When you find not all Netflix videos can be downloaded for offline viewing, seeking a useful Netflix video downloader is a help to solve this annoying problem.

Don't worry, after searching thoroughly for relevant products that can solve the above problems, Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is the prominent and outstanding one which easily and perfectly eradicates your worries. It aims to help you download and watch movies and shows on Netflix offline without hassle.

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader: At a Glance

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is a specially designed tool that assists in removing the encryption technology of Netflix, so as to download Netflix movies and TV shows in MP4 format quickly. This connotes the downloaded videos can be played on any other device, such as any Mac or Windows computer, an iPhone or iPad, an Android phone or tablet, or a television set that doesn’t even have the Netflix app installed.

Moreover, all the videos saved locally by Pazu Netflix Video Downloader are of high-definition (HD) quality, up to and including 1080p. In this sense, there is no need for you to fidget about whether you can be fully immersed in TV shows.

It's worth mentioning that this software also provides the function of maintaining subtitles and audio descriptions in multiple languages. You cannot bother to change language settings when you're ready to watch them.

Why Do You Need Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

Let's go back to an essential problem. Why do you need Pazu Netflix Video Downloader? After all, there is already an official Netflix option provided for you to download its videos. Actually, that's because here are some troubling disadvantages that you can't ignore.

  • Only videos under the category of "Available for Download" can be downloaded.
  • Downloaded videos can be watched only on the Netflix app, and you are not allowed to transfer them to any other external device.
  • The number of downloads of one device can't exceed such a formula, that is, 100*N device. And how many devices you can connect to is dependent on your subscription plan.
  • Downloaded videos will usually expire in 48 hours, or at most in 7 days. Once they are out of date, you need to delete and redownload them again. Note if some videos are not in cooperation with Netflix anymore, they can't be watched, either.
  • There are downloading limits on certain videos, which means when you redownload them a couple of times, that video can't be redownloaded anymore in the same year.

When you know the above restrictions of Netflix, let's probe into what Pazu Netflix Video Downloader can bring to us.

  • Videos downloaded by Pazu Netflix Video Downloader can be stored on your device permanently. No worries about expiration problems.
  • You can download any number of videos on your computer, just as you like.
  • No restrictions on downloading videos. Any videos on Netflix can be saved on your device.
  • You are available to pick the required audio track, format, or subtitle depending on your needs.
  • No need to download the official Netflix app if you want to download its videos.
  • Different licenses like a free trial, monthly user license, annual user license, and lifetime validity plan are sorted out for you to choose from.

What are the Best Features of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

As a distinguished tool helping download Netflix videos, there are some highlighted features that are of great attraction. Have a look now!

Watch Downloaded Movies or TV Shows Offline Permanently

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader enables you to download Netflix videos freely, not being limited by the official Netflix app anymore. That means, there is no need to worry about when the videos will expire, or what to do if their wanted videos aren't in the "Available for Download" list.

With this dedicated app, you can easily save video files in MP4/MKV format to your computer forever. Whenever you want to watch them, just play them on your computer.

Download Netflix to MP4/MKV

Support Netflix Videos on Any Device

Netflix doesn't support Mac users to download videos because the offline function is only available to iOS, Android, and Windows.

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader can perfectly solve this problem for you, as you can transform the video format to a more widely-used format like MP4 or MKV. As a result, it's simple to store and watch them on any other device, which is really convenient.

Maintain Multilingual Audio and Subtitles

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader provides you with an option of whether you'd like to retain the original sound or download it in your native language. Compared to Netflix, which has 5-7 languages hinging on your location and uses only two main languages for watching the content, Pazu Netflix Video Downloader possesses more languages and you can then choose any language suitable for yourself.

Select Multilingual Audio and Subtitles

Satisfying Using Experience

A large shining point of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is its concise and user-friendly interface, which makes it super easy to navigate, even a person without technological knowledge can handle it. You are entitled to find your wanted videos by title, length, episode number, and other parameters.

What's more, with the in-built browser, you don't need to labor to download a third-party tool for saving the content from streaming services.

