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How to Download and Save Amazon Video to SD Card

You can download Amazon movies or shows to MP4 in 1080P easily. Hit the download button below and you can get the downloader that can rip any videos from Amazon Prime Video.

Sometimes when you download Amazon videos, you find that there is not enough space to download the video on your phones or tablets. Considering the insufficient storage space, the Amazon Prime Video app brings the ability to save Amazon videos to SD cards on Android. You can free up the internal memory of the devices by setting the SD card as the default downloading location. In the following, we will show two methods to download and save Amazon movies to an SD card.

Download Amazon Prime Video to SD Card

You can select the SD card as the storage location of your Android phones or tablets, and download Amazon videos to an SD card. Here are the steps to download Amazon video to an SD card:
Step 1. Install and launch Amazon Prime Video on your phone or tablet.
Step 2. Navigate to "My Stuff > Settings > Steam & Download" and scroll down to find the option of "Download Videos to SD."
Step 3. Click the switch next to it.
Download Amazon Video to SD Card
Select the Amazon movies or shows you want to download, then download them to your SD card. But please pay attention to some restrictions on downloading Amazon videos to SD card:
Limitations of downloading videos to SD card from Amazon Prime Video
Amazon downloads are valid for 30 days; Once you start watching it, you need to finish watching it within 48 hours.
Or you need to rent or purchase it again after the downloaded videos expire.
Not all titles are available for downloading; The titles you can download depend on your subscription plan.
Downloaded movies can only be viewed on Amazon Prime Video; Amazon supports the device on Fire tablets, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows 10 with the Prime Video app installed.
Regarding streaming platforms, Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular. It can also download videos to the SD card on Android phones and tablets, but it has some of the same limitations as Amazon. Videos downloaded from Netflix can only be viewed via the official app because they are in a wired format and encrypted. If you download Netflix videos to MP4 on your Android tablet, you will be able to play Netflix videos on more players and devices in an easier way.

Download Amazon Videos to MP4 to SD Card

Even though saving Amazon Video to an SD card frees up internal memory, there are a lot of limitations to watching downloaded videos to SD card from Amazon Prime Video. You can't watch your favorite Amazon videos on any player whenever you want. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a third-party Amazon video downloader to get Amazon videos downloaded as raw MP4 files. Then you can transfer these files to SD card for hassle-free offline viewing.
MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader, as the best Amazon video downloader, serves a stable downloading function for Windows and Mac users to save Amazon videos to MP4 in full HD 1080P. It also gets you original audio tracks as well as subtitles, which provide the same watching experience as on the Amazon platform. You can store the downloaded videos as MP4 files on your SD card and never be concerned about a video expiring, even if the subscription expires.

Key Features of MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader

  • Save Amazon videos to MP4 or MKV in full HD 1080P.
  • Download almost all Amazon content including Amazon movies and shows.
  • Preserve the original audio tracks and subtitles in different languages.
  • Download Amazon videos at a 5X faster speed.
Here are the steps to download Amazon videos as MP4 to your SD card:

Step 1. Launch MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Install MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader and open it. Select the website you are using and log in to your Amazon account.
Log in to Amazon

Step 2. Search for Amazon shows and movies

You can search for the title of your favorite Amazon videos or paste the URL of videos in the search bar. Then, press "enter" on the keyboard.
Search for Amazon Prime Movie

Step 3. Set the output format of Amazon video as MP4

Please click the gear icon in the upper right corner to set the video output format to MP4, video encoding, and subtitle languages, etc.
Select Output Format for Amazon Prime Video
If you want to adjust the settings for an episode, you can click the gear button next to the episode and modify the default settings. Here are the options you can try: modify the language to English and choose 1080P for your output video.
Select Amazon Prime Episodes

Step 4. Download Amazon videos to MP4

Click the download button with the down arrow next to the video and wait for the download to complete.
Downloading Amazon Prime Video
Once the download is finished, you can click "History" to check out the downloaded videos.
Finished Downloading Amazon Prime Videos

Step 5. Transfer Amazon Video to SD Card

After downloading, please click the folder icon next to the video, and you will see where the folder of downloaded videos is stored. Now let's move the videos to your SD card.
1. Insert your SD card into your computer's SD port. Or you can insert it into SD reader and plug the card reader into a USB port to connect your computer.
2. Click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, find the icon for the SD card, and open it.
3. Double-click to open the folder where the video is stored, and paste it into the SD card folder.
Now, you can easily watch these Amazon movies on any device without any time limitation and free up your internal memory at the same time.

FAQs About Moving Amazon Video to SD Card

How Do I Know If I Have an SD Card in My Phone?

If you want to know whether you have an SD card in your Android phone, just follow these steps to help you check out the SD card:
1. Check your file manager to see if the SD card is listed.
2. You can also go to the device storage settings to see if any SD card or external storage is available.
3. Simply look for the SD card slot.

Why Is My Phone Not Reading Amazon Prime Video Saved on My SD Card?

The most likely reason is that your SD card has corrupted. There are some tips to fix undetectable SD card issues:
1. Turn off the phone and remove the SD card.
2. Put it in the card reader adapter, and connect the adapter to the Windows computer.
Attention: The card will appear in the File Explorer application on Windows as an external drive.
3. Click on the external drive, and select “Repair Drive” (which may be in a submenu).
4. After repairing, click "Eject," then put the SD card back into your phone.
5. Open your phone and try to detect your SD card.
Now, your phone should find the SD card, and you can watch Amazon videos saved on your SD card. If this problem happens often, you can replace the SD card.


Android users can download Amazon videos to the SD card as a storage location, saving a lot of internal space on the phone. This is quite convenient for them. But those who don't use Android must surely find it frustrating.
Now MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader makes all these things easier, which supports batch downloading Amazon shows and videos to MP4 in 1080P. Then you can transfer them to an SD card and play them on your preferred media players such as VLC. This process can be done without Amazon Prime Video, so there are no official time and device restrictions for videos downloaded. You can enjoy Amazon videos on any device whenever you want.
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