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How to Download Disney Plus Movies to USB Drive [Only 4 Steps]

Disney Plus allows users to download movies on their tablets, Android and iOS, but some people may want to download movies to a USB drive due to storage limitations. However, it is important to note that Disney Plus downloaded videos can only be streamed within the app and will expire if you don't go online after 30 days. Transferring these DRM-protected downloaded videos to a USB drive poses challenges as encrypted Disney videos cannot be played when the USB is plugged into other players.
Therefore, in this blog, we will introduce a simple way to help you remove DRM from Disney Plus movies and you can easily download movies from Disney Plus to USB with only 4 steps, with a third-party tool, MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader. With it, you can download Disney Plus videos locally and preserve your favorite movies permanently. Let's dive in!

Tool Required: MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader

When it comes to playing downloaded Disney Plus videos on other media players after transferring them to USB, the obstinate DRM protection is the biggest challenge. Utilizing a highly-rated program such as MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader to remove DRM restrictions from Disney Plus movies can be a workaround. With this powerful tool, you can download Disney Plus movies or series to mainstream formats like MP4 and MKV for flexible playback anywhere, anytime.

What sets it apart is its ability to preserve downloaded videos with high-quality permanently. Its embedded browser for Disney Plus allows for seamless movie browsing, while its DRM removal feature ensures a hassle-free experience. 

Once the DRM is eliminated, you can download, transfer movies to your flash drives and save them forever. This way, you won't be plagued with problems such as device compatibility, storage limitations and expiration dates.

Here are the main features of MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader.

  • Download Any Disney Plus Videos to MP4 in High Quality

Compatible with Mac and Windows, MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader is able to download all video content from Disney Plus. All videos can be downloaded to MP4 or MKV in HD 720P. Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound can be retained, while audio description and H264/H265 video codec are also available to enhance your viewing experience.

  • Offers Multilingual Soundtracks and Subtitles Options

The tool helps you to preserve the original soundtrack and subtitles in multiple languages so that you can switch them during movie-watching. As for subtitles, there are three download options (soft subtitles, hard subtitles and external subtitles) for selection. This ensures you select a subtitle format that best suits your viewing needs.

  • Ultra-fast Download Speed at 5X Faster

Thanks to its cutting-edge decryption technology and hardware acceleration, downloading videos at a lightning-fast 5X speed is now a reality with MovPilot. It also supports downloading videos in batches, allowing you to download all episodes from a series at once without any interruptions.

  • Guarantees Metadata Preservation

This downloader ensures that downloaded videos retain their original titles, video codec, audio channel, video dimension, and duration. Better still, all episodes from the same season are conveniently organized in one folder for easy management.

Tutorial: How to Download Movies from Disney Plus to USB Drive

With an intuitive interface, it is simple to download movies from Disney Plus to your USB drive. Taking Mac as an example, here is a four-step tutorial for reference.

Step 1. Run the Program and Log in to Disney Plus

Please download and install the MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader on your computer first. Then, in the pop-up window, log into your Disney Plus account to access your video collections.

Log in to Disney Plus

Step 2. Customize Output Settings

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and a window will appear for you to preset the output settings. Then, you can select video format from MP4 or MKV, video codec, audio/subtitle language, subtitle formats and more.

Select Video Output Format

Step 3. Search for Disney Plus Movies

Please enter the title of Disney Plus movie into the search bar and MovPilot will search for it. It also works if you copy the URL of the desired movie. Below the search box, you will find the displayed search results.

Search for Disney Plus Movie

Step 4. Start Downloading Movies and Move Them to A USB

After all the settings, click on the Download icon to start downloading movies from Disney Plus to MP4/MKV with the original subtitles and audio. You can monitor the download progress through the progress bar located on the right side.

Then, insert your USB drive into the computer. Click the Finished tab and click the Video Output Folder to open the folder where you save downloaded videos. Now, transfer the videos from your computer to USB.

Finished Downloading Disney Plus Videos

Tips: What If You Want to Change the Download Location to Save Space?

If your mobile devices have a microSD card slot to expand storage capacity, Disney Plus allows you to change the download location to an installed SD card. It should be noted that the video that is saved on the SD card can only be streamed on the device where you originally downloaded it. Try these simple steps to change the location.

Step 1. Install an SD card on your device and run the Disney Plus app.

Step 2. Click on the Profile icon. Then, choose App settings > Download location.

Step 3. Tap External storage and then your downloaded videos will be saved on the SD card.

NOTE: Only adult profiles on Disney Plus allow you to change downloaded locations.


In summary, we offer you an easy solution, MovPilot Disney Plus Video Downloader, to download movies from Disney Plus to USB Drive for flexible playback. With this powerful tool, you can remove movie DRM, unlock the potential of Disney Plus and create a personalized library of excellent movies for playback on any device. Have a try!

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