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How to Record Amazon Prime Video Quickly in 4 Easy Ways

Amazon Prime Video offers an excellent streaming service on Amazon Originals, movies, TV shows, live sporting events, and so on. However, due to Amazon DRM restrictions, many people are asking for help on forums to seek ways to record Amazon Prime videos. This post will guide you through 4 easy ways to record Amazon Prime videos on desktop, iPhone, Android, and Fire Tablet. Let's go on.

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on PC

For Pc, Amazon Prime only allows subscribers to download videos to Windows 10/11 or Mac computers. Moreover, due to the DRM (Digital Rights Management) restriction, desktop screen recorders are unable to record Amazon Prime videos. 

Don't be frustrated. It's actually possible to download an Amazon Prime video instead of recording it with a professional video downloader. MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader is a leading tool in the industry. It's a video expert at removing DRM restrictions and decoding Amazon Prime videos to HD MP4 and MKV formats. Check out the following to learn more about this brilliant tool.

Highlighted Features of MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader

  • Advanced Decryption - MovPilot is leading the pack in Amazon Prime video encryption to get rid of DRM restrictions, and makes it ever-easy to directly download Amazon Prime videos such as Amazon Originals, Movies, TV Shows, and so on.
  • HD Video Quality - MovPilot can extract Amazon Prime videos to high-quality video formats like MP4 and MKV with H.264 & H.265 codecs in 1080p. It takes less storage but keeps better video quality.
  • Dolby Atmos Sound - Users can keep the original videos along with Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound. MovPilot delivers you the best playback experience as you do on Amazon Prime.
  • Batch Download - MovPilot enables users to download multiple Amazon Prime videos at the same time. It's a good idea to play the completed video while waiting for others.
  • Instant Download - The program comes with an in-built Amazon Prime Video web player that allows users to quickly access and download videos from Amazon at a 5X faster encoding rate.
  • Audio track & Subtitle Preservation - Multi-lingual soundtracks and subtitles can be saved together with the video. Users can switch languages when watching Amazon Prime videos offline.

You can easily rip Amazon Prime videos for offline watching in HD rather than record videos with bad video quality. There is no hassle in downloading videos from Amazon Prime. Check out the tutorial and you'll see.

Step 1. Choose the Country

To begin with, you need to take a minute to finish downloading and installing MovPilot Amazon Video Downloader on your desktop. Then, launch the program and choose which country you live in. Amazon Prime videos vary from country to country.

Select Amazon Website

Step 2. Preset Output Settings

Go to the Gear icon at the top corner and it brings up a window as shown below. You can choose Video Format, Video Codec, Audio Language, Subtitle Language, Output folder, and Download Speed for your liking. Here are three types of subtitles you can select:

  • Soft subtitles: The subtitle can be displayed or hidden when playing the video on players.
  • Hard subtitles: The subtitle is embedded with the video and sticks to show up when playing.
  • External subtitles: The subtitle will be saved as an external SRT file.
Select Subtitle Type

Step 3. Log in with Amazon

Now, you'll be prompted to sign in with your Amazon Prime account. You should subscribe to Amazon Prime so that MovPilot can fetch the videos over the cloud. No worries. This is 100% safe and clean. Your account information is required by Amazon.

Log in to Amazon

Step 4. Download Amazon Prime Videos

You can directly search for the movies or episodes that you want to download from Amazon Prime. 

Search for Amazon Prime Movie

There will be a Download icon behind the videos. Click on it and the program will start fetching data from Amazon and download Prime videos onto your desktop.

Downloading Amazon Prime Video

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on iPhone

It's workable to record Amazon Prime Video on iPhone/iPad with its default screen recorder. If you have no idea how to screen-record Amazon Prime movies and TV shows, check out the following tutorial.

Step 1. Open Settings on your iPhone and go to Control Center.

Step 2. Tap the Green + icon to add Screen Recording.

Step 3. Start streaming the video you want to record on Amazon Prime.

Step 4. Scroll down the screen and you'll see the icon of screen recording.

Step 5. Tap on it and it'll start recording your screen in 3 seconds.

Step 6. Back to the video and record it while you're streaming it.

Step 7. When the video is over, tap the Red icon and select Stop. The recording will be saved to Photos.

Screen Record Amazon Prime iPhone

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Android

If you're using an Android phone or tablet, you can utilize the built-in screen recorder to record your favorite Amazon Prime movies. However, devices running versions prior to Android 11 don't come with this feature. In this case, users may consider downloading PlayOn to record Amazon Prime videos. If your Android is always keeping updated, let's see how to screen record Amazon Prime Video on Android step by step.

Tips: Steps to screen record on Android vary from model to model.

Step 1. Open Settings on Android and go to Advanced features.

Step 2. Tap Screenshots and screen recorder and select Screen recorder settings.

Step 3. Select Media sounds in Sound and select High (1080p) in Video quality.

Step 4. Play the video you want to record on Amazon Prime.

Step 5. Drop down the screen and tap Screen recorder to turn it on.

Step 6. Tap Start recording and go back to the Amazon video.

Step 7. When done streaming the video, stop the recording and the video will be saved in Gallery.

Screen Record Amazon Prime on Andorid

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Fire Tablet

Quite a few people are watching Amazon Prime movies and episodes with their Fire Tablets. Luckily, Fire Tablets also enable users to screen record Amazon Prime videos with its default screen recorder. If you never use its screen recorder, you probably should enable this feature and then start recording the video. Let's see how it works now.

Step 1. Drop down the quick access panel on Fire Tablet.

Step 2. Tap the Pencil-like icon to edit tools.

Step 3. Drag the Screen recording option to add tiles.

Step 4. Start playing the video you want to record on Amazon Prime.

Step 5. Scroll down the panel and tap Screen recording to perform it.

Step 6. Select AGREE to start recording the screen and quickly go back to the video.

Record Amazon Prime on Fire Tablet

FAQs about Recording Amazon Prime Video

There are some frequently asked questions about screen recording videos from Amazon Prime. You may check out the following to learn whether you can rip Amazon Prime Video for free or record live sporting videos on Amazon Prime.

How to Rip Amazon Prime Video Free?

There is no doubt that it's preferable to directly rip Amazon Prime videos. However, most Amazon Prime Video rippers are available with a limited free trial period. To utilize the service fully, you need to purchase a subscription. MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader starts at $15.95 for a 1-month plan and $59.95 for a 1-year plan. What's more, it's worth every penny to get a lifetime plan and enjoy it for good.

Can you Record Football on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon recently added a new cloud DVR feature to its app that allows users to record live sporting streams automatically and then people can pause, rewind, and fast-forward when the game is live, as well as full replays after the games come to an end. So, you are now able to record live football games on the Amazon Prime app.


To sum up, Amazon video recordings will take up a large part of your mobile storage if you choose to record directly with the built-in screen recording app on your phone. And these recordings are somehow inconvenient and time-consuming to transfer and even upload. Therefore, we recommend you record Amazon Video from your PC.

Also, instead of turning to a screen recorder that may fail to capture Amazon DRM-protected video content, you can save your preferred Amazon Prime Video locally via third-party downloaders. MovPilot Amazon Prime Video Downloader we've mentioned is the exact video downloader to help you conveniently get movies and episodes for a smooth and pleasant playback experience.

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