MovPilot HBO Video Downloader Review: Exactly What You Want​

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Nowadays, there are many popular streaming websites such as HBO Max, providing movies and TV series of all categories for you to enjoy online whenever you desire.
Unfortunately, if you download HBO Max videos for offline viewing, they will be invalid after 30 days or 48 hours once you start playing them. There is no doubt that the time validity period is upsetting and frustrating. That’s why many of you would desire a dedicated HBO Max video downloader to help.
Among a variety of options on the market, to download HBO Max videos for offline watching forever, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader absolutely stands out from the fierce competition. Today, this comprehensive review on the software will lead you to go through its features and advantages in-depth. If you are also seeking a reliable software for preserving HBO Max movies and shows for offline watching without limitations, grasp the review and learn more about MovPilot HBO Video Downloader now!

What is MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

As its name goes, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is specially designed for users to download HBO Max videos, and save them to DRM-free video files in mainstream formats for keeping offline and playing without HBO Max app installed.
The reason leading to the appearance of such software as MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is the official limitations applied to the in-app download feature provided by HBO. For example:
  • Only the subscribers of the HBO Max Ad-free plan are allowed to access the download feature within the HBO Max app on iOS/Android devices.
  • For Windows and Mac, HBO Max does not support you to get the download functionality, but allow you to download any video on HBO Max on mobile devices.
  • Even for those subscribers, the HBO Max downloads are only playable within the official app within a certain valid date, bringing great inconvenience to users who desire a free playback or want to keep the video collections as long as they want.
  • Only 30 downloaded videos can be stored on the device.
However, using a video downloader like MovPilot HBO Video Downloader can absolutely bypass all these limitations. As the software works mainly to decrypt the DRM encryption of the HBO Max videos, users are able to get the DRM-free files for using as those ordinary videos as usual. You are able to transfer the downloaded HBO Max videos to any device, and use any media player for streaming, without being limited by HBO anymore!
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Is MovPilot HBO Video Downloader Worth It

However, when there are different options provided on the market, why we should select MovPilot HBO Video Downloader? What makes the software stand out? The following concluded features will answer you the questions. Continue reading.

Built-in Browser Embedded

Through integrating via a built-in browser, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is connected with the HBO Max video library, allowing you to directly enter keywords for accessing the videos you desire to download instead of frequently copying and pasting URLs between different platforms. In this way, it saves a lot of your time to process the downloading of HBO Max videos.

Mainstream Output Formats Provided

To increase the compatibility of the outputted HBO Max videos, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader provides the universally-supported formats, MP4 and MKV for selecting to watch the downloaded HBO Max videos offline, making it easier for you to transfer them and watch on all devices with any installed media player without limitations.

Original HD Quality Preserved

The software offers full HD 1080p at max to encode the downloaded HBO Max videos to deliver a pleasant playback experience to you. Meanwhile, both H265 and H264 video codecs are provided for well balancing the file size but with high quality for you with ease.

Multi-language Audio Tracks and Subtitles Detectable

For videos of multiple language options, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is able to detect the full audio tracks and subtitles, enabling you to preserve them offline as you desire. For the pattern of the subtitles outputs, you are able to select saving them as the soft and hard subtitles, or export them as an independent external SRT file as you need.

Batch Download Speed at 5X Faster

With multiple advanced accelerations teaches applied, the software is able to enable 5X faster speed to process the video download. Additionally, with the batch download feature, you are able to get multiple items saved offline simultaneously, greatly boosting efficiency when you get a list of HBO Max videos required to be downloaded.
Despite these highlighted features, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is also equipped with other attractive points driving its functionality to be even more user-friendly. For example:
  • The well-designed interface and intuitive in-app operation;
  • Flexible control of the download process by pausing and resuming at any time;
  • Auto sleep mode is provided to save your computer energy while processing a long-time download;
  • Responsive support to help resolve any problem you meet while using the software.


Overall, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader has these out-performing features that make it a perfect option for you to download HBO Max for more flexible offline viewing:
  • Mainstream output formats MP4/MKV;
  • Full HD 1080P quality guaranteed;
  • Original audio and subtitles preserved;
  • 5X faster batch downloading speed;
  • Integrated browser to directly access HBO Max videos.
The free version requires no charge to get started. Immediately install MovPilot HBO Video Downloader here:

How Does MovPilot HBO Video Downloader Works

With intuitive functionality, you are able to complete the HBO Video downloader with just by click. Now, go through this brief guide and check how MovPilot HBO Video Downloader works to help preserve videos in HD quality for you:
STEP 1. Once well installed MovPilot HBO Video Downloader on your desktop, launch the software and complete the login using your HBO account.
Log in to HBO
STEP 2. Then, you are available to use the searching function to browse and access the HBO Max movies or TV series you desire to download offline. The search results will be presented by the keywords you enter. It is also available for you to paste the video URL to find the exact video quickly.
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STEP 3. Now, simply hit the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the software, and you are able to pre-set the output settings such as the video format, codec, audio/subtitle language, and subtitle type to save the HBO video downloads. You are also available to adjust the output folder and download speed here based on your requirements.
Select Output Format for HBO Videos
STEP 4. Once the settings are done, simply turn back to the video results page and hit the download icon provided after each video to download the ones you like right away.
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Is MovPilot HBO Video Downloader free

Currently, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader only offers the free version for experiencing the download feature by downloading the 6-minute of each video for you. To unlock such limitations and access its full version, MovPilot has provided 3 subscription plans, including:
1-Month Plan: US$15.95
1-Year Plan: US$59.95
Lifetime Plan: US$128.95
  1. The license is only available for 1 device.
  2. The pricing has excluded the tax.
  3. The subscription plan will auto renew (cancellation at any time is possible).
Subscription Plans
For more info, you are able to visit the online store of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader.


We all know that HBO applies limitations on accessing the HBO Max videos for enjoying offline, but thankfully, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is able to help bypass all of them. After going through this review, you probably know why the software has been a popular option when considering a reliable video downloader for HBO Max. Now, install MovPilot HBO Video Downloader for free and give it a try!
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