It is really annoying that your Netflix downloads stuck at 0%. Generally, there are various reasons why Netflix downloads not working. Some of them are related to your device or your Netflix account. Besides, due to copyright issues, there are some Netflix official download limits, which will also result in Netflix download problems and some error codes.

According to the problem you encounter, there are various fixes. This article will show you all the common Netflix download issues and provide 16 methods to fix Netflix downloads not working.

Device-Related Issues

If you want to download videos from Netflix, you must ensure that your device and software version both meet the requirements of Netflix app. Otherwise, you may see one of the error messages below.

The Download Option Can't Be Found on Netflix

Check that your device is on the list of devices that can download video from Netflix. Make sure your device meets the software version requirements for Netflix downloads.

If you still can't see the download option after completing the above operation, it proves that this title is not available to be downloaded on netflix. Read on to find the reason.

Download Failed, There Was a Problem with This Download

If the download feature is not working, it means that information on your device has to be updated. You can try the following actions to fix it.

  • Sign out of Netflix and sign in again.
  • Clear the Netflix app data: Tap/click Storage & cache  Clear storage  OK.
  • Switch Netflix Profiles: If you have more than one profile, tap/click Menu  Switch Profile. If not, select Add Profile. Then choose a different profile. After that, switch to your original profile.

Netflix Download Problem

Account-Related Problems

Moreover, Netflix won't download due to the limits that come with your account, depending on the country and region your account belongs to, as well as your account's subscription plan, etc. Just read the following part and find a solution for that.

Download Not Available in This Country

It indicates that Netflix doesn't offer the downloaded title where you are traveling now. You should go back to the country where this content is available.

The Netflix Account Is on Hold

It means Netflix couldn't process payment for your account. Whether your payment method is no longer valid or your financial institution doesn't approve the charge, you should check your payment method.

  • Update or change your payment method.
  • Contact your financial institution.

Netflix is on Hold

Netflix Downloads on Too Many Devices Error

Netflix says you have downloads on too many devices. It implies you've reached the maximum number of download devices permitted by your Netflix plan. Two solutions are below:

  • Remove all downloads from one device to make room for another. (You can also use a web browser to delete downloads on certain devices.)
  • Change to a higher plan to increase the number of devices.

 Netflix Says Downloads on Too Many Devices

Netflix Says Too Many Downloaded Videos

It means you've surpassed the maximum number of downloaded titles you can retain at the same time (depending on your plan). You can either:

  • Delete the former downloads.
  • Change to a higher plan.

Netflix Official Restrictions

Netflix Official also places restrictions that cause Netflix downloads to fail. The following article will explain the reasons and tell you how you can work around them.

Netflix Downloads Disappeared

This problem can occur when you let Netflix automatically download updated episodes, which refers to the Smart Download feature provided by Netflix. This feature deletes the episodes you've watched to replace them with the next one.

  • Just turn off this feature.
  • And your downloads will stop disappearing.

Netflix Download Expired

Netflix officially sets an expiration date for each downloaded video ranging from 2 to 7 days depending on the individual licence, which is displayed on the downloads page.

  • You can renew the downloaded videos after they expire.

Netflix Download Expire

Netflix Yearly Download Limit

Unfortunately, you can't renew expired downloads indefinitely. Some TV shows and movies can only be downloaded a limited number of times per year per account.

  • Take care of Download Limit Warning the last time a video is allowed to be downloaded.
  • After that, you can connect to the internet and stream those videos.

Unavailable - This Title Can No Longer Be Watched Offline

Netflix Downloads won't play offline, which means that the downloaded file you are trying to watch has become corrupted, has been deleted, or has become removed.

  • You need to connect to the internet.
  • Delete the current title, and re-download it.

Netflix Downloads Unavailable

Why Some Titles Are Not Available for Download

Some Netflix TV shows and movies are produced in partnership with a studio that owns the franchise or intellectual property associated with the content.

To protect copyright, Netflix only has the right to offer them for streaming, not for downloading.

Netflix Download Error Code

When Netflix won't download, you will also receive all kinds of Netflix error codes explaining the reason why Netflix downloads fail. Here are several common error codes provided to help you solve the Netflix download not working.

Error Code: 0013

Netflix download failed with error code 0013 when your device is connected to a VPN or proxy to download movies and shows from Netflix.

  • Turn the VPN app or service off
  • Reset the network settings on the device that is causing the problem.
  • Restore the router to its default settings.

Netflix Error Code 10013

Error Code: 10016-22002

Netflix download limit error with code 10016-22005 means that the number of Netflix videos you have downloaded on your device has up to its maximum.

Normally, there is a maximum of 100 titles that you can download to a single device. To solve this error and download additional titles, you can follow these steps below:

  • Deletesome previous downloads you have watched from your device.
  • Go to the downloads section on your Netflix app.
  • Then select the titles that you wish to delete from your downloads.

Delete Netflix Downloads

Error Code: 10016-22007

It means you have reached the Netflix yearly download limit for a specific show or movie. If you download a Netflix video multiple times, you will receive a message that you have reached the annual download limit for the title.

  • It's a pity that there is no way to get around this Netflix download limit error. You may have to wait until the time specified by Netflix before you can download the video again.

Error Code: AVF:11800; OS:42800

This download error implies that Netflix downloads won't play offline. It may be because a network issue prevents your device from connecting to Netflix.

  • Refresh the information stored on your device
  • Download the Netflix video again with the Internet connection.

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