Friendly Interface of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

High Output Quality

If you feel like watching the downloaded videos on a large screen to get the most fantastic viewing experience, the high-definition (HD) quality is what you are eager for. With the help of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader, that wouldn't be a problem any longer, because it lets you save the videos in up to 1080p. Other settings can also be customized if you have further demands like bitrate, sample rate and video format.

Unlimited Downloads of Netflix Videos

Unlike Netflix, which strictly curbs the number of downloads, Pazu Netflix Video Downloader supports unlimited downloads of your favorite TV shows and movies. What's more, it also allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, in order to save your labor.

How to Download Videos from Netflix with Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

Thanks to the specially designed features of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader, the process of downloading Netflix videos can be extremely simple and even can be completed within a few steps. Here are the specific procedures.

  1. Log into Pazu Netflix Video Downloader from the official website. Then, launch it and log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Search for the keywords of the shows or copy-paste the URL of them onto the input box. Then click the magnifying glass icon to start the searching process.
  3. Choose Your Preferred Settings. Go to the "settings" icon in the top right corner. Select the output settings according to your needs, such as the video formats, video codec, audio languages, and subtitle languages. Choose Output Setting on Pazu
  4. Hint on the download icon to start downloading the movies with a single click on the Pazu Netflix Video Downloader. If you want to find the successfully downloaded videos, head to the History tab to locate them.

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader: Pricing Plan

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader provides a free trial version for you to test out whether it is the tool that you're looking for. But this free trial version can only last one month, during which you can wholly evaluate its functions. If you are content with this software, there are three different subscription plans, and the price varies to them.

  • 1-Month Plan: $16.96. You will get a license for one PC or Mac, a 30-day money-back guarantee, free updates, and technical support.
  • Annual Plan: $59.96. It includes all the options available for the previous plan.
  • Lifetime Plan: $129.90. After making a one-time payment, you will get 1 license for two PCs, and other options included in the other two plans.

Pros and Cons of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

Any software can have both positive and negative sides, and Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is not excluded.


  • User-friendly interface
  • High output quality which can reach 1080p
  • Retain audio and subtitles in various languages
  • Support batch downloading in the process
  • Available for Windows and Mac


  • No 4K support
  • Relatively high price compared to other products

Best Alternative to Pazu Netflix Video Downloader: MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Since the price of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is a little high for common people to afford, are there any alternatives that are suitable for us? Fortunately, after searching and trailing, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is here to give you the best service at a good price!

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is a professional streaming video downloader that helps download unlimited videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so on. By removing the restrictions of movie playback, it is aimed to download Netflix videos into MP4, a more compatible format, so as to be played on other devices. The fast downloading speed, high output quality as well as easy operation make it an absolutely ideal choice for you.


Main Features of MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

  • Get rid of encryption technology protection: Help remove encrypted protection by downloading Netflix videos to local files.
  • High-quality output quality: Both the Full HD 1080P Resolution and Dolby Atmos 5.1 Surround Sound can guarantee a satisfying output.
  • Keep original audio and subtitles in multiple languages: you're free to choose what language you want the subtitles and audio in.
  • Efficient downloading process: Employ advanced technology to achieve a speedy process.
  • Special after-sales support: Deliver 24×7 customer service for your instant tech support.

FAQs About Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

Is Pazu Netflix Video Downloader Safe?

The answer is definitely yes! As an entirely legal tool, Pazu Netflix Video Downloader does not violate any existing laws. So you can trust this app 100 percent, no need to worry about the risks when using it.

Can I Download a Netflix Video with Subtitles Using Pazu?

Yes, you can. Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is a professional "assistant" that allows you to download videos with subtitles that can be freely selected as you like.


By and large, if you are now looking for an appropriate tool that helps you download Netflix movies or TV shows with ease, Pazu Netflix Video Downloader has the most prominent advantages for its user-friendly designs, powerful functions, satisfactory output quality, and so on. What's more, it is also safe as well as legitimate to use, making you feel more secure.

However, the high price and the feature of not supporting 4K may frustrate some of you. In this way, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader can be the best alternative for you, not to mention it even provides a really reliable after-sales service. You can choose either of the software according to your needs.