This year, Euphoria is premiered to release in 2025, and many of you probably desire to review its previous season 1 and season 2. However, when you go search on Netflix, you will be disappointed as it doesn't come out in results at all. So where to find Euphoria to watch if it is not on Netflix? In this blog, you will find out the answer! Let's get started to see how.

Where to Watch Euphoria Series

Part 1. Euphoria Info: What is It About?

Released on HBO, Euphoria is a TV series re-adapted from an Israeli miniseries of the same name. The story mainly focuses on a teenager, Rue Bennett, who is a drug addict and troublemaker, trying to get sober and find out her place in the world. Despite being the protagonist, the TV series also records the stories of other main characters. It is noted that some of the series' plots are based on true stories.

As Euphoria will cover mature content, like talking on topics of drug addiction, sex, and violence, the series is better suitable for adults over 18 years to watch. For parents, make sure that your daughters or sons enjoy the TV series streaming under proper guidance.

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Part 2. Can I Watch Euphoria on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Euphoria is not on Netflix at all currently. Euphoria is an HBO series for accessing and streaming on HBO Max. You can subscribe to the premium membership to download and watch the HBO Max series offline.

Despite its original release on HBO Max, some on-demand video platforms also offer sources of Euphoria episodes to access and enjoy the streaming. For example, you can also watch Euphoria on Hulu, and rent or purchase its episodes on Amazon Prime. In addition, for mobile such as iOS and Android users, the episodes will also be available on Apple TV and Google Play respectively.

Streaming Services for Euphoria


If you want to save money to watch Hulu or Amazon Prime series, you can try the following methods to download Hulu and Amazon Prime videos for offline streaming!

Part 3. Download Euphoria to Watch Anywhere

As Euphoria TV series is not on Netflix, but only available on limited on-demand video streaming platforms currently, it can be pretty inconvenient especially when you don't use or subscribe to HBO Max, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime Video at all. Hence, some of you probably wonder if there are other alternative ways to watch Euphoria, like downloading the episodes to play elsewhere.

Fortunately, with MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader, you can download Euphoria from any service mentioned above to regular MP4 videos, and then import it to any media player or device for streaming offline without a time limit. The software delivers powerful functionality to decrypt DRM protection, helping you to download streaming videos from the most popular video platforms. With this program, you only need to log into the video platform you need, and then download Euphoria episodes to watch offline anywhere!

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In the following, also grasp the brief guide to see how to download Euphoria from HBO Max via MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader only with several easy clicks:

STEP 1. Launch MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader after installing it. Then from its main interface, select a video service that has Euphoria Series and complete the account login.

Choose a Streaming Platform to Start

STEP 2. Directly search Euphoria using the built-in web browser. Once the TV series comes out, select the download icon and you will be further guided to select the episodes you need.

Search for Euphoria in the Web Browser

STEP 3. Choose all Euphoria episodes you like and then click "Download" to save them offline right away.

Select Episodes to Download Locally

NOTE: If you desire to customize downloading settings such as adjusting the video parameters or selecting audio/subtitle languages, simply hit the setting icon on the upper-right of the screen.

Adjust Video Settings Before Downloading Euphoria

Once the download completes, navigate to "History" to access the downloaded Euphoria episodes to start enjoying the team offline.

FAQs About Watching Euphoria on Netflix

Q: Are There Shows Like Euphoria on Netflix?

For sure! Even if you are not able to directly access and watch Euphoria on Netflix, there are other TV shows like Euphoria to enjoy during your spare time. Here are some recommendations for you to kill time:

Everything Now

This drama focuses on describing all the stories surrounding a group of high school students in their teenage lives of adolescence. From this series, you can see how they deal with everything happening related to love, friendship, mental health, and so on.

Everything Now


Élite is a Spanish TV show telling audiences the lives of a group of rich high school students about their lives, hates, and struggles to grow up, which shares great similarities with Euphoria to some extent.


Sex Education

What will you think and behave when your mother is a sex therapist? This also happens on Eric, a high school student cast in the TV drama, Sex Education. The story will show you how Eric goes through his tough high school because of his mother's occupation. You will learn a lot from this TV show.

Sex Education

Q: Can I Watch the Euphoria Series for Free?

Unfortunately no. Even though Euphoria has been released on multiple OTT video platforms, you will still need to purchase/rent it or subscribe to the streaming service to watch it online within a certain period.

If you desire to save your expenses, try using MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader to download and save Euphoria episodes in original quality offline permanently. It is even possible for you to download all streaming video reoccurs from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, and so on, saving a lot of money for you.

Q: Is Euphoria Season 3 Coming out Soon?

Yes! Euphoria Season 3 is going to be premiered in 2025. However, there is no clear information yet about which streaming platform it will be available on. To ensure you can watch the latest episodes on time, it is recommended to follow the updates provided by the show's producers.


Before Euphoria season 3 release, you can review seasons 1 and 2 first. Although Euphoria is not on Netflix now, you can still navigate to other OTT platforms or download Euphoria episodes via MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader to have a limitation-free TV show streaming offline. Now, freely install the software and give it a try!

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