How to Watch Disney Plus Offline on PC/Mobile [2023]

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"What can I do? I just moved houses and my ISP or the courier screwed up as my router was supposed to arrive last week but now it'll be arriving after new years. I still have internet and access to my old house until the 31st but it's a waste of time and fuel to go back and forth just to use the internet to watch things."
As one of the most popular online video platforms, Disney Plus is famous for its abundant movies and show resources. It is a video hub of brands Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Aside from this, Disney Plus also provides personal features such as GroupWatch to improve your watching experience.
Disney Plus online videos are available on devices such as TV, computer, mobile, and game console. However, do you know how to watch Disney Plus offline? Is there any software available for offline watching on computers? This post will help you deal with these download issues. Please scroll down and continue reading.

1. Disney Plus Offline Mode Explained

You can download Disney Plus content through its mobile app in advance thanks to the offline mode, so you can watch Disney Plus offline later when no internet connection.

Disney Plus Offline Mode

It’s very convenient to download movies or shows on the Disney Plus mobile app. What you need to do is to tap the "Download" icon on the playback page of the video you want to download.
Nevertheless, Disney Plus places some restrictions on the download feature. The option to download Disney Plus movies is only available on the mobile app with supported devices. The downloaded videos can only be played within the app. What’s more, downloaded videos will expire after 30 days if you don't refresh the license in time.

Can You Download Disney Plus Movies to Watch Offline on Computers?

Yes, you can download Disney Plus movies on computers, but not directly through the Disney Plus app, since it’s only available for mobile devices, and the offline mode is not supported on the Disney Plus website. Therefore, if you want to watch Disney Plus offline on Windows or Mac computers, you need to use another software. MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader is the best option for you.

2. How to Download Disney Plus Movies to Watch Offline on Computer

As we all know, the download feature of Disney Plus is only available on mobile apps for phones and tablets, while Windows and Mac users may only watch online movies on the Disney Plus website. MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader, one of the greatest video downloaders, is created to assist you in downloading all movies or series from Disney Plus in high quality to MP4/MKV.
MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader is a handy software with versatile and practical download features.
  • It is available on both Mac and Windows. As a result, movie lovers can also watch Disney movies offline on their computers or TVs and enjoy the visual feast brought by a bigger screen.
  • MP4 and MKV download formats are supported by MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader. Therefore, users can play the downloaded series and movies on any player and keep them for as long as they like.
  • Movies and shows will be saved in 720P high definition which will not affect your viewing experience.
  • Audio and subtitles in various languages can also be downloaded.
  • The download operations are easy and straightforward. So, you can grab Disney Plus movies with simple clicks even though you are a computer novice.
Follow the steps summarized below and learn how to download Disney Plus movies on computers with MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader to watch videos offline.

Step 1. Run MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader

Download and install MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader on your computer. If you are new to Disney Plus, sign up and you can enjoy a 7-day free trial. If you are not a new customer, log in to your paid Disney Plus account.
Log in to Disney Plus

Step 2. Search Disney Plus movies or TV shows

Enter the movie or TV shows that you want to download by name directly in the search field. Or copy and paste the movie URL from the Disney Plus website. Then, click the "Search" icon.
You can click the little searching bar on the right side to filter the video types that you want in advance if you want to get the result faster.
Search for Disney Plus Movie

Step 3. Customize settings on the output format

If you want to change video formats, audio, and subtitle language, click the "Settings" icon. MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader supports MP4 and MKV output formats, as well as languages such as English, French, Japanese, and Chinese.
Settings of MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader

Step 4. Star downloading

If you're going to download a movie, click the "Download" icon next to it after you finished all steps introduced above and the downloading begins.
If your selection is a TV show, click the box before the number of each episode on the detail page to select the episode that you want to download.


Audio and subtitle tracks can also be saved by clicking the button next to the "Download" icon. If you're downloading a TV show, the setting icon is next to the "Duration" on the video detail page.
Downloading Disney Plus Movie

Step 5. Watch Disney Plus offline

When the download is finished, click the "History" icon at the top of the screen, and all the downloaded videos will be displayed. Then, click one and enjoy Disney Plus videos offline.
Finished Downloading Disney Plus Videos

3. How to Watch Disney Plus Offline on Mobile Devices?

You can use the Disney Plus app to watch Disney Plus offline directly as long as you have the supported devices. With the app, users have access to an unlimited amount of video downloads. So, you can still enjoy Disney blockbusters on your mobile devices when no internet connection. Aside from that, both a single episode of a Disney Plus TV show and an entire season can be downloaded.
The process of downloading movies and watching Disney Plus offline within the Disney Plus app is as follows.
Step 1. Install and run the Disney Plus app on your device. You can have some personal settings before you start to download. Tap the "My Profile" button in the menu bar at the bottom right of the screen to enter the "App Setting" section and set the download quality and download location you want.
Step 2. Then, go to the "Home" page by clicking the first icon at the button on the screen to find a movie you want to download from the collections or click the "Search" icon in the menu bar to search shows by name directly. 
Step 3. Tap the cover of the movie you want to download and go to the playback page. The downloading will then start after you tap the "Download" icon under the video cover. When the downloading is finished, click the "Downloads" section in the menu bar at the bottom to check and watch Disney Plus offline.
Download Videos on Disney Plus on Phone

Tips on a TV show download

If you want to download an entire season of a TV show, go to its playback page and scroll down to find the "Season Download" icon. Click it and choose "Download Season" in the pop-up window. Then, the downloading begins.
If you want to download an episode of a TV show, turn to the show's page and swipe up, you can see all the episodes of this season. Select the one you want to watch offline and click the corresponding "Download" icon on the right of that episode.
Download Entire Season on Disney Plus

4. FAQs About Disney Plus Offline Viewing

Q1: Can You Watch Downloaded Disney Plus Movies Offline on PC?

Yes. But you need to seek help from a third-party tool like MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader to download Disney Plus movies on your computer first. All movies are downloaded in MP4 by default and you can easily watch them without internet.

Q2: How to Watch Disney Plus Offline on Mac?

You need to use MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader if you want to watch Disney Plus offline on Mac since there is no available Disney Plus software on the computer and the download function is not supported on the website. The specific download steps are explained explicitly above. Please read and follow the procedures.

Q3: Why Won't My Disney Plus Downloads Play Offline?

Many Disney Plus users have complained that sometimes the offline mode doesn’t work, so they can’t watch the downloaded videos offline. The causes of such offline problems are varied from person to person. Some may be the internal glitch of the app. Some may be the unstable internet. Given such a situation, several effective solutions are concluded as follows. You can read and try to find a suitable one.
  1. Log out and log back into your Disney Plus account.
  1. Update your Disney Plus app to the latest version.
  1. Restart the device.
  1. Log out from all the signed-in devices.
If the problem persists after you try all these ways, please report the issue to the developer. They would help fix the bugs by updating the app and making the app run smoothly.


Well, Disney Plus is a well-known streaming service, providing tons of blockbusters for movie lovers. You can watch Disney Plus offline through its mobile app on the supported devices. However, if you are a computer user, you can't enjoy offline watching directly due to the download restrictions brought by Disney Plus.
MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader is a wonderful alternative for you. It allows computer users, both Windows and Mac, to download all Disney Plus movies and shows into MP4 in high-definition, so you can watch them whenever and wherever you want with your family. Download it and have a try now!
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