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FAQs About Downloading Streaming Movies/Shows

1. What's the Output Format of the Downloaded Videos?

The output format of the streaming videos you download depends on your settings. MovPilot offers MP4 and MKV formats for you to choose from, and you can customize the download service in the software's "Settings" interface before downloading the movie.

2. Can I Make Download Speed Even Faster?

Yes. You can employ hardware acceleration in MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader. Also, you have the option to select "H265" as the video codec instead of "H264". H265 enables you to download Netflix videos in a smaller size compared to using H264 while maintaining the same quality. With smaller Netflix video sizes, downloading them also takes less time.

3. Why Can't I Download the Full Streaming Video?

The reason you may be unable to download the full video could be because you're using the free trial version of MovPilot. To unlock all features and download complete movies, TV shows, and programs, you can check out MovPilot's Store to purchase the full version or software bundles to enjoy premium service.

4. Why Can't I Download 1080P Videos from OTT Services?

Generally, the reason for MovPilot failing to download 1080p videos could be due to DRM upgrades by OTT services or limits on the maximum playback quality of the videos. For example, Disney+ restricts the highest playback quality to 720p on any browser.

If you encounter an error that doesn't fit the scenarios mentioned above, please contact us for further assistance and we will provide you with more professional help.