After you download movies or shows from Max (HBO), your downloads will have a viewing period. The unwatched downloads will be kept for 30 days before it expires, or 48 hours once it has been watched. When the time limits are reached, HBO Max will automatically remove your downloaded content.

Therefore, if you are looking for a permanent solution to save your HBO Max videos permanently without the time limit, read this article to get all you want. Just scroll down and read on!

Recommended Tool: MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader

Since there is no official way to keep the HBO Max Videos forever, you need a professional third-party downloader to help you. Here we recommend MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader for you.

It can help you download any Max videos to MP4 or MKV format due to its DRM-removing feature. Besides, you can download HBO Max movies for offline playback on any device, whether you have an ad-free or ad-supported subscription.

With MovPilot, the downloads can be kept on your device forever without expiration and transferred to any device you want without limitation.

Key Features of MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader:

  • Keep any Max video forever on your local drive
  • Download Max Video to HD MP4/MKV files
  • Grab Max shows and movies at a 5X fast speed
  • Output all original audio and subtitles in different languages
  • Preserve downloaded videos with Dolby Atmos 5.1 sound

Steps to Save Max Movies Forever

Are you interested in the best HBO Video Downloader now? It's very easy to download. Just follow the steps below to embark on the MovPilot!

STEP 1. Launch MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader to Log in

Download, install and launch the MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader on your device first. Then log in to your HBO Max account in the downloader.

Log in to HBO

STEP 2. Search for HBO Max Movies or TV shows

Enter the name of the movie or TV show in the search bar. Or copy and paste the video URL from the HBO Max website if you want to access the movies quickly.

Search for HBO Movie

STEP 3. Adjust Parameter Settings

Click on the "Setting" in the upper-right corner of the screen, you can customize settings on video quality, format, and other parameters. These settings will apply to all your video downloads.

Note: our most recommended output setting

  • Video format: MP4
  • Video codec: H264
  • Output quality: High
  • Subtitle option: Embedded subtitles

Settings of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

STEP 4. Start to Download HBO Max Movies

Click the "Download" button to start downloading. You can see the download progress on the right side. Once the downloading is complete, hit the "History" icon and you can find the downloaded movies.

Downloading HBO Movie

FAQs about downloading HBO Max Shows Forever

Can you save HBO Max shows to watch offline?

According to HBO Max, you are allowed to download and save videos for offline watching. However, there are some limits you should know.

  • You need to subscribe to HBO Max's Ad-Free plan if you want to download stuff.
  • Max only allows downloading on mobile devices through its app.
  • Downloads expire after 30 days.
  • Videos expire 48 hours once start playback.

It is indeed a hassle to save HBO Max shows offline. You need to be an Ad-Free plan subscriber first, and you can only download shows on your phone. Still, you can't bypass the restrictions of HBO Max, especially the download expiration.

Why do movies disappear from HBO Max? Can I keep HBO Max videos forever?

The movies you download disappear for two reasons.

First, the copyright of the movie has expired.

Second, HBO Max aims to cut costs. They have to pay for the production of these shows and the residuals, such as the back-end payments to the cast, crew, and so on.


Max is a popular platform that offers a variety of videos for users. However, users cannot enjoy offline watching anytime due to download expiration.

MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader, as mentioned above, is a preferred alternative designed to help you download any Max videos into MP4, which will be kept forever and can be streamed anywhere.

Download MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader right now to enjoy your favorite titles!

MovPilot Max(HBO) Video Downloader

Download Max(HBO) Movies and Shows to Watch Offline Easily!