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How to Get Netflix on Xbox [Simple Methods]

As one of the world's largest video streaming platforms, Netflix is now compatible with numerous devices, including Xbox models such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Let's assume that you are a new user and now consider setting up and getting Netflix on Xbox for streaming Netflix videos in high definition for entertainment. You probably need help.

Therefore, in this post, the full manipulation guide will walk you through the complete process of getting, installing, and playing Netflix on Xbox. Please follow the instructions to proceed with Netflix streaming in no time.

What Do You Need to Get Netflix on Xbox

Before proceeding to install Netflix on Xbox, you ought to double-check the requirements needed to get Netflix on the game console:

  • Compatible Netflix application version for Xbox devices (currently, the Netflix app is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S)
  • Signed in to the Xbox Live network and stable Internet connectivity to complete the application installation and process video streaming online.
  • Netflix subscription: Now you can download Netflix for free without purchasing an Xbox Live Gold membership, but you still need a Netflix subscription to watch Netflix.

Once prepared, please continue moving to the next module and follow the guidance to install Netflix on Xbox.

How to Install Netflix on Xbox

For the Xbox models compatible with the Netflix app, it's time for you to follow the manipulation guide for getting ready to proceed with Netflix movies and TV series streaming on Xbox. Let's see how to install Netflix:

On Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Please note that the procedures to install Netflix on Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are the same:

  1. First, please awaken your Xbox device and scroll right on the Home Screen to open the Store.
Open Xbox One Store
  1. Turn to the Apps module and scroll to find the Netflix app. You can directly search for it if you fail to find it in the list.
  1. Tap Install to complete the application installation on Xbox.

On Xbox 360

  1. On the Home Screen of Xbox 360, instead of Store, you will need to select the Apps option.
  1. Subsequently, click on the Search Apps module and type in Netflix to access the application.
  1. Once the Netflix app result comes up, tap it and click on the Download button to proceed to install it on your Xbox 360.

How to Set up Netflix on Xbox

After getting Netflix installed on Xbox, it's the turn to set up for utilizing the brilliant video streaming services provided by Netflix. This module will show you the way to set up Netflix on Xbox:

  1. From the Home Screen of your Xbox device, tap Netflix
  1. Click on the Member Sign-in option from the login window.
  1. Please fill in both your Netflix account and password to sign in.

Attention: If you are not a Netflix member yet, please turn to the Netflix website and sign up for creating an account first.

  1. Confirm the Sign In to complete the Netflix setup and start streaming movies and TV series from it.

FAQs About Netflix on Xbox

Have you run into any confusion about utilizing Netflix on Xbox? These FAQs may help!

Is it Necessary to Subscribe to Xbox Live Gold to Use Netflix?

Not at all. Although Xbox required Xbox Live Gold to install some applications before, now the subscription is only utilized for games. That means you don't need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to download and use the Netflix app on Xbox. 

Can You Play Netflix on Xbox from USB?

Normally, it is not possible for you to store Netflix on USB, as all Netflix videos are encrypted by DRM, meaning that you can only stream them with the Netflix app. Therefore, to download Netflix to USB for playing on Xbox, a third-party program is required to get rid of DRM first.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader provides a DRM-removing function, allowing you to unlock DRM and convert Netflix videos to H.264 MP4 files (which are compatible with Xbox devices) at HD 1080p definition. Through this method, you are possible to play Netflix on Xbox even without Internet connectivity, leading to more stable performance for enjoying Netflix playback.

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After reading through the whole guide, you must be clear on how to get started and utilize Netflix on Xbox now. When Netflix is compatible with the devices, you have more options for entertainment with your Xbox devices. It's time to enjoy Netflix on your Xbox.

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