How to Download HBO Max Movies/Shows [2 Methods]

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On HBO, it is possible for you to discover many popular movies, shows, and original video content. When you have subscribed to the HBO Max plans to access all of them without any limitation, however, there must be a time when you desire to download HBO Max movies to stream offline. But how to download movies on HBO Max? Is it possible to download HBO Max movies on all of our devices, including the PC, mobile devices, and tablets?
Now, this blog is written here to help! There are both ways available to download HBO Max movies on PC and portable devices such as your phones and tablets. Need help? Get started to see how!
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1. Can You Download Videos on HBO Max?

Yes, for sure. As HBO Max requires users to subscribe to access its premium content, it also equips the download functionality to boost a more convenient movie streaming experience for ad-free subscribers. However, HBO only launches this feature for the HBO app, meaning that only the mobile and tablet devices with the latest HBO app installed are able to download HBO Max movies for streaming offline without the Internet.
Despite the account and device limitations, HBO also employs other regulations to access the downloaded movies, including:
  • Only 30 downloaded videos are able to be preserved on one account;
  • The downloaded videos will expire after 48 hours (since the time when you start playing) or 30 days (if they haven't started to be played yet);
  • You can only play the downloaded movies on the HBO app;
  • The downloaded HBO videos can only be preserved on memory cards instead of SD cards.
When the official HBO Max download function is not available for desktop users, how to download movies on HBO Max if we are using laptops? To do this, you need help from extra software that can help you download HBO Max movies to your PC after which you can stream the downloads wherever you want.

2. How to Download Videos from HBO Max in MP4 [Fast in Bulk]

To download Movies from HBO Max on a computer, you need a professional downloader. MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is compatible with all HBO resources, including the HBO Max movies, shows, or free episodes, then downloads them as MP4/MKV for transferring to all devices to stream in 1080P. Audio tracks and subtitles in various languages can be preserved and you can choose to keep those subtitles as soft subtitles, hard subtitles, or external subtitles.
You don't need to be concerned about the downloaded resources expiry anymore, because MovPilot HBO Video Downloader allows you to keep the HBO downloads forever no matter if your subscription is canceled or not. It sets free to HBO Max movies and helps to bring the theatre back to your home!
Highlighted Features of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader
  • Compatible to download all HBO resources with great resolution in HD 1080p;
  • Batch download all episodes to MP4/MKV in one click;
  • Keep original multilingual audio track and subtitles;
  • Save subtitles as soft subtitles, hard subtitles, and external subtitles;
  • Ads removal during the download process to guarantee friendly offline playback;
  • Preserve HBO downloads permanently without an HBO Max subscription;
The intuitive interface design also boosts the efficiency in using MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, as users only require very easy steps to process the HBO Max movies download. Now, let's also get through how to download movies from HBO Max via the help of this professional tool.

STEP 1. Launch MovPilot HBO Video Downloader to Log in

Complete the installation of the downloader on a laptop at first. Then, launch the software and you will be required to log in to your HBO Max account to access the full library.
Log in to HBO

STEP 2. Search HBO Movies to Download

On the main interface, you are able to type in keywords to the frame bar to quickly access the HBO Max movies you desire to download. Or you are welcome to enter the URL instead to quickly locate the exact movie you need.
Search for HBO Movie

STEP 3. Adjust Parameter Settings

Hit the gear icon provided in the upper-right corner, users are available to customize the video parameters, such as the format, codec, etc. to download the HBO Max movies. You are also able to select an exact output folder here to save the downloaded movies if you need them.
Settings of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

(Optional) Make Exception for Certain Episodes

The settings from the gear icon are for all movies and shows. If you wish to make some exceptions for certain episodes after you search the HBO Max movie you desire to download, hit the setting icon provided and you are able to select the language and codec for the audio track, and also the subtitle type, and language based on your requirements.
Select HBO Episodes

STEP 4. Download HBO Max Movies Offline

Finally, click the download icon behind the movie you desire to download, and MovPilot HBO Video Downloader will start to download HBO Max movies for you. You can instantly check the download progress on the right side by clicking the downloading icon. Once the download completes, you are able to enjoy the movie playback offline with high resolution!
Downloading HBO Movie

3. How to Download HBO Movies or Shows on the Official HBO App?

Currently, only Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads are compatible with the HBO Max app. And as mentioned, you are absolutely able to directly download HBO movies on them without hassle. But you need to know that only with an "ad-free" HBO Max account can you download HBO movies or shows on the official app. If you are using an ad-supported account, you can only do that with MovPilot HBO Video Downloader. Here's how to use the download feature on the HBO app:
STEP 1. Launch the HBO Max app on the device and log in to your HBO Max account (ad-free).
STEP 2. Search for the HBO Max movie you desire to download offline.
STEP 3. Open its info page, and you will see the download icon provided there. Tap it and the movie will be added to download right away.
Download Videos on HBO

4. FAQs on Downloading Movies from HBO Max

Q1. Why Can't I Download Movies on HBO Max?

A: Consider if you are the ad-supported plan subscriber first. As HBO Max only provides the movie download service to ad-free subscribers, you would fail to access the feature for this reason.

Q2. How Long Do HBO Max Downloads Last?

A: The downloaded HBO Max videos will expire after 48 hours if you have started watching them. But for those who haven't begun yet, HBO Max will keep them for 30 days for you. If you hate being bothered by the expirations, you can use MovPilot HBO Video Downloader to download HBO Max shows or movies as MP4 which will never expire.

Q3. Can I Download Movies on HBO on TV?

A: Unfortunately, HBO only provides the download feature within the HBO Max app, which is compatible with Android and iOS systems only. Therefore, it is unable to download movies from HBO Max for streaming on TV, unless you use MovPilot HBO Video Downloader to download HBO Max movies offline on desktops at first, then transfer them to the TVs for streaming later.
MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is able to get rid of the download limitations employed by HBO, thus bringing more convenient access for users to enjoy HBO Max movies playback offline freely. When the software offers a free trial to every user, why not install it and process the first download right away?
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