FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader Review in 2023

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FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader is one of the most popular software among all Netflix downloaders. It has an average rating of 4.8/5 on its official site, which seems to be quite an excellent score. Then, is the rating reliable? This review will show you the major details of FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader, according to my testing. If you're planning to download and use the FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader, read my analysis and see if the app meets your real needs.
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1. Is FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader Really Free?

Though it boasts of itself as a free Netflix downloader, FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader poses many limitations on the free version. For example, only one video can be downloaded at a time; downloading subtitles in SRT format is not available; the free version can only download the first 3 minutes of a video. If you want to remove all these restrictions and get full features, you need a premium.
It offers a price of $9.99/year for the premium version. You need to check the subscription plans by clicking on the "Buy Now" button and going to the purchase page. However, it shows a novelty idea that users have the opportunity to get a yearly free key by providing unbiased posted feedback about this application. You can read the detailed requirements and write your review if you want to get FreeGrabApp for free.

2. Detailed Review of FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader

Then in the following part, I will give a review of the FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader from aspects of the movie searching method, download quality, format, audio, and subtitle based on my personal user experience. If you want to know whether this app is worth purchasing, just continue reading.

Searching for a Movie

First of all, let’s take a look at how FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader searches for a movie or show. Similar to many downloaders, it allows users to download Netflix videos by copying the links from the Netflix webpage and pasting them into the software. However, many downloaders also provide an embedded search engine, so that users can search videos by name directly inside the app as long as they log in to their Netflix accounts.
FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader Interface
Therefore, it seems to be inconvenient to get Netflix videos through copy-and-paste with FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader. And efficiency will be low if users want to download multiple videos simultaneously.

What Video Quality and Format Will You Get?

When it comes to video and sound quality, the app provides three options: High quality, Default, and Minimum size. You can set the download quality of the audio track and video track of a specific video by clicking the "Setting" icon in the upper right corner of that video. FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader supports high-definition download quality up to 1080p.
As for the video output format, FreeGrabApp helps you download Netflix movies to MP4 by default, and no other options are available for you to choose from. Although MP4 is a commonly-used video format, when you need another format such as MKV, you may need to use another third-party app to help you do the conversion.

Is It Fast to Use?

The advantages of this app are that its link conversion speed can be chosen to an ultrafast level and videos can be downloaded in a short time. Besides, it supports bulk downloads. So, users can download up to 10 videos at the same time and all episodes of all seasons of any series can also be saved at once.
However, you need to purchase a subscription if you want to unlock the batch download feature. What’s more, when downloading more than three videos at a time, the app may crash, which is a fatal drawback.
FreeGrabApp Maximum Active Downloads

Will It Preserve Original Audio Tracks?

Yes, it will. The app offers two audio types: original audio and audio for blindness. The latter is one of the highlights of the software, which allows people with blindness to download audio descriptions. Moreover, you can choose the quality of the saved tracks, such as Stereo or Dolby, as well as audio languages based on your own needs.

Can You Get the Original Subtitles?

Yes. The software offers two formats for saving subtitles, one in original format and the other in SRT format, but the latter requires a membership to unlock. In addition, it also has dozens of optional subtitle languages provided for you, including Chinese, English, Italian, German, Japanese, etc.

3. Alternative to FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader

Personally, I’m not so satisfied with the performance of this software, because there are many features that I can’t use in the free version, such as the batch download, the SRT subtitles format, and even downloading a full movie. Besides, it doesn’t come with an in-built search engine. Therefore, I still need to copy and paste the video links from the Netflix website one by one even after logging into my Netflix account, which is a tedious step.
I also tested several downloaders, among which I am quite satisfied with MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader. If you are still struggling to choose a downloader with excellent performance, you may want to try it. Compared to FreeGrabApp Netflix Downloader, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader has a lot more highlights. With it, you can throw away the copy-and-paste step and directly search movies or shows by name after you log in to your Netflix account. Then, you will get a precise result.
Main Interface of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
Similarly, this software supports HD 1080p video download quality. Aside from MP4, it also offers an MKV download format. What's more, the software can batch download several videos and several episodes of a TV series at the same time, allowing you to grab Netflix videos at a fast speed. MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader has three types of subtitles format: hard subtitles, embedded subtitles, and external subtitles (in SRT). In the Setting section, you can also choose audio and subtitle languages.
Select Subtitle for Netflix Movie

4. Conclusion

All in all, many free Netflix downloaders are not completely free to use. Instead, you need to buy a membership to enjoy the full features. Before you purchase a subscription, you should decide if it’s worth it and choose one with excellent download performance so as not to waste money.
MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is a good option for you. As I mentioned above, it has versatile powerful features, allowing you to grab HD Netflix videos effortlessly and batch-download shows in one click without the app crashing. Due to its embedded search engine, it’s also easy to search movies and get accurate results.
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