How to Download HBO Max Movies on Laptop in 1080P?

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When we want to enjoy high-quality movies and shows at home, popular platforms like HBO Max would immediately come into our minds. On HBO Max, there are many resources provided for streaming online, with great quality such as HD resolution and also surround sound quality provided.
However, HBO doesn't provide an official app on computers, you can't download videos from this platform on your laptop as you do on your mobile devices. Luckily, there is a professional tool designed for HBO video download on both Mac and Windows and I will show you how to operate it in the next part.

1. How to Download HBO Max Movies on Laptop?

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader provides the HBO Max movies and shows download service for any HBO users. It doesn't need you to have the ad-free HBO Max subscription but provides the same high-quality download function to keep HBO Max videos in 1080P for as long as you want without expiring. For any HBO Max movies and TV shows, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader can support the download.
Key Features:
  • Provides common MP4 and MKV formats to download HBO Max videos for playback on any devices
  • Saves HBO Max download at the best HD 1080P quality
  • Removes the ads from HBO Max movies and shows to have enjoyable playback offline
  • Keeps HBO Max downloads forever without expiring
  • Doesn't need to install the HBO app or subscribe to HBO Max plans to download HBO Max videos
  • Allows keeping original audio tracks and subtitles with the language you need
  • Lets both ad-supported HBO accounts download HBO Max videos as well
After knowing about this tool, I am going to show you how to download HBO Max movies on Laptop.

Step 1. Sign in to HBO Account in MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

When the MovPilot HBO Video Downloader has been installed on your computer, open the software and sign in using your HBO account.
Log in to HBO

Step 2. Search for HBO Max Movies and Shows to Download

Type in the keywords to the search bar and find the movies or TV shows you want to download on your laptop. Normally, TV shows that contain more than one video need you to click the download icon and select the exact videos inside to download.
Search for HBO Movie

Step 3. Choose Output Format and Do Audio Track or Subtitle Settings

Click the hen setting icon on the top-right corner of the screen, then you can directly choose the output format (both MP4 and MKV formats are supported) and audio track, and subtitle settings for downloading all HBO Max movies at the same time.
Settings of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader
Or you can click the provided parameter setting icon after the video separately if you need.
Select Audio Track

Step 4. Download HBO Max Movies on Laptop

When the settings have been done, you just need to click the download button and the HBO Max videos will be downloaded immediately. You can check the downloading condition at any time on the right side by clicking the downloading icon. When it finishes, you can find the HBO Max download offline and enjoy the playback without a network connection freely.
Finished Downloading HBO Videos

2. FAQs About Downloading HBO Max Videos on Laptop

Q1. Is There an HBO Max Download Limit?

The official HBO Max app only lets you have up to 30 downloads in sum on all your devices. And once the videos are played, they will expire in 48 hours. But if you use MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, you can download as many movies as you want on your laptop and they will never expire.

Q2. Can I Download HBO Max Movies on Laptop in MP4?

Yes, you can download any HBO video with MovPilot HBO Video Downloader which supports downloading HBO movies and shows to MP4 and MKV. This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows and it saves the original audio tracks and subtitles perfectly.


Actually, except for the Android and iOS phones, you can still have HBO Max downloaded offline on your laptop. To do it, only by installing MovPilot HBO Video Downloader and you can process all HBO Max movies and shows downloaded without limitations. The software is free to try. You can download and install it to start downloading HBO Max movies for offline playback now.
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