"My HBO Max downloads won't play offline on the tablet and iPad! The prompt 'Please try again' keeps annoying me. What's the point of HBO Max downloads not working?"

If you encounter the same problems, it is not worth being sad because this post has collected 9 useful ways to help you fix HBO Max downloads not working. More importantly, if you can't still solve it after trying these methods, an all-in-one and almighty way will be introduced to bypass the potential HBO Max download problems and enjoy HBO Max shows and movies offline smoothly.

Fix HBO Max Download not

Check HBO Max Service

When you discover HBO Max not working to play the downloads or fails to download video content, firstly, you should consider whether there is something wrong with the HBO Max server. If the problem happens because an error occurred on HBO Max’s end, it won’t be possible to get it solved by yourself.

To make sure that the server of HBO Max runs normally, you can use tools like Downdetector to check its status. When you have ensured that the server of HBO is down, you can only wait for it to recover. But if it runs as usual, consider the following methods to fix HBO Max download not working instead.

Update the HBO Max Version

You should know that the outdated version of the HBO Max app would always cause some unexpected bugs while used.

Hence, consider whether this is the cause leading to the HBO Max download not working on your device. To update it to the latest version, simply go to the App Store on iOS and Google Play Store on Android and submit "Update". Once you get the latest HBO Max app installed, try to play the downloads or download your desired HBO Max movies again and you probably discover that the error is fixed.

Update HBO Max App

Check If You Have an Ad-Free Plan

It should be noted that HBO only offers the download feature to those who have subscribed to the Ad-free plan. For subscribers of HBO plans with ads, you will find no download options provided to save the videos for offline viewing.

Hence, the way to fix the HBO Max download not working problem is by updating your subscription plan to the ad-free option. Before processing this, check the plan you have subscribed to by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to HBO Max in the app or on the official webpage.
  2. Select "Account" or go to "Settings" to check the subscription status.
  3. From the page, you will find the current plan you have subscribed to and your billing period.
Check HBO Max Subscription Status

Change the Download Quality

When your device lacks sufficient storage, it will have trouble downloading more videos within it. Hence, except for deleting unused apps on your device, you can try downgrading the output quality of HBO Max videos to reduce the occupation of the device storage.

By default, HBO Max would set the highest quality available for your device to download the videos for you. Thus, to change the download quality to a lower level, just follow the steps below:

  1. In the HBO Max app, navigate to "Profile" > "Settings" > "Downloads".
  2. Select "Download Quality".
  3. If it has set the "Highest quality" option, switch to "Fastest download" to let HBO Max keep the videos offline at a lower quality but smaller sizes.
Change HBO Max Download Quality

Delete Unnecessary Downloads

Remember that HBO Max has limited the number of available downloads for each account - it is only possible for a single account to keep up to 30 downloaded videos at max. Hence, if you have exceeded this limitation, the HBO Max download not working issue will surely occur.

To keep the downloading features working, you are required to delete those watched videos and then save the new ones instead.

  1. Simply navigate to "Profile" > "Downloads" within the HBO Max app.
  2. Select "Edit" and choose those you don’t need anymore to remove with one click.
  3. Then search for your favorite HBO Max videos and download them to watch offline.
Delete HBO Max Downloads

Disable Your VPN

If you have used a VPN service to bypass the regional limitations and access HBO video streaming services, consider whether you have selected a stable connection. Sometimes the VPN will run unstably and delay your network, causing HBO Max downloads not working error.

To fix it, simply turn off the VPN. If you are outside the regions that support HBO Max video streaming, just change to another better VPN to use the service stably.

Switch off Download Over Wi-Fi Only

By default, HBO Max has its download preference set as downloading videos using Wi-Fi only. When you are not on Wi-Fi, you can't download HBO Max movies over cellular data. All you need to do is turn off the toggle for "Download Over Wi-Fi Only" on HBO Max if you are not concerned about your data consumption.

💡 Note:

If you also want to avoid accidentally using too much data, simply toggle on the Cellular Download Warning option. HBO Max will warn you when you download using cellular data.

  1. Open HBO Max and go to Profile > Settings in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down and tap the Downloads
  3. Then, disable the toggle beside Download over Wi-Fi Only
Turn off Download Over Wi-Fi Only on HBO Max

Renew the Downloads

Your downloads saved in the HBO Max app would expire after a certain period according to HBO’s offline service rules. For example, you are only available to keep the video downloads for 48 hours after starting playing it, or 30 days before you begin to watch.

💡 Note:

Only subscribers of the HBO Max Ad-free plan can process video renewing within the app.

To make the expired HBO Max downloads work again, you are required to renew them manually by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the "Downloads" section in the HBO Max app.
  2. Tap the "Expired" icon and select "Renew" to complete the renewal process.
  3. Tap the "Expired" icon and select "Renew" to complete the renewal process.
Renew HBO Max Downloads

Turn on Flight Mode

If the well-downloaded HBO Max videos still fail to play and you receive the error message calling you to check the connection, consider whether there is something wrong with your device network setting.

Under such conditions, try to play the download by turning on Airplane mode.

  1. Make sure your devices are connected to a stable network connection.
  2. Sign in to your HBO Max account and after that, close the HBO Max app.
  3. Now, turn on flight mode or turn off your Wi-Fi.
  4. Then, open the HBO Max app and try to play your downloads within the app.

This method helps you to remove the interruption caused by the unstable network connection, which is workable for many users to fix the HBO Max download not working issue successfully.

Use MovPilot to Fix HBO Max Downloads Not Working Permanently

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Log into HBO on MovPilot

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Search for HBO Movies to Download

STEP 3. Then, click the gear icon on the upper-right corner to customize the output settings such as the format, quality, and audio/subtitle language for outputting the videos.

Select Output Format for HBO Videos

STEP 4. Back to the video result page and select those you desire to keep offline. Simply tap the download icon after them to start the process right away.

Finished Downloading HBO Videos


When you unexpectedly encounter with the HBO Max download not working error, the 9 provided solutions in this blog are valid to help. If you still find the issue unfixable, try MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader to remove the limitations and keep HBO videos offline for watching outside the official platform. It may be the best one-step method to get the problem solved. Now, give it a try!

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