Previously in May 2023, HBO Max has officially merged with Discovery Plus to create a new streaming service called Max.

Is HBO Max going away? When is HBO Max going away? What does the new Max mean for the existing subscribers of HBO Max or Discovery Plus? How to download videos from Max? You may have various questions about the new Max. Next, let's scroll down to get everything you may want to know about it.

Is HBO Max Going Away?

HBO Max is not going away, but it has been rebranded as Max as of May 23, 2023.
In April 2022, Warner Media and Discovery Media merged to create Warner Bros. Discovery. They started putting together all their movies and TV shows. They also changed the name of HBO Max to just "Max." Now, Max has everything from HBO Max and Discovery Plus, like "Game of Thrones," "Harry Potter," DC Hero movies, "The Big Bang Theory," and Discovery channel documentaries.

What Happens to Existing HBO Max Subscribers?

Although HBO Max has turned into Max, users can still enjoy existing HBO Max subscription services. There is no need to spend more money on subscribing to Max until at least November 2023. And members who have subscribed to the HBO Max annual plan will continue directly without the need for re-subscription or additional operations.

In addition, the website link has also changed. The latest access link is If you visit, it will automatically redirect to the new site. Also, the HBO Max app will automatically update to the Max app. Or you can manually download the New Max app from the app store.

How Much Does Max Cost?

Fortunately, there is not much change in price between Max and HBO Max. Let's check the three subscription plans provided by Max below.

Plan Monthly Price Video Device Numbers of Downloads
Ultimate Ad Free $19.99 4K 4 100
Ad Free $15.99 1080p 2 30
With Ads $9.99 1080p 2 0

Is There Any New Content on Max?

Sure. Max's expanded streaming menu includes hundreds of new Discovery+ episodes, so you can now easily download Discovery Plus shows on Max, including "House Hunters", "Property Brothers", "Chopped", "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", "Ghost Adventures", etc. It will offer 35,000 hours of content, more than twice as much as HBO Max. In the future, Max will continue to update fresh content, with an average of more than 40 new movies and TV series seasons every month.

House Hunter

How to Download Videos from the New Max?

Unexpectedly, the download restrictions remain the same after the merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus. Even with an Ad-free subscription, you can only keep 30 offline videos at once, and unwatched downloads expire within 30 days or 48 hours after playback starts. Plus, all downloaded content can only be played on the Max app. To watch Max videos offline without restrictions, you need the best Max video downloader.

MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader is specially designed to download Max videos offline in 1080p for Windows and Mac. It can break through all Max restrictions and allow users regardless of whether they have subscribed to an Ad-free plan to download videos from Max with no quantity limit. Also, downloaded videos have no expiry date and can be transferred to other devices or shared with many people for offline viewing.

Key Features of MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader:

  • Download Max videos to MP4 or MKV in full HD 1080p.
  • No download limits for Max videos to play offline.
  • Support batch downloading of Max movies and shows.
  • Built-in browser to access Max videos directly.
  • Offer original Dolby Atmos 5.1 sound effects.

Now follow the steps below to download Max videos with MovPilot:

Step 1. Download and Log into MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

When you first launch the software, you will be asked to log in on a pop-up window. Please log in to MovPilot HBO Video Downloader with your Max account (Both Ad-free and With-Ad accounts are supported) to access Max video downloading services.

Log into MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

Step 2. Search for Max Shows and Movies

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader comes with a powerful search engine, enabling users to directly access shows or movies from Max by entering the title name on the search bar.

Search for Max Shows and Movies

Step 3. Download Max Videos to MP4 or MKV

Click on the gear icon to adjust the parameters of the output Max video. Select a preferred output video format, or it will automatically download videos from Max to MP4. Also, you can adjust other video parameters like video codec, audio language, subtitle language, saving location, and more.

Select Output Settings

After that, click on the "Download" button at the lower right corner of the interface, then MovPilot will automatically start downloading Max videos to your computer. You can check the download process on the right panel in real time.

Download Max Videos to MP4 or MKV

Final Words

Now, you may have the answer to the question "Is HBO Max going away?" HBO Max is not going away, it is merged with Discovery Plus into the new streaming service "Max". And you can use the excellent MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader to download any content from HBO Max and Discovery Plus for offline viewing. Please share this best Discovery Plus downloader with your family and friends so that they can flexibly watch Max videos offline!

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