How to Record Videos on HBO Max Successfully?

This articial teaches you how to record videos on HBO Max. Or you can try MovPilot HBO Video Downloader to download HBO Max movies to MP4 easily.

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You may run into the times when you desire to screen record short clips and several scenes from HBO shows or movies for creating memes or preserving collections offline as many others do. But when you are actually trying to record HBO Max videos on desktops, it fails as the videos will turn into black screens while the screen recording begins.
Hence, if you also feel confused and wonder how you are able to screen record HBO Max without black screens like others, luckily, this blog is written for you. We have collected a workable way to successfully record HBO Max videos, as well as a way to download videos as MP4 from HBO Max without hassle. Now, let's get started.
Screen Record HBO Max Videos Cover

How to Screen Record HBO Max Video Without Black Screen?

Actually, recording HBO Max videos without a black screen is a pretty easy task - you are only required to install Firefox browser for accessing the platform to play the videos, then use a professional screen recorder, FonePaw Screen Recorder to help.
FonePaw Screen Recorder performs smooth screen recording functionality, with the compatibility to capture streaming videos from all platforms, including HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon, and many other sites at original quality. This lightweight software will not occupy a high CPU even while processing the long video recording at high resolutions and FPS. Also equipped with customized hotkeys control, it enables quite a smooth and hassle-free experience for its dear users to capture any screen activity on desktops with ease.
Highlighted Features of FonePaw Screen Recorder
  • Record HBO Max streaming videos and other screen activities without lag
  • Capture your face as a part of the video when you record HBO videos
  • Personalize recording format, output quality settings
  • Draw on the recording with a real-time drawing panel
Now, you are able to follow the steps below to process HBO Max video screen recording via FonePaw Screen Recorder:
STEP 1. Pre-install Firefox and navigate to FonePaw for installing FonePaw Screen Recorder on your desktops.
STEP 2. Once complete the installation, launch the recorder and select “Video Recorder” on the main interface.
STEP 3. Then, go to HBO Max in Firefox and login to your account to access the video you desire to record.
Log in to HBO Max in Firefox Browser
STEP 4. Now, return to FonePaw Screen Recorder to customize the recording area to fit the HBO Max video playback window. Also, you are able to adjust the volume of the system sound.
It is recommended to turn off the microphone to avoid unnecessary noise.
STEP 5. After that, play the video and also process the HBO Max recording by hitting the REC icon.
STEP 6. As the HBO Max video ends playing, tap Stop on the panel to end the recording. When it turns to the preview window, check the recorded video status and hit the “Save” icon to preserve the video on your desktop.
Win Select Path to Save HBO Max Video Recordings
Tip: Currently, it is not available for you to record HBO Max videos through HBO Max website on mobile devices, as you are required to install the app for processing the video playback.

Download HBO MAX Videos as MP4 Instead of Screen Record

However, when you get multiple HBO Max videos required to record at once, it could be time-consuming as you are not allowed to do other things while the video recording is processing on your desktop.
Hence, if you are considering a more efficient way to save HBO Max videos as MP4, trying a download method to preserve them offline in batch instead of screen recording them one by one can absolutely help save you time. Here, if you desire to download HBO Max videos instead of capturing them manually, MovPilot HBO Max Video Downloader is highly recommended.
MovPilot HBO Video Downloader offers high resolution (up to HD 1080p) and super-fast batch download speed to grasp any HBO Max video for offline playback in mainstream formats, including MP4 and MKV for free selections. The software is also able to capture multi-languages of all audio tracks as well as subtitles, in order to let you have the same video playback experience as on the platform.
Once completing the video download, you can import them to any video editor for clipping the parts you need. MovPilot HBO Max Video Downloader has provided a more convenient way for you to watch and manage the HBO Max videos in any requirement.

Highlighted Features of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

  • Built-in search functionality to directly access HBO Max videos without installing the official software;
  • Compatible with mainstream MP4 and MKV outputs;
  • Up to HD 1080p resolution for ensuring a high-quality streaming experience;
  • Preservation of full audio tracks and subtitles in multi-languages;
  • Optional subtitle types available for selection (soft subtitles, hard subtitles, and external subtitles);
  • Acceleration tech ensured to boost faster batch download speed;
  • 100% secure in-app environment without adware, spyware, or malware;
  • Available to keep HBO Max downloads offline without expiration.
Despite the above features, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader also attracts users via its easy-to-grasp software interface and functionality. Now, follow this brief guide to grasp how it works to download HBO Max videos as MP4 in a much faster way than processing the screen recording:

STEP 1. Get the Downloader Ready

Download, install and launch MovPilot HBO Max Video Downloader on your desktop. Once the login window pops up, use your personal HBO account to log in to the software for accessing the download interface.
Log in to HBO

STEP 2. Search for HBO Max Video

Once you log in, you are able to directly access the HBO Max titles you desire to download by searching for their names or keywords using the search bar. Despite this, pasting the complete URL of the video to access it exactly to process the HBO Max video download is also possible.
Search for HBO Movie

STEP 3. Adjust Output Parameter

Now, hit the gear icon on the upper-right corner to adjust the parameter and language settings for the HBO Max videos. You can select the format, codec, and languages for both audio track and subtitle based on your requirements.
Select Output Format for HBO Videos

STEP 4. Download HBO Max Video

Finally, once the settings are completed, simply tap the download icon provided after each video in the results to download the HBO Max videos offline. It only takes a while to complete, so please wait for it patiently.
Downloading HBO Movie


Using a screen recorder like FonePaw Screen Recorder to capture HBO Max video clips from the Firefox browser helps you flexibly select to save any part from a video freely. But MovPilot HBO Max Video Downloader can bring higher efficiency and better quality if you get more HBO Max videos required to save offline. Based on the differences, simply select the ideal pick to try!
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