When you purchase or rent Amazon Prime videos, or subscribe to Prime Video membership to download them offline, you will find that they are only playable within the Prime Video app. This happens because all Amazon Prime videos are protected by DRM, and all downloads will be removed after a certain period, meaning that you can't keep them for a long time.

Therefore, to help you have a more flexible offline Amazon Prime video streaming experience, this blog has tested and found the best way to remove DRM from Amazon videos for free, to help you save them offline in lossless MP4 format. Now, keep reading and see how.

How to Remove DRM from Amazon Videos

Overview: Things to Know About Amazon Prime DRM

Before moving down to the solution to remove Amazon Prime protection, you can first check what it is and why it stops you from keeping Amazon video downloads offline.

What is Amazon DRM? Why You Should Remove It?

DRM refers to Digital Rights Management, which is a technology used to protect streaming media such as videos and music from being used without regulations. By adding such a protection method to Amazon Prime videos, they can't be downloaded or extracted to play outside the Prime Video platforms. You also have to follow the rules set by Amazon to access these video downloads even if you have subscribed to Amazon Prime membership and are granted the right to download them for offline playback.

Therefore, if you want to remove all these limitations and download Amazon Prime videos to keep offline forever without expiration, removing DRM should be the first thing to process. Once you get the DRM-free Amazon Prime video downloads, you are able to play them on all media players without being limited within the Prime Video app. In addition, the downloads won't expire and can be kept as long as you like.

Is it Legal to Remove DRM from Amazon Videos?

Some of you wonder if it is legal to remove DRM from Amazon videos by yourself. The answer to this question is yes, but only if you use video downloads for personal needs. For example, if you only download Amazon videos for yourself to have a smoother offline playback experience, it is completely legal.

However, if you use the downloads for earning profits, or causing actual loss to the uploaders, artists, or companies, you are breaking the copyright laws, which can be illegal.

Best Tool: MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

To conclude, if you want to save Amazon videos offline to play without limitations, or just keep offline without worrying about expiration someday, you need to remove DRM from Amazon videos on Mac/Windows first. For this purpose, a professional desktop tool can surely bring you the best help.

MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is what you need. It provides a powerful unlocking ability to bypass DRM protection, and help you effortlessly get DRM-free Amazon video downloads by downloading and converting Amazon movies to MP4 or MKV format. You can import the videos to any media player or device to enjoy playback without installing the Prime Video app.

What's more, this powerful downloader runs at 5X or an even faster speed to bring you a more efficient experience in downloading Amazon videos. It will also extract ID3 information together with the downloads, making sure that you can manage them conveniently. It will keep the best HD definitions, with original audio tracks as well as subtitles with the video downloads, ensuring an original playback experience.

⭐ Key Features of MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader:

  • Embed built-in web browser to access all Amazon Prime video resources by easily searching.
  • Remove DRM and download Amazon videos in unlimited MP4/MKV format with only one click.
  • Process Amazon videos download in batches at 5X faster speed.
  • Keep original quality while processing Amazon Prime video downloads within the software.
  • Save metadata and full ID3 tags while processing video downloads for you automatically.

Detailed Guide to Bypass Amazon Video DRM via MovPilot

MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is also designed with quite an easy-to-use function to make Amazon Prime video download an easy job to complete. Now, also check and follow the steps below to easily remove DRM from Amazon videos to keep them offline forever for playback at any time you want.

Step 1. Log into Amazon Prime Browser

Firstly, when you have installed MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader on your computer, open the software and then use your Prime Video account to log in to the built-in web browser.

Log into Amazon Prime on MovPilot

Step 2. Adjust Video Settings Before Downloading

Before starting the video download process, click the gear icon on the top-right of the downloader to customize the output format, audio, subtitle language, or subtitle type to keep the Prime video downloads as you want.

Adjust Video Settings Before Downloading

Step 3. Search Amazon Prime Videos

Once accessing the downloader interface, directly paste the video URL to search it exactly, or type in keywords to browse the results and select any videos you like.

Download Amazon Prime Videos via MovPilot

Step 4. Download Amazon Videos Without DRM

Now, simply click the download buttons provided after the videos you want to remove DRM and save offline, then they will be added to the downloading list right away. Once the video downloads are completed, you can check the download records under "History" to access them for playback smoothly with any media player offline.

Check Amazon Prime Downloads on MovPilot


Although Amazon DRM has prevented us from accessing and downloading Amazon Prime videos as we want freely, we can remove them easily with the help of the professional DRM removal software, MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader. With this software, you can get DRM-free MP4/MKV Prime video downloads at lossless HD definitions to have a great playback experience. Now, try it and watch Amazon videos offline!

MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

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