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How to Watch HBO Max on MacBook [Once-For-All Guide]

Launched in May 2020, HBO Max is a premium platform offering streaming services. Its content library boasts a variety of HBO shows, TV favorites, blockbuster movies, and new Max Originals for subscribers. While watching HBO videos, you might find some shows or movies fantastic and want to download them. In this blog, three methods will be introduced to help you watch HBO Max on Mac.

Can I Watch HBO Movies with HBO Max App on Mac

Yes, you can watch HBO movies on Macbook via the official HBO Max App. You are allowed to download and install HBO Max on your Macbook. However, if you want to download videos, only phones and tablet devices could support downloading. To get HBO Max app, you just simply go to your App store and search for HBO Max app. After installing it, please log in to your account and find your desired movies to watch.

How to Watch HBO Max on Mac Using a Web Browser

HBO Max also allows users to get access to HBO Max video via some commonly used web browsers such as Safari and Chrome. As the following four steps shown, the operation is simple.
STEP 1: Open a supported browser on your Macbook.
STEP 2: Navigate to HBO Max website and begin to set up your account. If you are new to HBO Max, you need to create your account by filling in the information and following the prompts.
STEP 3: If you already have an HBO Max account, just click the Sign In in the upper-right corner and input your credentials.
Sign in HBO
STEP 4: Once you have completed the above operations, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on HBO Max.

What are the Limitations of Watching HBO Max with Browser

Despite the efficiency of watching HBO Max videos with the official app on Mac or supported browsers, there still exist some obvious limitations. The biggest drawback is that HBO Max only supports online watching on browsers and HBO Max apps on the mac without downloading services. Even though you have subscribed to the ad-free plan, the download features on both of them are still invalid.
In this way, while you are watching your shows high-spiritedly, the streaming video might be buffering all the time because of a poor network, which would frustrate you.
Besides, for ad-Free subscribers, the contents of HBO Max shows always change when they travel to other countries and regions for business trips or other reasons. Therefore, they cannot enjoy their favourite videos or even cannot get access to HBO Max. For those who subscribe to HBO Max with ads planw, they cannot get access to HBO after leaving the USA.
To solve these problems, it would be better to download your desired shows and movies before you start your trip. To gain a smooth downloading experience, we highly recommend a third-party software, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader.

How to Watch HBO Max Offline on Mac by Downloading Videos Locally

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is an excellent program designed for downloading high-quality HBO Max videos. It supports multiple Mac devices including macOS X 10.11 or higher systems. This downloader enables both with-ads and ad-free users to download all HBO Max videos without the restriction of location.
For HBO users, downloaded videos have a 30-day valid period. Once you start watching the downloaded videos, you have only 48 hours to finish watching before expiring. You are able to renew these videos multiple times only if you are still in an ad-free subscription. Luckily, with the help of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, you don’t need to worry about expiration. You can watch them all the time even after the subscription expires.
Here are Key Features of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader.
  • Lossless video quality ensured
       This tool supports downloading videos from HBO to MP4 or MKV formats. With advanced high-fidelity technology, it will save the downloaded videos in full HD 1080P to fulfill users’ needs at best.
  • Multiple playback limitations removed
        The downloader helps you avoid the problem of expiration you might encounter in HBO app. You can save MP4 or MKV videos on multiple devices and enjoy them offline. Also, users can edit video clips as they desire.
  • Support multilingual Soundtracks & Subtitles
        Multi-language audio tracks are downloadable on MovPilot HBO Video Downloader. Besides, users got three types of subtitles to select soft subtitles, hard subtitles and external subtitles.
  • High efficiency in downloading
        With a built-in browser embedded in MovPilot, you can search for videos from HBO with ease. The downloading speed can be maintained at 5X faster at least. Batch conversion can also be conducted to save time. Moreover, to boost efficiency, you can also resort to the hardware acceleration option, which will promote GPU performance.
With a straightforward user interface, the operation process can be completed with ease. You can follow these five steps to get your HBO Max videos downloaded.

STEP 1. Install MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

After downloading this program, please install it on your Mac. After that, you need to log in to your HBO Max account for downloading HBO Max via MovPilot HBO Video Downloader.
Log in to HBO

STEP 2. Search for Your Desired HBO Max Shows and Movies

In the upper search bar, copy the URL from the browser address bar or type the titles of HBO shows and tap the search icon. Then, you can select videos you want to download.
Search for HBO Movie

STEP 3. Set up Output Format

Navigate to settings in the right corner of the interface which allow the customization of video format, audio language, subtitle language, and subtitle type for HBO video downloads.
Video format: select MP4 or MKV
Audio language: select one or more audio languages
Subtitle language: Select one or more subtitle languages
Subtitles are saved as: Select the subtitle type from hard subtitles, soft subtitles and external subtitles.
Select Output Format for HBO Videos

STEP 4. Download HBO Videos to MP4/MKV

After customizing settings, you can choose your favourite episodes and click on the download button to start downloading. After downloading, you can click History to check to your downloaded HBO Max.
Finished Downloading HBO Videos

FAQs about Watching HBO Max on Mac

What Browser Works with HBO Max?

There is a wide selection of browsers compatible with the official HBO Max app, including the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, the latest version of Microsoft Edge for Windows and Safari version 12 or later.

What Can You Watch on HBO Max?

HBO Max has a treasure trove of multiple shows and movies. The following are contents that users can enjoy. You can check more updates on Everything Coming to HBO Max in January 2023.
  • Classic HBO shows
  • New originals (called Max Originals)
  • Shortlisted shows and movies from brands ranging from CNN, DC, Looney Tunes, New Line Cinema to Warner Bros


Overall, in this article, we deliver two ways to watch HBO Max videos on Mac with the official app and the supported Web browsers. To solve some inconvenience (eg. video buffering, limited validity period of downloads) of using these two methods, we highly recommend you to try MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, which is a professional tool boasting features such as HD quality video download, multilingual soundtracks and subtitle selection. The operation process could be very simple with the help of our step-to-step guidance. With this software, you can get HBO shows downloaded and save them to any device for permanent playback.
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