through the Netflix app expire in several days. Some of you may try to find torrents of the titles to save them permanently. But it is a hard and time-consuming process. No worries, we offer another simple way to help you.

This post will show you how to get Netflix movies downloaded to laptop with Netflix app, and a professional downloader that enables every Netflix user to download any Netflix video easily.
Download Netflix Movies to Laptop

1. Download Movies & TV Shows on Netflix App to Laptop

Before you start to download Netflix movies to laptop, you should be aware of some Netflix download limits:

  • The Netflix Windows app is only compatible with laptops running Windows 10/11.
  • You should download Netflix content with an active ads-free plan. (Basic with ads subscribers click here)
  • Only videos in Available for Download can be downloaded to your laptop.


Don't worry if you don't meet the above criteria. We also provide below a method that works on all computer systems and can even help ad-tier subscribers download Netflix movies to laptops. Click here to skip to the corresponding part.

Now check the steps to download Netflix videos to laptop running Windows 10/11:


Step 1. Download and install the Netflix app from Microsoft Store, and then sign in to your Netflix account.

Step 2. Click the magnifying glass icon and search for the show you want to download by name.

Step 3. Click the Download button on the details page. For TV shows, the icon is on the right of each episode. For movies, it is under the movie title.

Download Netflix Movie on Windows Officially

Step 4. Not all movies and shows are available for download. Alternatively, click the Menu icon in the top left corner and scroll down to the "Available for Download" module. Browse the listings and choose the show that you want to download.

Step 5. Click the menu icon and turn to the "My Downloads" page. All your downloaded movies and TV shows will be displayed here.

Find Netflix Video Downloads on Netflix
The Netflix downloads on your laptop will expire 7 days after being downloaded and 48 hours after being played. Moreover, you can't keep or play them outside of the Netflix app. If you wish to keep them forever or play them on other players such as VLC, skip to the "Download Any Netflix Video to MP4 on Laptop" part.

Bonus Tip: Download Netflix's Next Episode on Laptop Automatically

Naturally on Netflix, when you download videos, especially the ones with sequels, it is a usual buzzkill and trouble to download them manually one by one. Fortunately, with the help of Smart Download feature on the Netflix app, you can free your hands as it can assist in automatically downloading Netflix's Next Episode!

Here's how to download episodes on Netflix automatically.

Step 1. Connect your laptop or phone to Wi-Fi.
Step 2. Launch Netflix on your gadgets and select your profile.
Step 3. Access the Downloads tab and find out the link for "Smart Downloads", then turn it on.
Step 4. Turn back to your video download page and click the download icon. You will have an automatic show performed by "Smart Downloads".

Turn on Netflix Smart Download on Windows
Note: You don’t have to worry about whether it would impact your device’s storage beyond what you manually downloaded since it continues swapping out the last watched episode on the gadget with the next available one. You can feel free to turn the function icon off whenever you want in the steps mentioned above.

2. Download Any Netflix Video to MP4 on Laptop

Attention! Here comes a strongly recommended method for downloading any Netflix episode to MP4 on your laptop.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is a helpful tool specially designed for Netflix video download on Windows and Mac. No matter if you subscribe to Netflix ad-free plans or the basic with ads plan, you can easily download Netflix movies, TV shows, or episodes to your computer. With this downloader, you can forget all the deficiencies you may have encountered before, and start to enjoy the movies or TV programs downloaded with high quality on your laptop!

Key Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

  • Download Netflix movies to MP4/MKV format with 1080P high resolution.
  • Grab Netflix videos at 5X faster & adjustable download speed.
  • Preserve the original subtitles and audio tracks of Netflix content.
  • Lightweight design with a built-in Netflix browser to access Netflix library.
  • Remove DRM of Netflix episodes and keep them locally.

Now you must have had a basic idea on MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader, but how exactly does it work? No worries, let’s continue to explore how to download Netflix movies on this APP! The downloading steps are as follows:

Step 1. Get the Downloader Ready

You may download and install the newest version of MovPilot on your laptop. And log in to your Netflix account on the pop-up page.

Log in to Netflix on MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Optional Step. Set Up Parameters for All Output Files

Hit the gear icon on the top right and you can set up the parameters for the output movies or TV programs such as the video format, quality, codec, and language for the audio and subtitle tracks.

Settings of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Step 2. Search for Movies/TV Shows

You can search for the movies or TV programs that you would like to download by typing in the names or pasting the URL in the search box.

Search Result of Netflix Movie

In addition, for TV programs, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader will show you all the available episodes for you to choose from, and you may set up the parameters separately for them.

Step 3. Download Netflix Movies on Laptop

Click to start downloading all the movies or TV programs that you choose. MovPilot's advanced hardware acceleration technology will help you download Netflix movies at a faster speed.

Downloading Netflix Movie

When the downloading is finished, you may go to History to view the local files on your laptop.

3. FAQs on Downloading Netflix Movies on Laptop

Q1. Where is Netflix Downloads Stored? How to Delete Netflix Downloads?

All the downloaded content is stored in My Downloads on Netflix app for Windows 10/11. Or you can find the exact locations of Netflix downloads  in Windows File Explorer. Since the downloads are DRM-protected, they are hidden and encrypted, and can only be played on Netflix app.

If you want to delete watched downloads to make room for new ones, go to the Menu option- My Downloads - Edit - Delete.

Q2. Can I Keep My Netflix Downloads Forever?

Typically, your downloads in Netflix app will be valid for 7 days (they will expire in 48 hours after being watched.) You can renew them at certain times after expiration. But netflix will remove videos from time to time, probably because of copyright expiration. And if the video you downloaded is removed from Netflix library, the downloaded content will also be removed.

However, there does exist a method to keep your Netflix downloads forever. MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader helps download any Netflix movies to DRM-free MP4/MKV files on your Windows laptop or Mac. Those downloads will be permanently saved on your computer drive.


Overall, the most convenient way to download Netflix movies/shows on your laptop must be using MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader. This program helps you download Netflix titles to plain MP4/MKV files in full HD quality. Moreover, even if you are subscribing to the basic with ads plan, you can download any Netflix video with it. Just download and try it now!

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